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Young Man Gives FULL DETAILS on How 2 Sacrificial Murders Took Place at Pathways Church – VIDEO

Bishop Kevin Smith Killed in Car Crash

This is an exclusive interview done by TVJ News and a young male member of the Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries in Montego Bay. In the interview, the young man who declared himself to be 18 years old, told the reporter that he got the message like everyone else about the pending flood and rushed to the church.

The traumatized man went on to detail how a sick man was killed first by the pastor, after then a young lady’s throat was slashed by a male church member, he also witnessed multiple other members getting hurt in the incident.

The young man also recalls getting shot by the police while trying to escape the scene.

Learn more from the report below

According to the young man, the members of the church believed that Bishop Kevin Smith was indeed a person of god and they followed his commands even when they seemed bizarre. The young man recalls himself and several members of the church telling the late pastor, “You are god”.


Bishop Kevin Smith Here Entertaining Cops at the Police Station – Video

As confirmed by the Police moments ago, controversial Pathways church Leader Kevin Smith passed away moments ago in a reported car crash that took place along the Bog Walk Bypass located in St. Catherine.

Three other cops were injured in the incident. 

Police sources told OBSERVER ONLINE that Smith was being transported in an unmarked police vehicle when the accident occurred. 

Smith was being transferred to Kingston reportedly because of the behaviour of officers at the Montego Bay location where he was being held. As seen in a video that went viral over the weekend, the police officers at the location were joking around with Smith, he was not in handcuffs and seemingly got some leeway at the location.

Sources explain that the car that Smith was traveling in collided with another vehicle.

The church leader was detained earlier in the month after police went to his Pathways chruch, acting on information about human sacrifices being done at the church. A shootout took place on the compound before the law enforcers could gain entry to the church, this resulted in one person being shot and killed, two other persons were found dead with cut wounds.

Persons are currently questioning the pastor’s death on social media, saying they want more evidence because they don’t trust the system.

See footage of the pastor being taken from the crashed car below.

A police man who was traveling in the same vehicle also lost his life early Monday morning as Smith was being transferred from Montego Bay to the CIB headquarters in Downtown, Kingston.


Woman VOWS Not To Turn Her Back On Bishop Smith and Liken Him To JESUS

This video clip is currently circulating on social media, it shows the arrested leader of the Pathways Church Kevin Smith who is currently in police custody, however, it would appear that he is having a not so bad time at the police station where he has become the center of attention.

One upset person watched the video and questioned, “Suh why him nuh in handcuffs like everybody else?”, while another said, “Him soon come a road.”

Watch the controversial happenings below.

As seen in the video below, the leader who is said to be involved in sacrificial endeavours is not in hand cuffs and smiles as the police around run jokes about his Ark.


Police Uncover Information: Bizarre Mobay Cult Church Was Planning To Sacrifice 144 people

As the saga continues on the seemingly ungodly happenings that took place at Pathways Church in Montego Bay last weekend more surprising details are being presented.

The out spoken female in a voice note told the person she was talking to that what’s happening to bishop Kevin Smith is similar to what happened with Jesus Christ and he came out victorious.

More details from the saga also highlights that some 70 persons earlier paid 100,000 to get on board Smith’s Ark which would save them from the flood that’s on its way.

learn more from the video report below.

According to a female member of the church, the leader is a man of god and what happened at the church is a mystery and evil was brought to the church by maroons who visited on the Saturday before the bloody Sunday.


Three Killed at Church – Video

The Police has been making progress where the investigation is concerned since they recently confiscated a laptop from one of the senior church members of the Pathway Restoration Ministries in St. James, the computer reportedly has information about the leaders intension to sacrifice 144 members and flee the country by way of an ark.

Upon their intrusion on the property of the 3-day event the church was keeping, the security forces were greeted with gunfire which led them to have to call for reinforcements. One man was even killed after he tried to attack the Police.

After the shooting cooled, the joint Police military team was able to search the premises and discovered that two persons were killed over the weekend, as a part of a human sacrifice ritual and that a JCF member was involved.

42 persons were initially arrested however at this time, only 9 men from the church remain in Police custody. The previously mentioned laptop was taken by the JCF and processed, which was one of the key clues that led them to discover the intricate plot that was supposed to take the lives of 144 persons.

New information has revealed that the Pastor who is Dr Kevin Ontoniel Smith, is well connected with persons in the sphere of entertainment, sports and the political arena as many pictures surfaced with him posing with them.

As reported earlier, Police along with soldiers in a joint military team invaded a 3-day convention the church group was keeping after they received intelligence from a member of the bizarre group who was injured and taken to hospital. According to the Police, the information made them have high suspicions that human sacrifices were being planned at the convention.


Three persons have been confirmed dead after a joint Police Military operation led the security forces to swoop down on the Pathways International Restoration Church, in Albion St.James, after they received information that they were carrying out a bizarre ritual that led to the sacrifice of a man and a woman.

This occurred approximately at 7 pm on Sunday, and after the shootout, the Police and Soldiers were able to get into the location to conduct a search which led them to find a woman by the name of Tanika Gordon, laying down dressed in white with her throat slashed.

A male member of the church was also seen laying down however, he was not dead but had gunshot and stab wounds in the back which he was heard saying he had received from the Pastor and a female member who is also a JCF Officer.

A Pistol was also recovered from the church with several rounds of ammunition and the Pastor was detained along with 40 other members of the church, dressed in white that we’re gathering at the Norwood Avenue building in Paradise.

The Independent Commission Of Investigations (INDECOM), is currently working to uncover more information about the situation concerning the church and the atrocities that they have been accused of carrying out.

Upon the Joint forces entrance to the Church, it is being reported that they were greeted with gunshots, which they returned and a man who attacked the Police was killed.

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Comment by mr1stroke on October 22, 2021 at 1:46pm

There will be many more of those idiots who will lose their lives, they believe in their pastors, they go to church to show off their pretty dresses, suits and cars, they dont care about God, majority of those pastors are connected with wealthy people, and politicians, the best way to cover up their crimes, rich people believe in blood sacrifices to build wealth and power.

You busted this one church, think about the thousands that are performing those human sacrifices on weekly basis, it was written so it shall be done, let the idiots say amen

Comment by vaughn mitchell on October 20, 2021 at 5:18pm
Damn idiots. Instead of the bible they turn to fake religion. Simple minded sheep's led to slaughter.
Comment by caribmama on October 20, 2021 at 10:02am

Well damn....

Comment by stephen myers on October 20, 2021 at 12:26am

Jim Jones had a double take his place as he and his agents escaped, the MK-ULTRA experiment worked on the masses of Black people, now it is world wide, the whites are the masters of the occult, they are the true masters of evil who are in contact with demonic entities, and a few select of Black flunkies who are under them.

Comment by mr1stroke on October 19, 2021 at 4:35pm

Welcome to the last days, it is not a joke and you best believe there are more to come, so either you believe in your pastor or God, but you will find out which one leads to heaven or hell, for those of you who don't believe in heaven or hell and even God take part of that church and enjoy the good life

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