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kanye west kim kardashian

Kanye West got a lot off his chest in his new song with The Game -- and most of it was aimed at his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian ... not to mention his own kids.

The track, "Eazy," dropped early Saturday, and as expected ... Ye laid into Pete Davidson. But that's not even the real takeaway in our minds -- indeed, he says he wants to beat PD's ass, but his main beef seems to be with Kim ... and how he thinks she's raising their brood.
Check out his verse for yourself ... it's scathing to say the least, almost like his own rap diss.

Right off the bat, Kanye says ... "How I ain't bring nothing to the table, when I'm the table?" ... going on to rap that he's going to "turn up the music, wake up the neighbors," among other incendiary lyrics. Sounds like Ye's not ready to put this matter to bed quietly.

He hits the point home even more so later, when he raps ... "N****, we havin' the best divorce ever // If we go to court, we'll go to court together // Matter of fact, pick up your sis, we'll go to Kourt's together."

kanye west kids

Speaking of those kids (his kids) ... Kanye dishes a little truth medicine (in his mind, anyway). He raps, "When you give 'em everything, they only want more // Boujee and unruly, y'all need to do some chores // Rich-ass kids, this ain't yo mama house // Climb on your brother's shoulders, get that Top Ramen out."

And, of course, the PD line everyone knew was coming ... "God saved me from that crash // Just so I can beat Pete Davidson's ass (Who?)." In the same breath, he shouts out his new GF, Julia Fox, rapping ... "And my new b**** bad // I know Illuminati mad."
The song is getting tons of love online, with people saying Kanye is back to rhyming like he used to during his 'College Dropout' days ... aka, the oh-so-toxic days.


Kanye West Here In Rage After Allegedly Knocking A Man Out – Video

kanye west pete davidson

kim kardashian pete davidson

It's not hard to figure out why Kanye might have beef with Pete. As you know, Kim and Pete have been out and about -- most recently grabbing pizza in L.A. this week -- and seem to be getting much closer.

Of course, Ye's also been very public about his relationship with Julia Fox ... they were out Wednesday night in Hollywood, and even kissed in front of a swarm of paparazzi.

kanye west

LAPD is now investigating Ye for misdemeanor battery.


Kanye West

The Los Angeles Police Department is reportedly investigating a battery report which claims that Kanye West was the aggressor in an incident that occurred on Wednesday night at the Soho Warehouse Club in Downtown Los Angels.

Kanye West part of the incident was videoed and shared online, which shows a verbal disagreement gets heated and turns into a physical altercation. Ye has been named a suspect, the celebrity news site reported, and Ye has been accused of laying hands on the victim by pushing them.

The video, which appears to have been secretly taken sometime between Wednesday night and early Thursday morning hours, shows the rapper angry as he speaks in an aggravated tone to two women.

“Did y’all say that or not? Did y’all say that or not?” “Cuz that’s what happened right f****** now,” he can be heard shouting at the two women.

Kanye West has not been arrested, and his team has not commented on the incident.

Meanwhile, Variety has reported that the LAPD confirmed receiving the report, and Redina Puentes said the incident occurred at about 3 a.m. at South Santa Fe Avenue and Bay Street in downtown Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, its sources say the incident is being investigated as misdemeanor battery, which carries a 6 months sentence if convicted.

It’s not the first time Kanye has been accused of battery. Back in 2014, Kanye West settled a case with an 18-year-old who allegedly hurled racial slurs to Kim Kardashian while at a chiropractor’s office. Kanye punched the male in the face after the slurs. He later settled the case for $250,000 despite the victim demanding $700,000 from the rapper not to push for criminal prosecution.

Videos from Kanye’s night out with his new beau actress Julia Foxx show them at the Delilah nightclub in West Hollywood. Fox can be seen kissing Ye and telling him she’s staying a little longer at the club as she runs back into the venue while fans swarm Kanye for autographs which he obliged.


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Comment by jak on April 5, 2022 at 2:50pm
Comment by John Smith on February 23, 2022 at 2:08am

Kids need love.. kind parents..  not fame...

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Comment by stephen myers on January 16, 2022 at 5:14pm

Mind controlled Jim Jones negroid, Jim Jones is a legend, proved how easy it is to brain wash Black people and to prove social engineering is a proven science that works.

Comment by Natalie on January 16, 2022 at 11:10am
I am so glad Kim moved on if he is like this in public I cannot imagine what he is like in a private setting. We all know he's bipolar and now he's talking about his children as if he is so far removed from spoiling them and being a camera whore as well. So thirsty for attention that he told the world that his wife contemplated aborting their child as if the same child cannot find this info on the internet later in life. He's a narcissist and too arrogant for his own good. Kim doesn't give a damn who he dates at this point or if he ends up being gay she's done.
Comment by vaughn mitchell on January 15, 2022 at 10:10pm
He has serious, issues, wtf, did he expect when he married a Kim, he took her from her other husband.
Comment by vaughn mitchell on January 14, 2022 at 3:35pm
Kanye, beat the man up cause he know his bodyguards there to have his back.
Comment by Willie Ward on January 14, 2022 at 3:08pm
Comment by Mr. Johnson on January 14, 2022 at 2:58pm

Cha ching. Lawyers about to get paid. Victim about to get paid. 

Comment by stephen myers on January 14, 2022 at 9:39am

Them demons are manifesting in that Boy, the after effect of eating Trumps fecal matter.

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