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“I Have A Thing For Black Girls”: The Fine Line Between Being Adored And Racially Festishized

I gleefully ran my hands up his bare chest; his washboard abs made it easy to forgive his Justin Beiber- hairstyle. He traced his lips up the side of my neck, gently tugged on my earlobe with his teeth and whispered into my ear, “I love your skin.” Supreeth wasn’t the first one to tell me this; previous suitors had told me numerous times that my skin feels like butter– a true testament to my moisturizing regimen. At least this is what I thought Supreeth…


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Texas cop caught choking and slamming 14-year-old boy as school staff does nothing (VIDEO)

Footage of a Round Rock, Texas police officer choking 14-year-old Gyasi Hughes before taking him to the ground. [KXAN-TV]

A Round Rock, Texas man plans to press charges against local authorities for choking his 14-year-old son on Thursday and slamming him to the ground at his high school, KXAN-TV reported.

Footage posted online shows two officers questioning the teen, Gyasi Hughes, inside Round Rock High Schoo. One of them can be seen holding Hughes back as he attempts to walk away. That officer then grabs Hughes by the throat…


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To Forgive Or Not To Forgive: Do Cheaters Really Deserve A Second Chance?


When commuting to and from work on crowded trains, it’s hard not to overhear other people’s conversations. One in particular this morning that caught my attention was between two women contemplating if woman #1 should take back her man, whom she apparently discovered had cheated on her. Woman #1 was clearly hurt and confused and had no idea what she should do. Woman #2, however, didn’t hesitate to give #1 her advice: give him another chance. When…


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President Obama Shines A Spotlight On Black Women During Congressional Black Caucus Speech

Fresh from his announcement of nominating the first openly gay US Army secretary, President Obama presented a speech fully dedicated to Black women at the Congressional Black Caucus dinner on Saturday night (Sept. 19).

“I’m focusing on women tonight, because I want them to know how much we appreciate…


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Call for Caribbean diaspora brand


NEW YORK, United States, Sunday September 20, 2015 – A Caribbean-American community leader called on West Indians living in the United States to establish a Caribbean Diaspora brand.

Following the success of the 48th West Indian American Labor Day Carnival Parade, Kwayera Archer Cunningham asserted it was time build on brand Caribbean, starting in Brooklyn – “Caribbean Central” in the United…


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Childcare Facility Under Fire After Teen Sticks Toe In Baby’s Mouth

Moms, what would you do in a situation like this?

One set of South Carolina parents are likely reevaluating their childcare options after footage of a 15-year-old girl with her toe hanging out of their 7-month-old’s mouth was posted on SnapChat.

According to Fox Carolina, the video was captured at the home of the infant’s daycare provider. The offender was a friend of the…


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White Woman Suing Over Black Sperm Loses Legal Battle

Last year, many of us found ourselves taken with the story of the White lesbian couple who were suing the Midwest Sperm Bank for giving them the wrong specimen. You may remember that though the couple asked for sperm from a White, male donor, they received a sperm from a Black man. And their daughter Payton is biracial.

The sperm bank issued the women a full refund for the six vials but Jennifer Cramblett, the woman…


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100 Black Men Wearing Suits Greeted Kids On The First Day Of School For An Incredibly Vital Reason

There's a certain stereotype that follows men of color collectively, wherever they go, no matter what they do. It's the notion that they're deadbeats, thugs or just simply not that involved in their community.

DeVaughn Ward and Pastor AJ Johnson know these stereotypes all too well, so they planned an event that puts those notions to shame — just in time for the first day of school. After seeing a group of men…


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This woman used Youtube and her natural hair to earn millions on the Internet

Hair care is big business, especially within the African-American community. As a matter of fact, it has been reported that ‘more robust growth’ is expected within the next five years. 2013 saw a 7% increase in the $2.7 billion industry for black hair products.

In order for companies to take advantage of consumers within the black hair care industry, they are doing what is necessary to understand how black…


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Uncle Luke Critiques The Black Community: “We Are So Easily Influenced”

I know, I know. Former rapper Luther Campbell, the man who brought us such vulgar classics as “Me So Horny” and who, along with the other members of 2 Live Crew, once professed to be “As Nasty As They Wanna Be” isn’t exactly the staple of the community one would turn to in times of socio-political and economic strife for answers. But every now and then you have to separate the man from the message. Admittedly, I can’t say for sure if this is one of…


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Pastor Dee Franklin Puts A Female Church Member On Blast Via facebook For Wearing Very Tight Dress To Church

Yesterday, Pastor Dee Franklin from St. Stephen Baptist Church in Houston posted a photo on her Facebook page of a woman that came to her church dressed so indecently her backyard was totally revealing and the curve was like that of a professional stripper ready to go down the pole.

some people attacked the pastor while some said its ok. It was a dramatic scene..

Do you…


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007 Author Says Black Actor Is ‘Too Street’ To Be James Bond

Idris Elba Becomes First Man To Cover Maxim (PICS) 

Anthony Horowitz, the latest author behind the debonair, crime-fighting, gadget-wielding super-spy that is James Bond, thinks fan favorite Idris Elba wouldn’t be the right person to take on the icon. Why? It isn’t about color, Horowitz insists, but because Elba is “too rough” — nay, “too street”– to play the part.



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“I have no regrets marrying an old woman, because all young girls do is beg” says man who married a 68yr old Swedish woman


28-year-old Guvnor Ace (born Ronald Samawere) who had earlier been accused of ‘dating an ancestor’ got married to 68-year-old Lisa Johnson on August 20 in a civil ceremony held at the Uganda Registration Service Bureau in Kampala before friends and family members.

Speaking to Uganda’s WBS TV on why he married his wife, the Ugandan…


Added by Sassy on August 31, 2015 at 10:58pm — 25 Comments

McDonalds Worker Gets Pulled From Drive-Thru Window by her Hair in a Fast Food Fight [WATCH]

McDonalds Drive Thru window

Everyone must admit that they get a little irritated when they order something at a fast food drive-thru, and the customer is always right. But does that mean drag the McDonalds worker who took your order out the window by the hair? MStars News has learned that a viral video was released, showing an altercation at a fast food restaurant where two girls went head to head. As a result, the woman working at the drive-thru window was pulled into the…


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(VIDEO) The Disrespect: Boxer Ricardo Myoraga Slaps Shane Mosley’s GF On The Butt, Mosley Chokes Him

Well, damn. This isn’t something you see everyday at a boxing press conference. “Sugar” Shane Mosley and Ricardo Myoraga are slated to go head-to-head for the second time this Saturday (Aug. 29). With the fight lacking any sort of zeal and appeal, Myoraga decided to rev things up.

During their press conference on Tuesday (Aug.25), Mosley’s girlfriend bent over in front of Myoraga, who proceeded to give her a little…


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Maya Angelou's Art Collection Will Give You The Fire To Finish The Day Right (PICS+QUOTES)

“The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.”

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have," the incomparable Maya Angelou once said. The iconic American author, poet, dancer, actress -- and artist -- was also an avid art collector. Housing powerful works by figures like Jacob Lawrence, Faith Ringgold and Romare…


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“Sometimes I Can’t Breathe”: Cameroonian Women Speak Out Against “Breast Ironing” Custom (VIDEO)

In Cameroon, “breast ironing” is a custom in which various objects are heated and placed upon the budding breasts of a pre-teen girl in an attempt to halt development and in turn make her less attractive to men. Parents have continued this tradition usually performed by other family members or community healers for years, fearing that if they don’t their daughters will become sexually active and suffer a host of consequences as a result. But the practice…


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Thoughts Every Woman Has When She Sees “It” For The First Time

You’re in the bedroom; he’s unzipped and the moment of truth is at hand. But whether it’s your first time or you’re anything but a newbie when it comes to sex, these are the thoughts that run through every woman’s head when she first gets a glimpse of what a guy is packing…


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Prosecutors Exclude Blacks From Juries Because They ‘Lower The Conviction Rate’

People who believe discrimination in America is a thing of the past need only look to the district attorneys of the South to prove themselves wrong. Not only are there a disproportionate amount of black defendants in the court systems there, there are also a disproportionate number of black citizens allowed to be on the juries of their peers.

According to a New York Times study, the Caddo Parish, Louisiana, court…


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The Response to Lenny Kravitz's Wardrobe Malfunction Reveals Our Sexist Double Standards (VIDEO)

When most women have wardrobe malfunctions, they're supposed to respond by tittering adorably, slipping the offending body part back into its garment and apologizing, because they're ladies and that's what ladies are supposed to do.

If you're a dude and a ball or two happens to slip out of your gym shorts, you throw your head back in laughter and let your junk roam wild and free. That applies doubly if you're…


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