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R Kelly, 54, faces 100 years in prison after he is found GUILTY of all nine counts of sex trafficking and racketeering: R&B star recruited and sexually abused women, girls and boys over three decades

Woman Testifies That She Saw R. Kelly Performing Oral Sex on 13-Y-O Aaliyah


Singer R. Kelly appears in court with his attorney Steve Greenberg (L) 

R. Kelly is headed to Federal prison. He was found guilty of racketeering in his federal sex crimes trial on Monday (09-27-21), according to a NY Times report.

Prosecutors accused the singer (real name: Robert Sylvester Kelly) of directing his employees to procure women for sex and sexually abused numerous women over the span of nearly 25 years.

In opening statements, Assistant US Attorney Maria Cruz Melendez, the lead prosecutor in the case, blasted him as a “predator” who “used his money, his clout, and his public persona to hide his crimes in plain sight.”

Over several weeks, prosecutors brought more than 40 witnesses to testify about Kelly. The witnesses included women and men who described how Kelly directed them to have sex with him and each other, and how the singer obsessively took videos of every sexual encounter.

The young women in Kelly’s orbit — many of whom were teenagers when they began sexual relationships with the pop star — said he controlled their lives, requiring them to seek his permission to use the bathroom and forbidding them from looking at other men.

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Damning reports continue to pour in against RnB singer R. Kelly who is currently facing time behind bars.

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Comment by Natalie on September 16, 2021 at 10:21am

Robert Kelly needs to go to prison enough is enough he is clearly a pedophile. Even if you do not believe the majority of the women he clearly married an underage girl and the infamous sex tape from years ago is with an underage girl (if you search online you can find her and her current age which means she was a minor back then). The bigger issue is that Mr.Kelly is mentally ill, was sexually abused himself and surrounded by enablers. At some point he decided he was going to be a predator instead of prey. I call him mentally ill because he did not try to hide his fetish for young girls he is known in Chicago for it especially back in the 90s Chi town family members used to joke about it. Yes there are other celebrities who are deviants but this man preys on young and vulnerable girls...he is no better than a pimp. He also has a pattern how ironic is it that everyone had to write a letter but he's illiterate. 

Comment by jhons lanne on September 16, 2021 at 10:17am
Comment by mr1stroke on September 16, 2021 at 3:27am

Seriously, he sexual harassed her when her parents gave the blessing for them to be married, do you people ever stand for reasons and whats right, or do you enjoy digging a hole to destroy a black man?

Its sad how niggers anger is so much deeper towards black people than whote people, I don't see you niggers go after those white monsters, I guess they are so much better than R Kelly, thats why I don't trust niggers, I know what to expect, that community have more hate towards eaxh other than other communities, thats why poverty is crimes are on the rise and the community is looking like a dump, in the richest country whats your excuse to be the poorest community in 2021?

Comment by maggie gillespie on September 15, 2021 at 11:34pm

They Just Wanna Be In The Spotlight And Y'all Helping Bring The Black Man Down -I Don't Believe R Kelly Did All They Saying He Did If So Why Everyone Wait For Years And Accuse Him At The Same Time I Say B.S

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