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DL Hughley To Kanye West: You're The Worst F*cking Kind Of Human Being

Comedian DL Highley has ripped into Kanye West -- and says he's the "worst kind" of human being.

Hughley has had enough of Ye's shenanigans.

"He constantly puts an asterisk next to slavery like it wasn't that bad," he told DJ Vlad. "Like all [Tubman] was doing was taking them from one job to another. He makes it seem like her accomplishments weren't a big deal."

He added, "At a time like this, what are you gonna do about unemployment? What are you gonna do about a pandemic? What are you gonna do about a shredded economy? What are you gonna do? 'Cause everybody can't wearing f*cking Yeezys and hear 'Jesus Walks' all the goddamn time. That's not gon' fix it. But you believe that it's dope to insert yourself at a time like this? You're the worst f*cking kind of human being. And I have no respect for him." 

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Comment by mr1stroke on August 23, 2020 at 1:04pm
D. Hall ic Nancy Pelosi and CNN did not tell you about that fake russian s*** what else would you say about Trump, the democrats paid a whole legal team to investigate im order to impeach the president while you niggers rotten in poverty, now every one of them is writing a book but what do you niggers gain? Nothing, still begging still complaining, the outcome of that investigation is nothing.

You niggers need to free your selves and stop being condition by your masters, everything you people say is what the democrats tell you to remote, you dont read you dont research, how come you never come up with anything negative about the candidate on your own until after you hear some nonsense from the white media, unlike you i dont care about who the candidate is, i am not a slave to any party that is why i am independent, i vote im favor of policies that work, you people are against Trump but what have those democrats done for you, what do you have to show for? You niggers keep arguing but none of you cant list the 3 policies since 1980 to now that the democrats set in place to change the condition of black people.

You niggers are so dumb they know what to say to keep you enslave because they know they cannot get elected without black votes, the democrats and your favorite celebrities told you in 2008 vote or died, you voted for your black president, what did he do for you, and where is the community now in terms of progress, in 2016 they told you to vote like your lives depends on it and you gave your votes to Hillary, she never told you what she was going to do for you except she carries hot sauce in her purse, now they are telling you the same thing to vote for Biden, Kamala Harris told you in her acceptance speech the 3 major policies he passed while in senate not one of them had to do with you, on Thursday Biden accepted the nominee not once he addressed the black community or their issues and you slave niggers still worship your master, like Malcolm X said the house niggers are the worse enemy of black people, well it is fact look at the condition of the community but the niggers are voting, you niggers are a curse to black people thats why you have so much hate everytime a black person take a different approach because they are tired and refuse to live as slaves, people like you will forever be niggers, learn the difference, i would never classify my self as a n***** they are less than human, i am a free black man, i rather stand for what i believe and die like a man than to live as a coward and serve those who cause me pain, you damn n*****
Comment by D. Hall on August 23, 2020 at 10:57am

Why do you people even bother responding to the white trolls on here like m one stroke that keep calling us the “N” word on here. They are promoting these false narratives to distract us from getting Donald Drumpf out of office. It’s a fact that the Russians and white supremacists are trying to divide us by pretending to be us. This pathetic individual always looks down on black people and if you hate black people so much that you continue to call everyone that doesn’t think like you do the N word go troll somewhere else where our racist comments are appreciated. You are not promoting Black Power only showing your ignorance. 

Comment by mr1stroke on August 23, 2020 at 1:46am
You grew up in the 60s using what the people who sacrificed have done, you are an old n***** with the slave mentality, you dont even understand what youre saying thats how retarded of a n***** you are, who destroyed harlem and who took over Harlem and rebuilt it, who destroyed bedstuy with crimes and now look who is moving in, who told your n***** ass to join gangs instead of building the community, who told you niggers to work 2 jobs or sell drugs live in the project, invest in expensive cars instead of starting businesses in the community, who told you niggers to keep paying high rent to the jews instead of becoming home owners? Now compare your community with places like Brighton Beach and sheapsed bay and see the progress of the people who lives in the community, how about you tell us why instead of your niggers ass complaining, i can brag about my up bringing and be proud of it i came from a high crimes community. I sold drugs like every one else, i did dumb s*** like every one else, but i was smart enough at a young age to listen to my folks and the people around and realize i can build more than i can destroy, i started volunteer my time to the community follow my folks and started my own business, got out the slump, how come you niggers cant do the same, you niggers run your mouth but contributed nothing to the community, when the last time you went to a memorial for those kids dying by gun violence, when the last time you try to pick up expenses helping those families with the funeral bills, i went to 2 in NY between yesterday and today, you have so much to run your mouth about when did you ever have back, i call you niggers because all you niggers do is bash those of us who are taking a different approach, you niggers give nothing back to the community, if you old niggers have contributed we would be able to build our own community without waiting on white people, like the Asians, indians and italians, you dumb n***** sit your dumb ass down, you cant say or prove anything that can prove you are a proud black man, you are just a n***** sucking the hard working air the rest of us are proving, you old porch monkey
Comment by mr1stroke on August 23, 2020 at 1:30am
stephen myers lol i cant even talk to you anymore, you cant even yell me what did he lied about that affected you, what can you tell us other than central park 5, Trump is not hurting me, his presidency is doing more good to me than you niggers complaining about, the only niggers complaining are those sitting like babies for people to do for them and waiting on hand outs, those white people you kissing ass to are racist but you slave your self on that 9 to 5 everyday, most of you niggers care about those 9 to 5 more than they care about their families, you niggers are for ever slaves sit you dumb retarded monkey n***** ass down
Comment by CobraFire on August 23, 2020 at 12:19am


Comment by Ricardo O'Connor on August 22, 2020 at 10:49pm
Comment by stephen myers on August 22, 2020 at 8:45pm

mrstroke1 dick, to prove how stupid and gullible you are [Jim Jones cult N****], it is proven as fact Trump lied over a thousand times, yet a dummy like you believe in his show that he signed a bill that is going to help your dumb azz, even whites know he is a con man and lies thru his teeth, just like he called for the death penalty for the central park 5, and all his people are white supremacist criminals and racist, they just busted one of his  racist pigs who ran a con game on his communist wall he say's he was going to build to keep your Black azz locked in along with the white supremacist savages, niggazz like you will be the first to go, your a punk with no fight in you, whitey will make you Buck dance as he shoots at your buck dancing shoes as you skin and grin, then you die like the coward you are, your a wanna be because you got money as you brag how good you are doing, and no one forces Black people to do crime and join gangs, nor to sell drugs, shoot another Black man yet you blame the liberals, I saw Harlem go down the drain because of Black people along with Bed Stuy Brooklyn, I grew up in the 60's Negro, your a kid to me, so eat that and don't come back with more B.S on your cult leader, Jim Jones aka Trump.

Comment by stephen myers on August 22, 2020 at 8:20pm

LOL, you better not read what I have to say you punk azz knuckle dragging fake pro Black Bytch, I give your dumb azz a Black eye and a busted nose in the debate ring, you ain't got shyt to say just like the dumb azz whites I confront on that Orangutan they have as a president, they all STFU and act like the dumb bastards they are, and I work around them, you can never do that because your a azz kissing n**** who loves his master, a man respects a warrior and who is not afraid to speak the truth, or to fight if he has to, so roll over and eat shyt and live so you can suffer and feel pain, Jim Jones azz N****.

Comment by stephen myers on August 22, 2020 at 8:13pm

Hey mrstroke1 dick, take that Black Power avatar down and have a MAGA hat as an avatar, I never met a Trump Black supporter, only stupid retarded whites I work around, and they look stupid and are stupid dumb racist bigots out of shape pot belly pigs like your president, you will never be on the level of a man like Malcolm Nance who wrote books on your cult leader, so stick to your howling at the moon, Trump took a dump in your mouth and his fecal matter is in that maggot brain of yours, fake pro Black Orangutan.

Comment by mr1stroke on August 22, 2020 at 6:55pm
Ricardo O'Connor for the blacks who are smart and intelligent who of that same nonsense have taking advantage of all the president policies have to offer, the business opportunities, the bill he has passed so banks can ease up their policies in order to loan money to small businesses and minorities, all of them is working.for the common and average men, the houses policies where the banks can no longer rob you out of those dumb mortgages and must be held accountable, just about every policies are working for those who are living those facts
If black people were smart they would use that President and get everything they want like the rest of those people who claim they dont like him, yes they dont like him but they are asking assistance and he gave it to them, they dont like him but they are all writing books about him, now since every one knows the negros are retarded the democrats pay those greedy house negros to conditioned the community and be a Trump hater, but dont realise those same negros dont live in their community, when the last tome any one saw steve harvey at a Memorial for those young kids getting shot and kill on the streets, when the last time he pays for a funeral, the negro said he sat with Trump but still couldnt say what they talked about, what kind of leader did not have a proposal and get something out of it, what if Martin Luther did not have a plan and demands when he met with Eisenhower we would not have voting rights, but than again look at the condition of the niggers who hate Trump and favor biden what exactly are they getting, but the democrat clowning them, do any of those niggers wake up and ask their selves the question, ok you hate Trump and than what, really what is your biggest achievement?

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