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Nordstrom featuring accessories from Haitian-American designer

Bien Abyé is the brainchild of Dayanne Danier, a Haitian-American designer who creates elegant pieces that pay homage to her Creole heritage.

Last month, Nordstrom began featuring Danier’s Bien Abyé collection of colorful silk printed face masks, headbands and scrunchies in 10 of its stores in South Florida.

The name bien abyé translates to “well dressed.” The line of handmade products is designed by two female artisan groups in Haiti she has spent the past six years training and mentoring. The items retail between $39 and $57. One in particular, a butterfly print face mask, has been popular and selling out.

Danier, a former resident of Miami and designer for Perry Ellis and Phillips-Van Heusen started with a ready-to-wear collection using the vibrant colors, eye-catching patterns, and rich textures of her homeland, eventually segueing into accessories and home decor. She gives the label authenticity while providing much-needed jobs on the island.

Creating headbands and scarfs wasn’t originally in her plans, she was intent on embroidered table runners and napkins, setting her sights on getting into Williams-Sonoma.

However, during the pandemic, people were focused on virtual meetings and less clothes. She had to pivot to what her customer base wanted. The switch to accessories won her a connection with a Nordstrom buyer.

Forging her own path since 2009 is paying off well for the Haitian designer. See below for pieces from her Nordstrom collection.

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