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December 2015 Blog Posts (1,100)

Former Cop in Laquan McDonald Murder Free on Bail and “Scared” (cause he does not have a gun to kill unarmed people): Activists Say It’s Time for a Big Protest

By G. Brown

A week after his arrest on first-degree murder charges in the shooting of Laquan McDonald, the officer accused of…


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'A Conversation With Black Women on Race'

This latest installment of our “Conversation on Race” Op-Doc video series highlights the negative emotional impact of racist attitudes on black women’s lives. Everyone we reached out to for this project was eager to tell her most intimate stories…


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Leaked Report Reveals Ala. Cops Planted Drugs and Weapons on Black Men for Years

Alabama cops

A shocking leaked document reveals that Alabama police officers planted drugs andAlabama cops  weapons on black…


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EXCLUSIVE: Blame it on Obama! Radio legend and first African-American nationally syndicated host Tom Joyner getting the boot timed to President's exit from White House

  • Tom Joyner, 65, being forced into early retirement from The Tom Joyner Morning Show which reaches eight million listeners in 105 markets daily 
  • Source claims plan is to phase Joyner out of radio to line up with President Barack Obama leaving White House 
  • Decision…

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Terrifying moment gunman and his wife left their baby at home to storm office holiday party with automatic weapons killing 14 then 'threw pipe bombs' at police in chase through suburbs

At Least14 Dead, Dozens Wounded In San Bernadino, CA. Mass Shooting. 1 Of 3 Possible Gunmen Killed By Police (Video/Pics)

'Devout' Muslim US citizen and his Saudi wife who were 'living the American Dream'

Video shows San Bernardino shooter and accomplice opening fire on police
  • Dramatic cell phone footage shows police and SUV carrying San Bernardino shooting suspects exchanging gunfire 
  • Terrifying video shows pedestrians ducking for cover as…

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Muslim parents who murdered their teenage daughter in an 'honour killing' because she was having sex with a man they disapproved of are jailed for life in Germany

{VIDEO + PICS} Father, Mother And Son Found Guilty Of Murdering Family's Three Teenage Daughters In Honor Killing After They Dared To Date Boys

Muslim parents jailed for life in Germany for 'honour killing' of Lareeb Khan

  • Lareeb Khan strangled by father Azadullah while mother Shazia looked on 
  • The couple then dumped the 19-year-old's body down an embankment …

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Instead of Buying New Shoes & Cell Phones this Black Woman Bought an Airline and Made History Doing It

Black Friday—it’s the equivalent of Christmas morning for retailers.  The excitement of opening the doors at zero-dark-thirty to hoards of  bargain seekers and trying to guess how much money Santa will for you in the cash register. The biggest shopping day of the year didn’t exactly live up to the hype in 2015 with shoppers spending a lot less in stores over the first shopping weekend of the Christmas holiday.   Some outlets report store sales were…


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Wiz Khalifa Hit 1.2 Billion Views On YouTube With “See You Again”

Wiz Khalifa Pinned To The Ground By Police & Arrested At LAX For Refusing To Get Off Hoverboard {VIDEO}

Wiz Khalifa See You Again

Wiz Khalifa has one of the most viewed music videos of all time on YouTube. The Pittsburgh rapper’s video “See You Again” featuring Charlie Puth has reached 1.2 billion views.

The track served as the official soundtrack to one of the biggest blockbuster movies this year, Fast and Furious…


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Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla welcome their first baby, a girl named 'Max': The new parents announce her arrival on Facebook ...along with plans to give away 99% of their $45billion fortune

Dinner for Dons: Nas Breaks Bread with Mark Zuckerberg and Ben Horowitz

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan welcome baby girl 'Max' 

  • Mark Zuckerberg, 31, and wife Priscilla Chan, 30, announced birth of their baby girl, Max, at around 4pm EST on Tuesday 
  • Detailing their happy news in a lengthy Facebook post, they also revealed plans to give away the vast majority of their private wealth to…

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Convicted murderer, murder accused among six who break out of prison in Jamaica

prison break

Police have launched a manhunt for six prisoners who tunneled their way out of a police lock-up in the northwestern parish of St. James yesterday.

Among those who broke out of the Freeport Police Station, in Montego Bay are a man who was recently convicted of a double murder and was awaiting sentencing scheduled for Friday, two other murder accused, two men accused of illegal gun possession, and a robbery…


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Arrest Warrant Issued For Tyga After He No Shows In Court For Hearing Regarding Former Landlord's $480K Judgement Against Him

Tyga Debut “1 Of 1” Video Shot In Jamaica

Tyga failed to show up in court Tuesday, August 9, for a hearing with attorneys for his former landlord, leading to a warrant for his arrest being issued.

According to TMZ, the landlord claims the 26-year old rapper, born Michael…


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Disgraced Chicago police department faces a federal civil rights investigation after cops were caught 'deleting' Laquan McDonald shooting footage - Officer accuses Mayor of colluding in cover-up

Chicago police investigated after cops tried 'deleting' Laquan McDonald shooting footage

  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel dismissed Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy
  • But Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says trust in the police department is 'broken'
  • She has asked the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate whether the department's practices…

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As well as those Flex Pay so if you’re saying to yourself I tried

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