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64-Yr-Old Disabled Teacher Beaten by Student in TikTok ‘Slap A Teacher’ Challenge | WATCH

Lariana Jackson (screenshot of beating - mugshot)

A Louisiana teen was arrested after she punched an English teacher with a disability in the face and caused her to be hospitalized. Authorities said she committed the act as part of the “Slap A Teacher” challenge

The incident took place at the Covington High School on Wednesday 18-year-old Larianna Jackson recorded herself punching the teacher moments after class was dismissed. In the video, Jackson approaches the identified 64-year-old woman and punches her in the face repeatedly before she falls off of her chair. The Covington Police Department said in a statement that the teacher was transported to a nearby hospital after sustaining injuries from the attack. Her disability was not disclosed to the public.

‘The Covington Police Department would like to remind everyone that anyone who participates in such a challenge will be booked accordingly. In this post, we also attached the video that has been circulating around the internet. This matter is still under investigation and more arrests for forthcoming,’ the department said in a Facebook post.

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Comment by John Smith on March 8, 2022 at 12:34am


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Comment by caribmama on October 13, 2021 at 3:16pm

I would love to handle a rude azz like this.

Comment by Laurie Zotter on October 13, 2021 at 12:02pm

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Comment by mr1stroke on October 11, 2021 at 2:54am

She is 18, after watching the video you mean to tell me the parents dont have anything with her behavior, and also they need to go after who shot the video, I have no,more mercy on those littme demons, look at the areas where,these things are happening, thats why no one wants to come teach in those communities, look at their schools,  how about you people do the comparison with other communities and tell us the excuses, wait is it because they are poor, thats what we did when we were coming up or too busy trying to have a dreamn, the only reason why many shows attention to those communities its because its good publicity, perfect for business, after they walk away do you think they give a damn, ok you keep thinking that, every one knows there is no hope for those little bastards, they are loss causes, they will die in that project and Biden will make sure of that, he will create more programs who will make them lazy from working and stay away from education, more government hand outs are good for business, all those black neighborhood will be just like haiti, Chicago is already leading, I,don't see the army and national guards doing anything, except for the white cops doing the clean up by picking up the bodies after they drop them and get rich off that over time, just wait for when they put a jail in every neighborhood just like they have a shelter on every block, its coming just wait for it, people like me will watch it on TV, i have been preparing my self for moment like this since I left the dump 

Comment by mr1stroke on October 11, 2021 at 2:42am

Ok you people are so concern about those little idiots/demon, you have to ask your self does that 64 years old have kids, does she has grand kids, if not than what about family members? If she is a loner than I understand, otherwise it's 2021 those idiots who post it are easy to be found, stop f****** complaining have some balls and handle your business, or are you people so afraid, do you also know you can sue tiktok for enforcing violence, they can come after Dave Chappelle for speaking the truth but cannot go after Tik tok to ban those videos and action?

Ok they say lead by example, why don't one of them go do it to my mom, my aunt or sisters, in fact one of my sister just became the principal of a school in Maryland, why don't they do that to her and see how they will be crucify live on Top Top, I tell my daughter if any boys touch her qhere they are not suppose to, slap him or cut his hand than call me, not the cops, I'll arrive and tell the cops i,did it and than send for his parents, i heard idiots are saying its not tge parents, you dumb asses, if you are responsible, raise  and teach your kids, we know they will make mistake but they will also know what lime,not to cross because you already told them those consequences, l bet you now do your research, those little bastards who are doing that are those who are born by those hood rats, slut, whites who don't know their fathers, they are not raising their kids, they are too busy sucking dicks for smoke and liquor, how they don't know whats going on, I check my daughters phone and tablets weekly, they need to shoot those little bastards

Comment by vaughn mitchell on October 11, 2021 at 12:09am
I hope her parents, no forget it, her parents are probably just as bad. Put her in jail, women's will wake her ass, when they slap and beat the devil out of her.

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