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Shocking moment woman carrying a baby falls into an open manhole as she chats on her phone in India

This is the moment a woman holding her nine-month-old baby plunged into an uncovered manhole while distracted by her mobile phone. 
Luckily no one was injured and both were quickly rescued by bystanders in the dramatic accident in Faridabad, india.

CCTV footage shows the woman walking towards the manhole in the middle of a road with her nine-month-old in one arm, and a phone in her hand.

Mother holding her baby falls down manhole whilst talking on phone

The dangerous opening is partially obscured by a tall advertising sign standing in front of it.The mother, not noticing the manhole, steps round the sign as she brings the phone up to her ear to talk to someone.

One foot slides into the hole and she plummets out of sight, clutching her baby as they fall. 

The footage then shows bystanders rushing over, and a group quickly forms around the opening.

One man, identified only as Lakhwinder, can be seen descending into the manhole to get the mother and baby out, as another man holds his hand to help him.

More worried spectators gather as the baby is pulled out first.

A man takes the nine-month-old to the side and him and another woman check the child for injuries.

The mother is then lifted out and immediately rushes to check on her baby.

She can be seen hugging a woman in an emotional embrace as the child is handed back to her.

Concerned bystanders quickly rush over as one man goes down the manhole to get the baby and mother out
The woman steps on the border of the open manhole
Both mother and baby fall down into the ground

The distracted mother doesn't see the manhole while speaking on the phone and walks right to the edge of it 

A concerned crowd grows and decides to cover the manhole up immediately after the mother and baby are rescued

Lakhwinder emerges last. The footage, filmed on October 8, then shows the bystanders appearing to discuss how to cover the manhole. 

Three men then quickly bring over a four-sided poster stand and lay it down over the opening.

According to locals, the manhole had been open for many days despite warnings to the local authorities.

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Comment by Jerome S [ Barz ] on March 9, 2022 at 6:53am

Good thing she had her PhD with her,  who knows what would you do without it...

Comment by John Smith on March 8, 2022 at 1:14am

This always happens. not closing the manhole..

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Comment by stephen myers on October 20, 2021 at 2:38pm

Bet the dummy didn’t know she fell into a hole, rats must have been biting her as she kept blabbing on her cell phone which had her intoxicated.

Comment by caribmama on October 20, 2021 at 10:08am

I hope the baby is okay.

Comment by Jerome S [ Barz ] on October 20, 2021 at 3:18am

Is this really a "third world" type of problem or is it universal ? As in could this incident easily happen anywhere in a "second or first world " environment? 

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