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Virginia Woman Murders Cheating Boyfriend On Instagram!! (Graphic Video)

Bashirah-Tripp-car bumper

An enraged Bashirah Tripp slamming unconscious partner with car bumper

What da hey-all is going on here?! A Virginia woman, Bashira S. Tripp, was arrested on Thursday after allegedly running her partner over in a parking lot.

Tripp, 34, has been charged with aggravated assault, after witnesses claimed she intentionally hit the victim with her car.

Shocked bystanders recorded the aftermath of the incident, as an enraged Tripp continued to scream at the man’s bleeding and motionless body.

Videos show the man lying unconscious behind the car, as Tripp stomps around the wreckage.

“Every day of your f–king life, every day! Every f–king day!” Tripp yells.

“That’s what happens when you leave your wife,” she screams at him, as blood pools beneath his head. “I gave you 18 years of my f–king years!”

Unbelievably, at one point she even picks up the bumper that broke off her car in the crash and slams him with it.

Horrified onlookers can be heard telling the incensed woman that the victim is dead; another is heard telling a mother to take her young child away, who was watching the spectacle unfold.

The still unidentified man was later transported to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital with life-threatening injuries, and is currently in critical condition.

Norfolk, VA PD confirmed the incident was a domestic-related incident.

A Virginia woman appears to have murdered her "cheating" boyfriend, by running him over with her car - and the gruesome murder was captured and Livestreamed on Instagram


Here is the video - warning VERY GRAPHIC

Norfolk police are investigating a domestic assault that left a man severely injured Thursday afternoon. But this morning, that "assault" case appears to have turned into a homicide case, because social media reports claim that the man died last night.

So far police are being tight-lipped about the investigation. They have not responded to MTO News' request for comment.

But witnesses (who can be seen in the video) described what they saw. In the video, the witnesses can be heard saying that a woman ran the man down with a car. You could hear at least one person in one video saying that he still was breathing while he was on the ground.

The woman in the video can be heard scolding the critically injured man for "cheating" on her.

The police department tweeted that officers took a woman into custody at the scene.

Here is the video - warning VERY GRAPHIC

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Comment by eollis on October 13, 2020 at 4:14am
Who knows if you can change the font of the posts on Twitter? I have heard this option was recently added to Instagram But I am not sure the same is available on Twitter. If you know more, please let me know. Possibly you need to install additional apps to enable this function?
Comment by Jeffrey L Donovan on August 13, 2020 at 12:38am

Excellent comments by all. His little head  can no longer  control the big head.

Comment by Bombahdrop on August 12, 2020 at 10:59pm

@Ralph you can say that again.

Comment by Ignar on August 11, 2020 at 11:26pm

@Jessy, in the Jodi Arias case, he lied to her. I am not saying that she should have shot, stabbed, and whatever else she did, but he should have been honest with her. It is lack of knowledge on the part of a lot of people. Just be honest, nature makes both genders horny because it is the procreation force. Truly sad that we still believe that we have to lie, to get affection. With honesty a lot of these incidenti would be non issues.

Comment by Jessy on August 11, 2020 at 7:16pm

When are we women going to wake up and realize that these men are not worth it??  If the man cheats on you, move on!   It's not worth losing your freedom over!  This is another Jodi Arias case where she stabbed her boyfriend when he tried to leave her.  A friend of mine's son got stabbed and killed by his girlfriend last year when he tried to leave her.

Comment by Ralph Johnson Jr on August 10, 2020 at 3:01am

A Black Woman (Scorned) is a Dangerous lady!!! 

Comment by No Matter on August 9, 2020 at 7:00pm

I know many will come after me however I believe self control goes both ways. He could have just left her. We don t know the entire story. 18 years with someone and to find out you were taken advantage could be devastating especially if you are on the receiving end. We know of many individuals who took advantage of others and walk away calling the victim crazy , stupid like the comments below 

.Leave folks alone if you want to play the field.

RIP cheater and get some help lady whether in jail or out in this devil world.. 

Comment by vaughn mitchell on August 9, 2020 at 12:24am
Just give her life without parole, no get out of jail card.
Comment by stephen myers on August 8, 2020 at 9:43pm

The She-Boon would get little time as the animal pleads insanity as her white masters pat her on the back, I guess Darwin kicked in on this poor dead fool for having sex with this insane demon, can imagine what he was like to be attracted to this creature.

Comment by CARIBBEAN QUEEN on August 8, 2020 at 7:21pm

she said she gave him 18 years, well how about you send 20 years in jail for STUPIDITY. OKKKK

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