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Democratic senator apologizes after supporters at his Illinois fundraiser staged a mock ASSASSINATION of President Trump

Democratic senator apologizes after supporters constructed a mock ASSASSINATION of Trump

  • A simulated attack on President Trump was performed at a fundraising event
  • The $250 golf event was held by Illinois Senator Martin Sandoval in Winfield
  • Sandoval has since slammed their actions as 'unacceptable' in a statement
  • The images have sparked reaction from democratic and republican supports The pictures sparked outrage online and Sandoval (pictured) has since released a statement apologizing for the 'unacceptable' actions of the guests at his event

A Democratic state senator has apologized after pictures were posted online of a group of supporters at his fundraiser performing a mock assassination of President Trump.

In a separate image, Sen. Martin Sandoval, 55, who represents Illinois' 11th District, was pictured standing next to one man who had constructed the simulated attack.

Images posted on social media saw one man pointing a machine gun at another person dressed in a Mexican costume wearing a Donald Trump mask.

A Democratic senator has apologized after pictures were posted online of a group of supporters at his fundraiser performing a mock assassination of President Trump

A Democratic senator has apologized after pictures were posted online of a group of supporters at his fundraiser performing a mock assassination of President Trump

The man wearing the Trump mask appears to grab his chest and lean back as if he is imitating being shot by the man

One of Trump's closest aides, Kellyanne Conway, brought the pictures to the attention of her followers on Sunday evening
The man wearing the Trump mask appears to grab his chest and lean back as if he is imitating being shot by the man holding the gun

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Comment by Michael Thomas on August 21, 2019 at 12:22pm

Mr1stroke we are on the same page.

Comment by mr1stroke on August 20, 2019 at 5:42pm

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Comment by Michael Thomas on August 19, 2019 at 5:10pm

Mr1stroke I am very interested in your opinions especially, when you have facts to strengthen that opinion. I look forward to your comments on upcoming topics. Also, I totally agree with what you were saying on money management.

Comment by mr1stroke on August 19, 2019 at 4:58pm

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Comment by mr1stroke on August 19, 2019 at 4:54pm

Michael Thomas i just have to keep it honest the same thing my family did others can too if they willing, it makes no sense driving a benz while i live a project apartment crying to the white men for no heat and hot water oinstead of investing, i cannot sit on my ass blaming the white man whil i am burrying my self in poverty, so i got up, got out and gte somethig, and man this is the best knowledge my family ever gave me, even the white man wants to be our friends especially when the family get together, and by the way we are all gun collectors we strongly believe in our second amendment, thats why i will vote for trump, dumb niggers cant realize all those gun laws are too disarmed black people, they will always find a way to make sure white people have the right to protect their selves thats exactly what Trump is doing it is politics, take NY city for example, negros are not allow to own weapons not even a knife just like the 1700s to the early 1900s black code in the french colonies, but if you go to suffolk county the white folks own weapons, upstate NY they do, when you live in those areas they cnnot stop you, but in the city the police protects the white, the jews, the gays and any other groups they respect while they shoot blacks like dogs, seriously people is any one going to wake up, and by the way any one stop me when i am wrong and show me the facts of the lies 

Comment by mr1stroke on August 19, 2019 at 4:46pm

Robert  it dont matter how many peopel died in chicago nobody cares, because the community is retarded, the only community who tolerates the murderer behavior and brag about it, do the protest against the people doing the killing, instead they hang with those people. under Obama instead if cleaning Chicago he turned his back, remember the first popular murder in Chicago under obama was15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton who was shot and killed after she performed at the Inauguration for Obama, what did they do about gun violence did the white people call for guns reformed? wait it was non of their concern, but did the black community around the nation call for gun reform to stop gun vioelence in the community, i wish someone can tell me please, what bill did obama signed after that, what gun laws did he passed after that?  Rahm Emanuel was Obama best friend he made him chief of staff in the white house quit his job to become Mayor of Chicago, what did he do to stop crimes in chicago, or about every idiots on here do their research and find out how many have murdered under Rahm Emmanuels terms, and why the community was calling for him to step down, so black lives will not matter until black people value black lives and make it matter, living in the black community., you are just a walking dead, you dont know if you are going to get shot by a gang member or a racist cop, what choice do one has, unless you will do like the rest of us move the f*** out, let them kill each other, if any one are tired they should move to, or die trying to fix a contaminated and cursed community

Comment by Michael Thomas on August 19, 2019 at 4:14pm

Mr1stroke I did ask and I you answered. By the way, you were correct, I can read. 

Comment by mr1stroke on August 19, 2019 at 4:09pm

you ask i asnwer and i think thats all for today, any one who feels i am wrong prove me wrong and lets compare your tactic with facts and proofs

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