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Lauryn Hill Explains Updating Her Classics At Rock The Bells [Video Inside]

Of her four Rock the Bells Tour stops, Lauryn Hill hasn't had one show exactly like any of the others.

On Saturday in New York, she brought a host of celebs onstage — including Jay-Z and Beyoncé — and on Sunday, at the closer in Washington, D.C., Nas was her guest. The two performed Esco's classic "If I Ruled the…


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UPDATE: Isidore Philip Tisson, 27, murdered execution-style in his car hours after scoring the game-winning goal to propel St. Lucia to the finals against Jamaica

Isidore Phillip Tisson (Center) was shot to death hours after leading St. Lucia to the Caribbean Cup finals.

A St. Lucia soccer star's jubilant victory celebration was cut short by a deadly .45-caliber bullet, fired execution-style into his car Monday on a dark Brooklyn street.

Isidore Phillip Tisson, 27, scored the goal that sent his country to the…


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SHE DID WHAT?? Woman Caught Using Sex Toy While Watching Porn On Laptop.....All While She Was Driving

ELMWOOD PLACE - An Elmwood Place police officer who stopped a car because it had illegally tinted windows received a bit of a shock when he looked inside.

Officer Ross Gilbert said the driver, Colondra Hamilton, a 36-year-old Downtown resident, was sitting with her pants unzipped and a sex toy in her lap.

He said Hamilton told him she was using the toy while watching a sex video on a laptop computer that a passenger in the front seat held up…


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Did Drake & Nicki Minaj get Married? / Nicki Minaj Reveals Truth Behind Marriage To Label Mate Drake

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Nicki Minaj has opened up about her recent, short-lived marriage to fellow label mate Drake and why she intentionally wanted to stir up the Internet rumor mill.

Speaking with radio host DJ Drama, Minaj said she never tied the knot with…


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Man accused of raping 80 year old mother shot dead (We've heard plenty but never a man raping his MOTHER who is 80 years old)

SANTA CRUZ, St Elizabeth — A 40-year-old man who was wanted by the police after he allegedly sexually abused his 80-odd-year-old mother, was reportedly shot and killed at his home at Top Hill, St Elizabeth early yesterday.

The Junction Police say that in the "wee hours" of the morning, three police officers attached to the station went to the house of Rodney Joseph, who was accused of regularly…


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Barbadian Migrant Could Be Torn Apart From Sick Child And Sent Back‎ Home, what do you think should be done in this situation?

A Barbadian immigrant who entered the U.S. on a visitor`s visa, is now facing separation from her daughter who is stricken with cancer.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security wants to send Petra Gooding packing by September 2nd, despite the fact that her 7-year-old daughter Niamh Stoute is going through chemotherapy in a battle with cancer.



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Pop Star Singer Nadja Benaissa Found Guilty For Hiding HIV From Unprotected Sexual Partners and Infecting 1 man, [Watch Video]

Darmstadt, Germany (CNN) -- A German pop star was found guilty Thursday of causing grievous bodily harm and attempted bodily harm for failing to tell sexual partners that she was infected with HIV.

Nadja Benaissa,
28, former singer in the girl band No Angels, was given a two-year suspended sentence. She was also ordered to complete 300 hours of community service with people who are HIV-positive.



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What happens when Beyonce falls off her jet ski?

Splash: Beyonce falls off her jet ski while her friends looked on. The singer is enjoying a Mediterranean cruise with husband Jay-Z and friends. Beyonce is known for always looking pristine and well put together but she looked like a drowned rat after toppling off her jet ski while on holiday in the South of…


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Timbaland 911 Call - 'We Can't Find Him' / Timbaland Dismiss Possible Suicide Attempt Claims! / Timbaland Gets Robbed for $2 Million Worth of Jewelery...Police Detain him after Fear of Suicide Attempt

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? Media outlets have obtained the call that every one is talking about. The Timbaland 911 call, in which his mother-in-law desperately declares an emergency -- stating the rapper/producer was "tired of the stress" ... and noted that he was near a cliff.

TMZ broke the story ... after receiving the call, the L.A. County Sheriff's Department dispatcher sent out a "possible suicide attempt" APB.



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Paris Hilton plead guilty to DRUG charge and now she is held by officials at Japenese airport / Paris Hilton a drug mule, new book alleges / Paris Hilton Formally Charged W/Felony Cocaine Possession.

Japanese officials have kept Paris Hilton at Narita International Airport for a second day while they decide whether she will be admitted to the country after pleading guilty to a misdemeanour drug charge in Las Vegas.

The 29-year-old celebrity was stopped by immigration authorities upon her arrival in Japan on Tuesday, one day after her plea, according to an e-mailed…


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Shooting spree at Tarodale Gardens of Trinidad and Tobago

Bevon Drakes, one of four people who escaped death in a shooting spree at Tarodale Gardens, Ste Madeleine, on Thursday night, has been discharged from the San Fernando General Hospital.

Up to late yesterday, two others remained warded in serious condition. Malika Acobe Henry, 28, of Cocoyea Village, San Fernando, who…


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USAIN Bolt, Jamaica's sprint king just became the world’s most highly sponsored runner.

Usain Bolt may attempt to emulate Carl Lewis at the 2013 World Championships in Moscow

USAIN Bolt, Jamaica's sprint king, has earned an extended sponsorship contract with sporting goods company Puma AG until the end of 2013, making him the world’s most highly sponsored runner.

Although the terms of the contract were not released, Puma chairman and chief executive…


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The suicidal Prime Minister Bruce Golding / Government Refutes Gleaner's Claim that Manatt, Phelps & Phillips was Engaged on Behalf of the Jamaican Government / Prime Minister of Jmaica Bruce Golding

Perjury and obstruction of justice simply mean that at some stage he lied and then attempted to cover up the lie. Were it not for the political vote of the Democratic Senate, which acquitted him, he would have been booted out of office.

At present, Prime Minister Golding has invited himself to the way of the gallows, all over…


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A Bajan man confessed to killing his Guyanese wife and burying her body in their backyard SEPTIC TANK.

Bibi Swahbirene Farzana Ali

Early yesterday morning, the man of Mount Standfast, St James, took Barbados police to the “well” where he had buried the woman. Bibi Swahbirene Farzana Ali, 33,…


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Tiger Woods' Ex-Wife Elin Nordegren Speaks Out For 1st Time To People Magazine "I've Been Through Hell" [Video] / Tiger Woods Divorce Finalized, Ex-Wife Elin Nordegren Walks Away With $100 Million [Vi

Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren said she's “been through hell” since her hubby's infidelity surfaced last November -- but that she "feels stronger than I ever have" following the split, according to an interview released today.

Nordegren told People magazine she and Woods tried for months to reconcile.

In the end, a marriage “without trust and love” wasn’t good for anyone, Nordegren said in her first, and…


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Funny and Only in America: Brother saved SISTER from RAPIST who broke into her BED ROOM and threatened him on the evening news, those threats are now The "Bed Intruder Song" that made it's debut at #

Back in July the story of h*** thug Antoine Dodson made headlines. An Alabama man who saved his sister from an attack by an intruder, then hilariously threatened the would-be rapist on the evening news.

Now Antoine is getting the last laugh, as a song spoofing his threats has gone viral and is charting on the …


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2 Thieves Fight With Security Guard, Let Off Gunshots & Still Come Up Empty Handed In An Attempted Medical Marijuana Store Hold Up

A security guard in Santa Fe Springs, California is lucky to be alive today, after batting with two would be thieves.

This all went down at a AP Natural Solutions, A medical marijuana store.

Two men enter the store pretending to be customers, one pulls out a gun and makes some demands, while his partner manages to take the security guard's gun.

That's when the security guard made either a very brave, or very…


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Building a mosque at Ground Zero, is it distasteful? (Watch Videos)

In this country, we don’t make urban-planning decisions strictly on the basis of religion. For that reason, the so-called ground-zero mosque had to move forward.

As New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg asked: “Should government attempt to deny private citizens the right to build a house of worship on private property based on their particular religion? That may happen in other…


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Asafa Powell says goodbye to 2010 season

Former world 100 metres record holder Asafa Powell has called an end to his 2010 season, joining his more celebrated Jamaican compatriot Usain Bolt on the sidelines.

The 27-year-old Powell suffered back and hamstring injuries following his Paris Diamond League outing last…


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