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Police Find Black Man Sleep in Car, Wake Him to Create Reason to Kill Him [VIDEO]
Luke Stewart / Twitter

Back in 2017, a 23-year-old Black man was asleep in his parked car when two officers with the Euclid police department woke him and created a reason to kill him. Qualified immunity prevents the victim’s family from receiving justice

Luke Stewart was asleep in his legally parked car on March 13, 2017, in Euclid, a suburb of Cleveland, and was posing no danger when he was approached by police officers Matthew Rhodes and Louis Catalani. USA Today details what happened next:

Catalani knocked on Luke’s window, startling him awake. They did not announce themselves as officers. Luke sat up and started the car. Catalani and Rhodes immediately opened Luke’s car doors and reached inside to forcibly remove him. Catalani grabbed Luke’s arm, and he wrapped his arm around Luke’s head and pulled, while Rhodes pushed from the passenger side. 

Scared, Luke attempted to drive away, but Rhodes jumped into the passenger seat. Luke looked at Rhodes and asked, “Why are you in my car?” Rhodes attacked Luke. He punched him, stunned him with a Taser six times, then used the Taser to strike him in the head. Luke never hit back. Moments later, Rhodes shot Luke five times, killing him. Rhodes had been in the car with Luke for only about one minute before he opened fire.

The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed Luke’s civil rights lawsuit because of qualified immunity, according to the report. 

Qualified immunity protects police officers from lawsuits. It can only be used if the violation of a person’s rights has already been clearly established. USA Today writes, “The question of what is “clearly established” is constantly in flux but has generally been interpreted in a manner that protects police even when they demonstrate a lack of concern for people’s lives and safety. Unless a court has already found that a highly similar fact pattern violated the Constitution, qualified immunity will protect police from lawsuits and trial.”

Per the report, Rhodes was not disciplined by the department for his actions and he remains a police officer today.

“It’s disappointing and disheartening that the system allows Matthew Rhodes to be shielded by qualified immunity when it’s clear as day that he murdered Luke out of an act of rage and impulse,” says the victim’s sister, Terra Stewart.

Luke Stewart was killed for sleeping while Black. In this instance, one could make the argument that qualified immunity was designed to protect white cops who kill unarmed citizens of color.

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Comment by John Smith on March 7, 2022 at 1:07am


Think of us for Business and Company Registration -

Comment by mr1stroke on November 8, 2021 at 11:56am

Jessy thanks for posting this comment, I hope the idiots on here understand what you are saying, they are so busy relying on white politicians doing for them, they are lazy to act, so far none of them couldn't tell me what Biden has done for black people so far, what policies has he changed for them so far? All they will tell you is the name,Trump, but too dumb to realize Trump wad a white people problem and still a white people's problem because they are too afraid he will run and win again, take away the cops killing, and take a look at the killing in,the community, tbose streets are a dump, they make it so easy for,killing and modern day slavery, the black community is the new plantation

Comment by Jessy on November 8, 2021 at 11:33am

Qualified immunity protects police officers from lawsuits?  So this makes cops above the law, especially white cops?   So it's legal for white cops to kill an innocent black man in cold blood and still remain a cop to hunt down another innocent black person.  I see.  Does qualified immunity work the other way around if black cops kill a white person?

Comment by vaughn mitchell on October 25, 2021 at 4:31pm
White Gov, and majority of white people don't give a F, Colon Kaepernick, got banned from the NFL, for talking about this. Take away that qualified immunity nonsense, and you see white cops quitting in droves.
Comment by Lizzette on October 25, 2021 at 9:25am
Comment by mr1stroke on October 24, 2021 at 5:50pm

This is a letter to all you slave niggers, I challenge any of you who disagree to prove me wrong with your own facts, let us read those facts and don't worry there are typos, sonce this site is like 1990 format do not allow edit, I won't go back, but trust me you understand evevrything that is posted, so when you start correcting give us some facts at your great intelligent level, I know you niggers better than your white masters, and take your vaccine and get $100 while you at it, poor niggers

Comment by mr1stroke on October 24, 2021 at 5:45pm

Those crimes are happening everyday and have been taking place while the same people you trust are hiding them, niggers are too busy making poor political decisions dumb enough to rely on white politicians or waiting on white politicians like Biden to save them, they are so depending on white people they retarded enough to believe he is their savior.

Undestand this is a whole system against you no mattwr who you votte for especially if you vote without demand and agenda, which is why you get the same excuses over and over from democrats, when ever the negros open their mouth and repeat the same,dumb s*** from the white men either republicans or Trump you can tell those are uneducated slaves,

Ok your vote count, how much does it count, how long have you  been voting democrats, what is the end result, why are you still marching for the issues? Do you ever ask your self how long Biden have been in politics, do you actually think they cannot change those laws that protect the racist cops and allow them to terrorise the black community like they do, what policy have Biden proposed during his 50 plus years in the senate on behalf of the black community, have you ever watched Biden proposing the crimes bill on the senate floor, do you know howany pages that bill contains, try over 700 pages?

Do you niggers know what a system is since you are so intelligent, there is a movie name "Karen" base on a true story watch it and may be you will learn something since niggers love entertainment more than reading,.

a system that is design against you is a life style to keep you in struggle, all those racist cops are put there to do what they do, why do they tell you they cannot change the laws, why do they use republicans as the excuse, but they change and make laws for every one else without republicans, do you see how quick they pass the Asian antihate law, do you know how many antohate crime laws they have in place for jews and gays, look ate the qhite democrat community why is it so different, do you niggers ever sit down and ask that question instead of repeating evevrything those racist white tell you to day, the sad part niggers love to make excuses for their masters, they throw you a few welfare programs and project apartments you feel happy like Jesus walk the hood, but thays what happen when you have a group of people who are laxy to fight and  accept slavery.

You keep talking about Trump but he is no longer president, you keep blaming republicans but casting your vote for wvevey democrats at every election, if your vote count so much for are you still complaining about republicans in 2021, while those crimes are taking place and being shove under the run, you have black police chiefs who are hiding and defend those racist crimes, you a bunch of black Congress and senate people, how come they never bring up their own bill on the floor on behalf of the black community, may be if you niggers stop relying and depend on white people, by forming your own coalition or political party those racist crimes can be a thing in the past, until then crimes like this will continue to take place and innocent victims like that young will be dropping in great numbers because of your poor political decisions, look around you, look at the community qhwre those cops come from, they come from the same community as joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, they dont like,next door to you unless you move to their neighborhood, they hate you too much to live in the black community, they are all know each other, and they know those cops are racist but that is how they keep you in control, otherwise why are you the only one complaining.

This is a letter to all rhe dumb niggers who like to bark at people like me, you can be mad but you cannot prive me qrong, anything youre about to type you got from the news media, things we are already know, majority of the things in my comment you have not heard,from the news because they will not tell you the truth, so I research from different resources to discover their lies, so while youre being mad stop me when I am wrong, and when you feel I am wrong, quote my wrongs and provide the resources where we can research your truth, you niggers arw sy8ng because of too much love and compassion for your white master, you can't even get justice for Eric Garner, wake the f*** up and get off the plantation

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