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Middle School Girls Caught On VIDEO 'Jumping' Their Teacher

Middle School Girls Caught On Tape 'Jumping' Their Teacher!!
A disturbing video is going viral from out of Jacksonville Florida. According to social media reports, the video shows two middle school girls "jumping" their teacher.

The video has already been viewed by more than 5,000,000 people.

Here is the video link

The video shows two girls violently beating a woman - whom is believed to be their teacher. The graphic video surfaced on social media on Friday, and quickly spread like wildfire. Now it's one of the most viral videos in the world. 

The girls - clearly minors - are seen grabbing the purported teacher by the hair and beating her. The "teacher" is seen covering up, and trying to shield her face from the punches.

Unfortunately none of the other students in the class stepped in to try and break up the fight. But it appears that multiple students pulled out their phones to record the carnage.

It's not clear what punishment the two girls received, or whether the police were called about this incident.

Networks reached out to the Jacksonville, Florida police department to ask about the video and received no response.

Here is the video link

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Comment by vaughn mitchell on September 10, 2019 at 1:57pm
Damn. Damn. White people are going to be all over this.
Comment by Mike Jones on September 10, 2019 at 1:30pm
Sad thing is as soon as I saw this in my inbox, I said please don’t let it be sisters. Sadly, I know it was. I don’t even know if knowing the entire story would change how I feel about this. This was extreme and none of the idiots in the class attempted to intervene. Typical viral ignorance mentality
Comment by caribmama on September 9, 2019 at 11:15am

Let's not forget that they want to arm teachers with guns. If this teacher had a gun, what do you think the end result would have been?

Comment by Cee Gee on September 9, 2019 at 9:25am


Comment by caribmama on September 8, 2019 at 10:50pm

How sad....can't remember a time growing up where any of my teachers were touched. This seems to be the norms these days. *pulling out the strap* Seems these youngstas wasn't raised right.

Comment by unell mitchell on September 8, 2019 at 8:29pm
Now what if this happened because she called them Niggers, would you feel different? Just something to think about.
Comment by Ronsay on September 8, 2019 at 5:41pm

No comment until I have an understanding of what provoked these children to do this.... 

Comment by Nexus on September 8, 2019 at 5:40pm
What happened here?
Comment by Kanati on September 8, 2019 at 5:36pm

As soon as the punches started flying she should have defended herself in any and every way possible.

Comment by Robert on September 8, 2019 at 4:09pm
Need more details of what happened. Good luck in getting more teachers to work in that school district..

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