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TI’s Wife Tiny’s Backside ‘Deflates’ In Disturbing Viral Video: ‘It Exploded’ (Video)


Tiny’s friend posted a video of the reality star dancing with a group of gal pals. In the video, Tiny is seen gyrating her hips, and her surgically enhanced backside is seen swaying back and forth in an unnatural manner. Then, when Tiny stoped moving, her butt dropped - as if it is deflated - and fell to the middle of her hamstrings.

The video quickly went viral, and shocked fans of the reality star. One fan claimed that her butt appeared to ‘explode."

As you can imagine, the viral video is trending on social media, and it has been confirmed that comments on Tiny’s IG page are currently in shambles.

Outside of this unfortunate moment, Tiny and TI are currently in the midst of a career crisis. The superstar couple was recently accused by multiple women of allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting them. Both Tiny and TI deny the accusations, and are facing several lawsuits from their alleged accusers.

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Comment by Natesha Tucker on May 8, 2021 at 2:31am
Cause if I'm coming to my end let it be known I was a fighter, but id u save me dammit so be so. I wanna see how people act on their death bed not so pretty
Comment by Natesha Tucker on May 8, 2021 at 2:28am
Hey I understand loving urself and respecting urself! Can I ask anyone living on this earth, we r supposed to depend on man because of flesh,the ? Is do we actually depend on God for EVERYRHING. God says it is a will. So u have to make ur will to let him know 'Yes Come And Fix This right now so I can do it forward! When ur ass has to go a hospital because ur sick or has a problem oh guess what ur old si ur gonna need help, that means we r looking at the devil
Comment by mr1stroke on May 7, 2021 at 11:38am

By the way for those whi feels people like me are crazy, look at the time i post those comments, this morning watching the News Fizer went back to the Fda to file a full application for their covid vaccine, they will also mandate businesses to vaccine their employees before return to work or upon hiring, for those who have relying on jobs will have to answer to someone with their health, you will do what they say if you want a job, and we know majority of the people out there cherish and value a job more than their kids, no wonder they leave their kids in hot cars to go to work.

In the mean time in Brooklyn Ny your governor and Mayor store a lot of frozen bodies in refrigerators from last year due to covid 19, they have yet to lay those deceased to rest, no wonder he cannot release the numbers and data where they came from, and he is writing a book about corona, the jokes are on you for believing in man, you really think they care about you, how about we look up the death certificate and the medical history and see what they died from? You people are doomed, your pastors are coming out they are gay, your kids have 7 different genders for each day of the week, your government is enslaving you and you have surrender your rights and your faith, always remember you cannot serve 2 masters at a time, you cannot serve menkind and God, if you are serving men you are serving the devil no exception, this is tye different between me you, i can loudly talk about it and be me and fight back those who try to control me

Comment by mr1stroke on May 7, 2021 at 1:40am

i know its a lot of writing but some of us need to have this conversation, take a day or 2 to read it and take your time

Comment by mr1stroke on May 7, 2021 at 1:39am

Bombahdrop every thing you see was written and was in the coming, the world as to take it turns and government has to take the lead and position to control, so how does that work, they came up with the real id, you have to have it in order to enter federal building and also to board an airplane or cruises, so let see how hard is it to track someone flying domestic in the same country? Not that hard because you have to purchase the ticket on credit card, electronic or show id in person for the reservation.

Now they say every one must be vaccinate in order to cure that vaccine, but you have to show proof if you want to participate in anything or deal with others, well lets look at it before they force you to take it, in order to make people do what you want you have to make them weak and helpless, first they brought that corona which is a virus not a disease, they gave you the symptoms if you take care of your self you can treat a virus unless there is complication or bacteria involve, so they tell you youre going to die if you want to live this is what you do, no one wants to die, you get scared you surrender all rights, now for some idiots reading this i am not making sense, if the virus is ao dangerous why do the government not only spent money to pay for the vaccine that they provide free to all by age bracket?

Than they went on and close that the country for a year and spent money to support those who lost jobs, so all that money for, again people love free stuff, they love depending on hand outs, they not believe in the government and have to rely on the government, while school was out or remote learning they were still providing free lunches for the kids, they provide free ipads and tablets, including free internet, so they spend all that money if that's the case how come medication is that expensive, why couldn't the government lower medication, when i got see my physician i pay $40 copay, Fizer just released their revenue for 2020 because of the vaccine they grossed $4.9 billion, so now they are working on a booster shot, more government money that will keep us in debt more decades, its a mob game

Now lets look at the laws, right now they call them rules and policies, you have to slowly sneak them up on the public before they accept, so the rules you cant hang at certain places without the vaccine, society is weak and lonely they have to be around others to feel wanted and special so they will surrender and take the vaccine, now you companies who are firing people if they dont take the vaccine, soon they will upgrade it will starts with federal employees ot will be the law if you want to work for states or government or keep your job, so its all in the work, at the end they will force you to take the vaccine, because its tracking you they will gain control on every thing you do.

The world is changing, businesses are being destroy, they will torture you if you dont agree or pick a certain groups, example: politics and life style like being gay, the lock down was to condition human kind, they make you crazy, and angry, there goes your mental illness, by the way do you see how much money NY is investing in mental illness, those clinics dont have to file no special papers all they have to do is treat people with the sign and bill the government money comes straight no questions ask, so pay attention, they conditioned people on how to stay away and no communicating with human, your social distance, the lockdown, and the gathering with family.

Now for those who thinks i am crazy read your bible where it explains the mark of the beast, what is that, how about the number 666 is it really a number or a representative of the devil, do you k know who that is or who they are, well may be you should read and understand what it means or ask your pastor if he is not also part of that satanic world, which just about all of them are, so let me let you and the rest of the readers digest this and tell me what you think or the signs that are before you of how the world is changing, the bible said to those who choose to be faithful to God as the end approaches they will be tortured to give in to mankind or the devil if they want to live, many will surrender and turn away against God, few will survive and stay strong and wait for God to rescue them in life or death, those are the one who will see the kingdom, its very important to understand when people speaks, do you know your friends from your enemies, do you know wjo os at your best interest, are you strong enough to rely on God when you lose your job, bank accounts close, Irs os billing you for unpaid taxes, they threaten to lock you in jail for what ever reason, your are losing your home, even family members are neglecting you, Who is faithful to God these days or is it all about government and politicians?

Comment by Bombahdrop on May 6, 2021 at 8:30pm

@mr1stroke Good for you I respect your decision. You made a strong point about the treating your body messed up yet you wearing mask taking vaccines and now boasters lmao yup they are what I call Hypocrite sheep. yO I'm in a cab today and im talking to the cabbie guy, this dominican dude, and we talking bout the cab job and thier requirement about passengers and fees and then  i asked him did he get that shot, he was like I was one of the first ones in line for it and that its been four months since the shot and he had no symptoms or nothing like his body immune to it, then he goes on to show me a vaccine card showing that he took it, and then he says I rather get the vaccine than to be forced to take the vaccine because they are going to force everyone to take it anyway WHAT!!! Can you believe that. Should we be worried??????????????????????????

Comment by mr1stroke on May 6, 2021 at 3:33am

Bombahdrop lol vaccine shots, i left that for those who believes in Doctor Fauci, as for me i am good taking care of my self, i have been living my life with those same rules they are talking about, i was not out in the crowd hanging at bars unless it was business or a little vacation, my life has been social distancing, i only surround my self around people i know and family, i try tobe healthy and monitor my health, so that vaccine is not for me, give it to those who needs it, the same people when you tell them dont violate their bodies like smoking, eating junk and heavy drinking always telling you they have to die someday, now they taking 4 shots of that vaccine lol, this is how you laugh at the world to all those who been saying they have to die by something some day, corona in 2020 was that day, why are they wearing masks, why they taking vaccine, did they change their minds from dying? Lol damn idiots

Comment by Bombahdrop on May 6, 2021 at 2:17am

@mr1stroke lmbo chile i wont even get that vaccine shot ill take the shots i been taking like the flu shot but thats it Im not with botox detox hotox lol none of that and i for sure am not doing any plastic surgeries ever. so thanks for your sane advice. Only wish other females value themselves the way i do. Did you get the vaccine @mr1stroke 

Comment by mr1stroke on May 6, 2021 at 12:05am

Love and appreciation starts at home, you show her the ropes she will carry on, as for the men doing it, you have to remember we dont have men in the community because most of them did not have a man in their lives to teach them how to be man, in 2021 you have a grown ass dude 30+ get out his car with a tight ass jeans his underwear his showing thinking he is cool, how is he supposed to teach a young boy how ti be man or a youbg girl what a man should be, those bums will teach their sons the same behavior and same goes for many of those females they teach their daughters the same behaviors angry and depend on men, so those little girls grow up confuse with no idea

Majority of those females dont know how to build those young girls to be valuable women, and have something to offer to a man other than dying to impress men into wanting them and look across the board in the community these days what exactly do what see? I like when many are quick to compare black girls and women with whites and make excuses for their behaviors except that they forgot those little white girls have daddies or family members to leave them some types of riches to fall on to, what exactly those negros are leaching behind for those little girls if they want to compare why not fo the same as the white people do for their daughters, they need to stop falling for the tricks of white people majority of the times a black girl and a white girl walk in to a door the white girl will get the opportunity first, if black people face their own reality they will do better, until then it will be the same song

Comment by caribmama on May 5, 2021 at 10:01pm

So sad that more of our men don't do this. If they did women would value themselves more. There wouldn't be all this plastic surgery or babies out of wedlock. I'm happy to have gotten my daughter through her teen years as a single mother. Now striving for her to be a productive member of society. I know doors will open for her cause she is strong minded and smart, but she moves slow like a turtle to get out there in the world.  LOL!

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