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Azriel Clary Tells Gayle King R. Kelly is ‘Selfish,’ Greedy’ and A ‘Pedophile’ Thursday Morning | WATCH Preview

‘He NEVER wanted to Get help.’ Tune in Tomorrow (Thursday/09-30-21) For Gayle King’s Full Interview With Azriel Clary … Her First Interview Since R. Kelly Was Found Guilty.

Azriel Clary & Gayle King
Azriel Clary & Gayle King

CBS MORNINGS co-host Gayle King sat down with Azriel Clary, who testified during the R. Kelly trial as “Jane,” for an exclusive interview airing on CBS MORNINGS tomorrow.

Clary, who was a minor when she met Kelly, previously defended him in an interview with King in 2019.

This is her first interview since R. Kelly was found guilty of all 9 counts against him, including racketeering and sex trafficking charges.

 GAYLE KING: R. Kelly’s– Defense Attorney said after the verdict came in that– said that R. Kelly was surprised that he was found guilty. Are you surprised that he’s surprised that he was found guilty, and that he was actually angry—

GAYLE KING: –and surprised that he was found guilty?
AZRIEL CLARY: I feel like, you know… I know that he knows that he is guilty. People told him. People tried to warn him. People tried to help him. He didn’t care. He was selfish. He was greedy. He was a pedophile. And he never, not once, wanted to get help.

GAYLE KING: You said people tried to warn him. What do you mean? How so?
AZRIEL CLARY: Meaning, like, assistants. They would tell him, you know– “These people are minors. You– you can’t be flying people in. I don’t know what you’re doing with them, but–”

R. Kelly, Azriel Clary
R. Kelly, Azriel Clary / Twitter

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Comment by Tyrone on October 1, 2021 at 8:44am

I am not defending any stupid thing that R. Kelly did.  But why is it that traitors to the black race always so quick to beat down the black man?  Why is it when the Jewish guy does the same thing, the story goes away quickly and quietly?  What was done to R. Kelly set forth new laws to beat down the black man.  If the state had any evidence they wouldn't have done this on a Federal Level.  If anyone knows about federal laws and statutes, they would know that they could jail him for any little thing and using this set a precedent so they could jail blacks.  Again, I'm not condoning any stupid thing R. Kelly did, but the punishment according to this country's laws, should fit the crime.  Then you got people like Gail King always on the forefront to railroad blacks.  I've personally seen Jewish guys commit crimes, and not one of their people in the community would speak publicly about against it.  What's wrong with our people?

Comment by BIIGMANN on September 30, 2021 at 9:05pm



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