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George Floyd’s brother says Trump wouldn’t let him speak during phone call

Philonise Floyd insinuated that the president didn’t really care about what the grieving family wanted to say and understand their needs.

It seems that Black lives actually do matter … especially if you have a presidential election coming up and you have to seem presidential.At least that is what George Floyd’s brother Philonise felt after speaking briefly…


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Helen Williams: First Black Model Paved the Way for Dark Women in Fashion Industry

Helen Williams

Helen Williams made history in the 1950s when she became the first dark-skinned Black fashion model to cross over into mainstream.

But it wasn’t America that embraced the New Jersey native, as the dominant society considered her “too dark.” Williams would rise to fame while working in Paris, paving the way for other dark-skinned models.

According to…


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KevinHart Admits He ‘Lied’ About Car Accident Injuries So Doctors Wouldn’t Slow His Recovery Efforts

Screenshot Joe Rogan

Kevin Hart who got into a pretty serious accident in 2019, opened up on the Joe Rogan podcast and revealed that his inhuries were more serious than he let on.

The comedian admitted that he was afraid doctors would not let him continue rehab if they knew just how much pain he was in. So he said he “lied” in order to continue to do his “walks,” according to…


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2 NYPD patrol cars RAM into a group of George Floyd protesters in Brooklyn after crowd surrounded them and started throwing plastic bottles and trash

People were pushed out of the way as a second police car arrived on the scene

  • Several videos show two NYPD squad cars ramming into multiple protesters 
  • The demonstrators were standing directly in front of the vehicles at the time
  • People can at first be seen throwing bottles and plastic cones at one of the…

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Black CNN reporter arrested live on air by two white police officers at race protests

CNN reporter Omar Jimenez.

CNN journalist Omar Jimenez has been taken into police custody during a live broadcast at the site of the protests in Minneapolis, after clearly identifying himself to officers.

Jimenez's crew, including a producer and a camera…


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Christian Cooper Speaks Out: Says the Issue is Bigger Than Firing ‘Central Park Karen’ (Amy Cooper)

WHITE woman in Central Park who called NYPD and hysterically tells them 'A BLACK man is threatening her life' is FIRED

Screensho: Amy Cooper_Christian Cooper

Christian Cooper, the Black man who has now become famous for his affection for bird watching and how he handled a white woman who falsely called the cops on him after he asked her to leash her pup in Central Park, now says he’s not so sure firing her makes any difference.

As we previously reported, Amy Cooper,…


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Jimmy Fallon Apologizes for ‘Unquestionably Offensive’ Blackface Skit (WATCH)


Jimmy Fallon in blackface as Chris Rock in 2000 SNL sketch

Just like that, Jimmy Fallon finds himself on “clean up duty” after a clip of him in blackface started trending on Twitter. He has offered an apology.

The “SNL ” skit from 2000, which shows him doing an impression of Chris Rock, reappeared online on Tuesday…


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White venture capitalist is kicked out of Minneapolis office building after he was filmed threatening to call cops on African American businessmen using gym

A white venture capitalist who threatened to call the police on a group of African American entrepreneurs working out in a Minneapolis gym on Tuesday night has had his office lease terminated.

The office building where the confrontation took place holds several offices and a WeWork co-working space, in which businesses can rent shared offices and work spaces, and has…


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Struggle is Real for Black Hairstylists During COVID-19 Pandemic

black hair care, black hair salons

Black hair stylists are speaking out about being hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is allegedly devastating Black communities across the country. 

“When COVID hit it was like losing my livelihood overnight,” Tiana Brown, owner of That Chics Hair Suite in New Jersey, told ABC News. “I am a full-time stylist. That is my only income.”

Such is the case for…


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It's a go': Elon Musk blasts two astronauts into space in historic Spacex launch to the ISS bringing back manned spaceflight to America for the first time in NINE years as Trump watches from pad

Falcon 9 successfully launched from Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida Saturday, May 30

  • NASA and SpaceX have launched the Falcon 9 from Kennedy Space Center to the International Space Station
  • Astronauts  Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley took off in Crew Dragon atop…

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Ludacris Speaks On George Floyd – Now It’s Just Survival At This Point


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White Woman in Wheelchair Viciously Beaten as She Stabs Target Looters [VIDEO]

wheelchair bound white woman - george floyd

A wheelchair bound white woman was served a vicious beatdown (and some might say she deserved it) after witnesses claim she was armed with a knife and was stabbing looters exiting store a Target store in Minneapolis.  

Its worth noting that she only attacked Black folks, allowing white looters and vandals to pass freely. 

You can watch the graphic footage via the clip below. 

It’s the latest in the civil…


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Trump Tweet Glorifies Violence Against Blacks While White ‘Agents’ Loot Minneapolis

donald trump - ukraine-impeachment-defense-twitter

*Hours after President Trump signed an executive order to protect conservative voices on social media, he hit up Twitter to declare war on Americans by calling on the military to shoot Black protesters in Minneapolis. 

Twitter flagged the post early Friday morning, saying it violated its rules about “glorifying violence” after Trump tweeted that “when the looting starts, the…


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EXCLUSIVE: Kylie Jenner could face criminal investigation and even JAIL over 'web of lies' surrounding her company's value after Forbes claimed she faked billionaire status

Kylie Jenner could face criminal investigation over alleged exaggerations of her company's

And there goes Kylie Jenner‘s proud title of youngest self-made billionaire. Oh well, let the social media shading begin.

If you haven’t heard, the 22-year-old is accused in a scathing new Forbes report of lying about her wealth and forging tax returns in order to inflate her net worth.

It’s an interesting turn of events because it just last…


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White House goes into lockdown as protesters battle with police and burn American flags outside amid countrywide demonstrations over the death of George Floyd

Washington DC: The protests have now reached the seat of the US government, with protesters marching to the White House, sending it into lockdown

White House has gone into lockdown as protests over George Floyd's death spread to the seat of government 

  • One protester was detained by Secret Service after he tried to scale the walls into the…

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George Floyd and His Killer (Derek Chauvin) BOTH Worked Security At SAME Nightclub / VIDEO

George Floyd and Derek Chauvin both worked for a south Minneapolis club.

Here’s some mind-blowing news for ya. It’s also yet another example of how small the world is.

Maya Santamaria who used to own a club in south Minneapolis has confirmed that the now ex-cop and the black man who he (the ex-cop) knee’d to death both worked security for her club up to the end of last year.…


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Travis Scott Reveals He Once Dated Rihanna But She was ‘Embarrassed’ to Claim Him As Her Beau

Rihanna, Travis Scott (Getty Images)

Travis Scott, who has a baby with Kylie Jenner, apparently still has Rihanna on the brain when he dished in 2015 and revealed that the two actually once had a relationship.

That’s news to all of us who never knew that the ‘Love On The Brain’ singer and the rapper were ever an item. However, the story about it all has resurfaced after Complex writer Lawrence…


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Four Minneapolis officers are fired after video shows one kneeling on neck of black man who died on scene

Four Minneapolis police officers were fired Tuesday, authorities said, as state and federal authorities investigated the arrest of a black man who died after being pinned to the ground.…


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Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is charged with murder in George Floyd's death

UPDATE: Ex-cop (Derek Chauvin) Charged with Murder, Manslaughter in George Floyd’s Death Derek Chauvin taken into custody after George Floyd death

  • Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said cop was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter
  • Criminal complaint revealed Chauvin kept Floyd pinned to the ground for three minutes after he passed out 
  • Family's attorney Ben Crump demanded…

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