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Prosecutors will not move on sex assault claim against Cuba Gooding Jr.

14 Women Have Now Accused Cuba Gooding Jr. Of Sexual Misconduct

14 Women Have Now Accused Cuba Gooding Jr. Of Sexual Misconduct

Prosecutors declined to move forward with tackling at least one sexual assault claim against Cuba Gooding Jr.

The actor and Oscar winner eluded being charged with grabbing a woman’s butt at an L.A. party because prosecutors didn’t feel as though there was enough evidence to prove their case, TMZ reports.

Cuba reportedly fondled the woman sometime over the past year, and she came forward and filed a police report and an investigation ensued.

After a probe the L.A. City Attorney pushed back on moving forward with charges of misdemeanor sexual battery in August, citing a lack of evidence.

“Cuba doesn’t recall this case. He’s out every night of his life. He meets so many people. He interacts with so many people — he can’t remember all the people he meets,” said Gooding Jr.’s attorney, Mark Heller.

Gooding Jr’s still got an uphill battle in front of him.

As TheGrio previously reported, on Tuesday he made a court appearance in New York and pleaded not guilty to four counts of sexual misconduct, including two counts of forcible touching and two more of third-degree sexual abuse during an arraignment on other cases he’s facing.

Gooding faced accusations relating to incidents that allegedly took place at a rooftop bar and in a nightclub in Manhattan in 2018. In the indictment, prosecutors say they have received 12 other accusations from additional women dating back to 2001, which they believe shows a pattern of inappropriate behavior.

According to CBS New York, a 29-year-old woman is accusing Gooding of grabbing her breast on June 9 while they were both at a bar near Times Square.

While the alleged victim admitted to police that she thought he was intoxicated, she was clear that the physical contact occurred without her consent. The actor, who won an Oscar for his supporting role in “Jerry Maguire” in 1997, was  arrested four days later after turning himself in to police. He pleaded not guilty to forcible touching and was subsequently released on his own recognizance.

Gooding’s attorneys have vigorously and consistently denied the accusations against him.


Does this surveillance VIDEO show Cuba Gooding Jr touching his accuser on her thigh as Oscar-winning actor is seen in court smiling

14 Women Have Now Accused Cuba Gooding Jr. Of Sexual Misconduct
Hollywood actor Cuba Gooding Jr. has now been accused of sexual misconduct by 14 women.

Cuba Gooding Jr. appeared in a New York court Tuesday for his arraignment. The Boyz N The Hood actor pleaded not guilty to two instances of sexual misconduct. 

According to reports, the new charges involve an alleged incident in October 2018, and prosecutors have claimed that they are aware of 12 other uncharged incidents which all took place from 2001 to 2018 in New York, California, Texas, Nevada and New Mexico occurring at bars, clubs, hotels, and restaurants. 

Gooding Jr. has been charged with third-degree misdemeanor sexual abuse and forcible touching. 

"When this woman verbally confronted the defendant immediately after being pinched, defendant claimed that he had only pinched her back, not her buttocks," the indictment against the star reads. "While continuing to deny his conduct, defendant raised his voice and stated in substance that he would never return to that nightclub again. Earlier that night, the defendant had made a sexually suggestive remark to this same woman."

He is currently awaiting trial.


Surveillance footage shows Cuba Gooding Jr. did NOT grope a woman's breast in a New York nightclub and the actor may not hand himself in to police, his lawyer claims

Gooding is led out of the NYPD Special Victims Unit in handcuffs to be taken to court on a single count of forcible touching on Thursday

  • Gooding Jr. arrived at an NYPD Special Victims Unit on Thursday to speak to detectives
  • The actor is accused of grabbing a woman's breast at a nightclub on Sunday 
  • She said she gave him a class of water because he was so drunk and he responded by groping her
  • The actor denied it and said surveillance footage will prove he is innocent
  • A second woman has reported him for allegedly grabbing her buttocks in a separate case 
  • Gooding Jr. was booked on one count of forcible touching, a class A misdemeanor which carries a one year maximum prison sentence 

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Comment by James Gibbs on October 17, 2019 at 11:57pm

This Brotha was set up, he didn't really realized this. We must be careful dealing with a non-black american woman. I know there some sistas will do the same, but they will do if they dislike you. White woman and other groups are a opportunist to gain from black men. Sorry brothas, you're Niggas need to wake-up! Cuba Gooding Jr is one of those Niggas that learns the hard way. I hope he will win all his case. This is way I stop dealing with other groups....f*** them! Always bet on black...M****F**kers.

Comment by mr1stroke on October 17, 2019 at 5:31pm
They can sue on many grounds, somde dont because they sre happy charges sre drop and others know they many recover anything after spending legal fees
Comment by Ab Gai on October 17, 2019 at 5:16pm

Now y’all want to drop the charges. I wish men could sue these hoes for false charges when it deals with rape or any level of false sexual assault claims, then hopefully the foolishness will stop. 

Comment by mr1stroke on June 17, 2019 at 7:13pm

so the boy friend called her over and than she begins to flirt, where exactly did he assualted her, well niggers never learned they will always set you up, ut wait i forgot there are good white peiple like there are good cops lol, dumb asses white people will never love you

Comment by stephen myers on June 16, 2019 at 12:13pm

Dumb negroid got 'whites disease, feel sorry for none of these clowns, Bill Cosby, O.J, and all the rest of them, they are property of whites, they get the suckers money all the time.

Comment by HandsomeMan on June 15, 2019 at 2:37am
Black men will never learn to Stay the f***.away from.these white women.
Comment by red bone on June 14, 2019 at 1:41pm
That butch clearly see that he is sitting with his girl, who by the way is the daughter of a Hollywood heavyweight Raging bull himself. However gonna slide up in his personal DM and push up herself. The girlfriend should have slapped her back to her seat. But Cuba is too damn friendly for his own good. It look like he wanted her out of his face already and used his hand to block her away off him. Her drunk boyfriend came over frightened to see a star up close and personal also jumped on Cuba’s dick riding hard. At some point you can see that Cuba was like I need to get the guck outta here. Lo and behold this b**** go tell the security some bullshit after Cuba bounced with his girl. Da struggle is really. That b**** now want Cuba to “ show me the money” White devil.

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