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Dog The Bounty Hunter Claims He Had A 'Pass' To Use The N-Word

Dog the Bounty Hunter has been called a racist by his own daughter, but Dog says he was given a pass to use the n-word by his Black homies.

"I have never been a racist—I'm 33.5 percent Apache—but because of over 15 years ago, I have an Achilles' heel because I used the wrong word," he told Entertainment Tonight. "I thought I had a pass in the Black tribe to use it, kind of like Eminem."

He was asked who gave him the pass.

"I had just gotten out of prison in 1979 after spending time, 18 months in Texas, and it was probably three-fourths from the Black tribe," Dog says. "So that was a word that we used back and forth, as maybe a compliment. My pass expired for using it, but no one told me that."

His daughter Bonnie claims her dad is a racist and has not changed.

"I have expressed time and time again my ever-growing disappointment in my father's progression into his old racist ways," she wrote on Facebook.

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Comment by mr1stroke on September 16, 2021 at 4:13pm

Lol are you serious, we are not Africans? Ok can you break down the history of black people becoming Indians or being the native Indians, have you also discussed that with any indian persons, have you ever told an Indian person that you are not black you are Indian, please help us with some information of,black people being Indians, as for mixed with european, only insecure,niggers always running away from being black trying to be white, the Willy Lynch Syndrome is a real disease, niggers will always suffer from that disease it is worse the cancer, thats why noggers can't be free, every one else embrace their race and culture, black people has no culture instead they are too busy celebrating others, look at the hispanics and Latinos look how proud they are?

Niggers Will celebrate Cinqo de mayo, hispanics culture, St Patrick's day, those parade be packed with niggers, but take a look at the African day parade or black history month, they just don't care, niggers will pay a fortune for a plate of Spanish food or Italian but will not pay for a plate of soul food, but the hispanics people dont give a damn about black food, it is sad but I can't feel sorry for niggers, no one will respect you or accept you if you dont accept your self, you enjoy living as slaves

Comment by Yasmin on September 16, 2021 at 3:07pm

@jessy @Allen E. We are not Africans we are Indigenous people we are Indians/ Aboriginals we are the real Indians those fake ass Native Americans are from Siberia and other parts of Asia. We are not mixed with European that's the bullshit people who say they are mixed don't know who they are and stop calling Indigenous people African Americans that some bullshit reclassification Jesse Jackson Pan African ass come up with in 88 we have nothing to do with Africa or Africans are ancestors are from here on this land civilization started right here not in Africa Caribbean people as well were already in the Caribbean and some of us were sent to the Caribbean because Caribbean people swear they Africans when you not learn your genealogy and find out who you really are and stop hating on the people who do.

Comment by mr1stroke on September 13, 2021 at 1:37am

Allen E. Seriously youre not pro color or in any ones side, you preach the message of Jesus Christ, did you read every thing you wrote in your previous comments, the way you wrote off, bash and judge the Africans, what bible are you preaching from, what is the message Jesus allow you to deliver?

Is it really how Jesus did it, is that how he was loving every one? Today on the news the Christian community introduced their first transgender bishop, so that is the message Jesus told every one to preach before he left this earth, but the bible also warned us amd said bewarw of false projects, now my question is what bible are you people preaching from, what God are you people serving? I could of dropped that conversation, but that's part of my mission to expose the frauds, I am not calling you a fraud nor am I attacking you, I am simply discussing what you're throwing at me,

In America negros spent decades begging and praying with white people while they tolerate their evil, but will turn away from Africans, what if we were protesting to get along with our African brothers and sisters to build more love, which by the way many of us are doing it through different aspects, don't you think it would be time and energy well spent instead of continuing to rely and depend on white people, do you see how niggers are sucking Biden's dick and praising him like he is the best thing ever happens to them, but forgets and forgives all the evil he has done over the years to the black community, now thats what we call born slaves, niggers will never be free, they will always remain the property of white people, thats why niggers and white people have the same thing in common, they both hate black people, I hope you know the difference between the two, or look it up, and that goes for the rest of the so call intelligents niggers on here

Comment by Allen E. on September 13, 2021 at 1:00am

mr1stroke...I hear you stroke...and I can dig your stance...but,I am on No ONE'S SIDE,BUT The LORD OF Heaven...I'm Not PRO Colored,NOR PRO WITHOUT Color...and "THE CHURCH' is NOT The Building,but The Church are THE PEOPLE that have ACCEPTED Jesus MY Message is: YOU MUST be Born AGAIN"...that's all. So,you got me confused,Brother man. I shared the website with you so that you can LOOK at it and "SEE" where I am and where I STAND. If YOU shared a website with me that YOU had,or a business that you've started,OR even shared a SOCIAL MEDIA Page with me,I would check it out because I believe in LEARNING about who you're talking to or dealing with...that is so IMPORTANT. MANY go by "hear say",(or literally heresy)...but I like to READ,can you dig that? I still say that I am proud of who I AM AND WHAT God uses me to do. Now,as far as "trashing" ANYbody,I just shared what was written...CULTURALLY,there are MANY Problems in the DIFFERENT CULTURES...SOME GOOD stuff and some BAD stuff...I am the type of guy that knows to "sit in the SEATS OF The Movie and watch it...AND NOT be one of the ACTORS in the Movie"...racism on EITHER side is bad,Brother...I'm trying to get to Heaven,AND to help OTHERS LEARN HOW to get there...I have Ni time to be full of hate...that's not my thing. Stay safe and stay UP,MY Brother... PEACE! 

Comment by mr1stroke on September 12, 2021 at 1:36am

Allen E. I wish I can take the time to surf your site, but from what I have read from you that's not my environment, especially from those who stuck on religion, you have just prove the fraud, I think you are one of tbose loyal to white people and any one else but black people, but hey that is why we are different so keep living the good life and stand by your belief, as for me I'll keep loving my self and tbose who stand for the same causes and fight, I would never trash Africans or any other colored race, unless they come with the n***** mentality, because a white person or any other races do not and will not like any one who have the black skin, so I won't make my self that comfortable around them especially the whit racists in the church they are the worse, good luck with all

Comment by Allen E. on September 11, 2021 at 10:43pm

@mr1stroke chech out the website,Brother...(one of them,anyway)...

Comment by mr1stroke on September 11, 2021 at 12:25pm

Allen E. Lol ok I guess you are right, Africans don't want us there so,we should be okay with that, but the white men hate us with a passion here we march and fight to tolerate their hate, but you have a ministry that is register a nine states and you preach the Gospel, so whats the purpose of your ministry again? This is Africa is that bad but we allow white people to label us as African American, why accept that title, by the way who don't know how lessed up lagos is just like browsville Brooklyn? Of boy, so much for the negros who allows to own by the white men, I guess it feels good huh, well enjoy all pride my man, do you and keep feeling like this

Comment by Jessy on September 11, 2021 at 11:25am

A lot of African Americans do make a big deal that they are mixed with Native American, Cherokee etc., but Latinos don't make a big deal about it even though they have much more Native American in their DNA than we do!  I had a childhood friend who loved to swear up and down that she is mixed with Native American or have Native American ancestry on her father's side.  She always wanted to prove that she is mixed with Native American. 

Black people who do not look mixed always going around claiming that 'they're mixed with this or they're mixed with that', but people who actually do look mixed rarely go around claiming that.

Comment by Allen E. on September 11, 2021 at 1:01am

ok,stroke. whatever you say,man...I READ what you wrote,and all I WILL say is okay.I DIDN'T TELL YOU me owning property in racist Virginia and having property in North Carolina and The Ministry being Incorporated in 9 states...AND NO MATTER what YOU SAY,I KNOW that Africans in CERTAIN PARTS OF AFRICA...(I'll write it again)...Africans in CERTAIN PARTS OF AFRICA DO NOT WANT us there. Maybe the ones that YOU talk to claim to want YOU there,(so they can rob you and you NOT coming back HERE...smh),but MANY DON'T want us you know about the GANGS AND TRIBES IN AFRICA that rob and kidnap Americans? Someone wrote,(concerning visiting Africa):

                              "So when I went to South Africa by myself I had locals warning me about how unsafe it is. They would never advise someone to come by themselves. But I never felt unsafe there. When I was in Ghana and thinking about going to Nigeria for a wedding, even Nigerians in Ghana were like hell no you do not go to Lagos by yourself. You’re crazy. It’s confusing and conflicting trying to understand how to even travel to Africa when everyone has something different to say about how to travel there when you defer to people from said countries. You can end up with a lot of conflicting information that doesn’t make your trip any easier. This is not unique to the continent. I lived in New York City, my family is from Brooklyn and Harlem, so I know how to navigate the city in a way that’s very cost effective and I feel comfortable and safe. I have people to take me out, to entertain me, to be with me. But I also understand how NYC can be a very daunting and expensive experience to someone with no connection to the city. We have to remember that while some place is home to us, for us it’s welcoming, warm and familiar, other people will be overwhelmed by the same things that strike us as familiar. What brings joy to our hearts, might give someone else a real deal anxiety attack."....

     SOMEONE ELSE wrote:

                    "Africa has a bad reputation. This does not mean that I think the continent is bad. It means it has poor marketing. The very worst stereotypes of Africa are that it has Islamic extreamists in the North, Pirates to the East, scammers and corruption to the West, Political instability and child soldiers in the middle and bandits in the South. At best, you'll be robbed and have your identity stolen, at worst you'll be kidnapped, held to randsom and killed. In writting this answer I googled "Africa". The first link was the continents Wikipedia page. The next two were for BBC News and the Guardian (a UK newspaper). The top news stories for each of these links were: Nigeria police hunt Lagos schoolgirls' kidnappers and Uganda's failure to spend Global Fund grants denies thousands HIV treatment Generally speaking, any positive conversations about people of African decent are centred around fixing the issues of the nations they live in (eg the US), rather than anything positive about Africa as a continent." (excuse their spelling,but I copied and pasted what they said and How THEY SPELLED it)....

     So,STROKE,I'm cool RIGHT HERE AT HOME! NO one took ANYTHING from ME,but they robbed our,if YOU go to Africa,don't talk too don't care about New York...they probably don't know what a NEW YORK IS...STAY HOME,Man.

Comment by mr1stroke on September 11, 2021 at 12:32am

If you are proud of who you are and proud of being a man of color, why don't you have to mention all that Cherokee stuff, do you think a white person give a damn or care, they see what they see, Africans dont want blacks in Africa huh, well what kind of book are you teaching, have you teach those Africans youve met, because I know many brothers and sisters who migrated in many places in Africa and refuse to come back to America, I have done many deals with Africans who travels back and youth begging me to come to Africa, during the pandemic every time i did a zoom meeting people in Africa begging me to come there, they want to show me around, if you have read any one of my comments i always tell people I do not care for anywhere else i want to travel and lay to rest any wjere in Africa, I am not concern what any African wants, but I will say the same thing to you that I say when I meet an ignorant Africans, I tell them until they stand up against the white people who have been torturing Africans and ripping of Africa they are stupid for telling other blacks that they don't belong in Africa, those are the original ignorant niggers who sold their own brothers to slavery, they so don't want othet blacks in Africa but slaving to come to America, why not stay in Africa if thats the case.

Now I don't care what I am mixed with, I am just prpud to be black, point blank period, I don't care about DNA unless those i am mixed with will give me back everything that was taking from me, I am not attacking but I am just saying either one is proud to be black or would like to be part of another group, if you have not been introduced to any group that you are related with, technically you are nonexistent to them, and by the way I struggled in tge project from North Philly to NY, now I am my own business man, and part of a family business and do not have to punch the clock for a white person and dont have to rely on any white helps, and I didn't even go to yale, see that, blessings are blessings, now I live up the heal with my own personal acres i think that is getting to small because i am preparing my self to be able to own a flying car, if you read the codes they start to tell you the codes, lets be thankful

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