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Pence tells Nancy Pelosi he WON'T invoke 25th Amendment to remove Donald Trump telling her it should not be a 'punishment' - but stops short of saying president IS fit for office

Vice President Mike Pence says he will NOT invoke the 25th Amendment

  • The House voted in favor of a resolution that urges Vice President Mike Pence to use the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump from office 
  • Democrats were joined by only one Republican, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, in passing the resolution late Tuesday night  
  • Pence, however, sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during early votes on the resolution, saying he would not do it 
  • The House is pursuing this vote first before moving on impeachment Wednesday 
  • Pelosi announced the House's impeachment managers Tuesday night  
  • The New York Times reported Tuesday that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell believes the time is right to move against the 'lame duck' president
  • Rep. Liz Cheney, a House leader, now backs impeachment, along with Republican Reps. Adam Kinzinger, John Katko  and Fred Upton 
  • Two-thirds of the Senate – or 17 Republicans - would have to vote to convict, with the articles expected to pass the Democrat-led House  
  • Trump's Senate trial could overlap with start of President-elect Joe Biden's term 
  • Trump denied responsibility for the riots and defended his comments  
  • Vice President Mike Pence released the letter he had sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as the House was taking its first vote on the resolution that pressures him to invoke the 25th Amendment

    Vice President Mike Pence released the letter he had sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as the House was taking its first vote on the resolution that pressures him to invoke the 25th Amendment 

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Comment by mr1stroke on Sunday

I dont give a damn if they killed every body in that white house as long they are not black, those are not my politicians i hate them as much as those mobs, they are getting a taste of their own hate. Did they cry for Philando Castille for over an hour on live tv, did they cry for Eric Garner, did they cry for Michael Brown, did they cry for Kalief Browder, if they did cry how many of those laws have they changed? This is white peoples problem, negros can be concern i say good for them as long as they are happy, let white people experience their own hate i dont feel no remorse this is white America against white America

My concerns are far more than what white America is feeling, f*** them all let them burn in hell, the spirit of the slaves who built the white house are crying, the fog will come

Comment by caribmama on Sunday

Mr1stroke white folks are conditioned from birth to believe they are elite and above all things. If you don't have parents that raise you to believe you are equal and minorities are not your enemy, we will continue to have black vs white situations. BLM marches warmed my heart really to see all races marching, not just blacks. But I live in THOSE COMMUNITIES TOO where you are suspect for not looking like them and it irritates me. The Karens are the worst too. If you are behind them, they will walk off to the side to make sure you are not following them. No wonder they need guns. Scared pieces of shyt with no damn back bone. I stare them down like they are stupid. I can't stand the Karens....they are the worst! Yes Bytch I live here too......AND WHAT!

Comment by caribmama on Sunday

Mr1stroke......Dump should have been put in handcuffs that night. People are dead because of him and it could have turned into a hostage situation. No President has ever gone to such lengths to do the things he has done. HE KNEW these people would do anything he told them to do, that's why he did it! Professionals coming to the Capital to commit a crime and then have the nerve to ask for clemency!!!!! WHAT!!!! You were a part of a mob that help to kill people!!!! 1+1=2 and so on!!!! Fyck th 25th Amendment and what it means!!!!! He put our politicians at risk with his bullshit!!!! ALL OF THEM.....REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS!!!!!! And I don't support either party....FYCK ALL OF THEM....THEY ARE ALL OUT FOR THEMSELVES. Like I said before I was shocked to hear the stuff that Obama did...AND I LOVED HIM!!!!! I can honestly say that I was so pissed that they voted in a realty TV person with no Political experience at all that I did not even vote in this election. I wanted no parts of it. HOW DA FYCK CAN YOU THINK SOMEONE WITH NO POLITICAL EXPERIENCE CAN RUN THIS COUNTRY? Repubs didn't even want him in office, but he's so damn vengeful, they were scared to go against him. Look at what he's doing to the Rebubs that are voting against him not...he's trying to find incriminating evidence against them to mess up their political careers. Pence is done! He's not going to be able to run for anything after this. Trump made me money in the stock market and my account is still blinging, but he's a criminal and needs to be in jail. 

Comment by mr1stroke on Sunday

caribmama by curiosity have you ever read the sections in the 25th amendment, if you did do you actually think pence can succeed od doing it, i do understand every one are so compassionate about hating Trump and supporting the democrats to go against the constitution, do you realise the type of damage that could cause for future president, i have different concerns, white people business does not concern me because black people cant even walk the streets in thei neighborhoods nor do they own anything, so what exactly is going to change after Trump, we have 4 years to observe but the sad part is the community is still condition to accept the slave treatment as long as white people are comfortable, i am just trying to understand the real concern here, it's sad these white folks are not out there discussing black agendas

Comment by caribmama on Sunday

Repubs are scared of Dump. Pencil don't even want to go against him. They need to realize, they are more powerful now that he incited that riot. But he messed Pencil up if he wants to run for president in the future. Pencil don't want to invoke the 25th cause he knows those crazy trumpsters are going to chase him down in the streets!!! LOL! They were going to kidnap him and take his ass hostage. LOL!!!!

Comment by mr1stroke on January 14, 2021 at 1:44am

Im going to have fun with you niggers for 4 years afyer dancing on the streets like it was the end of slavery i will witness what exactly you are going to get, and what eill be the excuse even though niggers accept slavery as a way of life

Comment by mr1stroke on January 14, 2021 at 1:42am

stephen myers you are one of the slaves dancing for massa biden hoping for stimulus, i cant have a master i am no longer a slave since i walked away from that dump community, but you on the other hand is so concern about white people problem if Pelosi and Biden are not happy you feel like youre dying, you are a born slave boy, now you can get your welfare checks, you old useless n*****

Comment by stephen myers on January 13, 2021 at 10:56pm

LMAO, Black Power fart is pissed his slave master is going into the trash, Black trash who loves white trash.

Comment by monica on January 13, 2021 at 12:27pm
Comment by mr1stroke on January 13, 2021 at 1:31am

Its funny i hear many idiots repeating 25th amendment this and that, when i ask them to define it they cant say nothing, born slaves they repeat anything their democrat masters say, you all has a smart phone research and read for once

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