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September 2014 Blog Posts (172)

S.C. Trooper Sean Groubert, Arrested & Charged After Shooting Cooperative Man During Traffic Stop (Shocking Dash Cam Video)

What should have been a routine traffic stop turned into an unjustified shooting of a citizen in Columbia, South Carolina.

Prosecutors just released dash cam footage of the incident that happened on September 4th. State Trooper Sean Groubert pulled in behind 35-year old African American Levar Jones, who had stopped at a Circle K convenience store. After Jones…


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Derek Jeter takes the field at Yankee Stadium with his pregnant wife to see his number retired three years after he left the game

On the ball to the end: Derek Jeter bids emotional final farewell to Yankees Stadium after a storybook game-winning hit {VIDEO}

Derek Jeter's number is retired at New York Yankee stadium

  • Derek Jeter's jersey number '2' was retired in a Sunday night game honoring him 
  • The Yankee Stadium serenaded him with cheers and 'My Way' by Frank Sinatra
  • he walked onto the field with his wife Hannah Davis, who is currently…

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Jamaica's Lisa Hanna says she's running for PNP VP

Chronixx Chastized The Jamaican Government

Lisa Hanna has announced her bid for vice president of the People's National Party (PNP) via social media.

Hanna, who is the current chairman of the PNP's Region One, made the announcement on Instagram Sunday afternoon using the hashtags #IAmRunning and #LisaVP2016

The MP for South East St Ann says she will be running in…


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En-linje Sweetheart Profilering Uten Ermet Gulv-lengde Tulle Ballkjoler / Selskapskjoler

Silhuett: En-linje

Hemline/Tog: Gulv-lengde

Halsen: Sweetheart

Uten Ermet

Embellishment: Profilering

Stoff: Tulle

Vekt: 2.00

This dress is custom made for you, and the fabric of this handmade occasion dress is lightweight and comfortable, perfect for special occasions.…


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A high sexual drive and performance

 Recently conjointly my friend Nitro Shred mistreatment this product, once he told ME that figuring out wasn't showing the results on my body. I looked to myself and realized that he was right. The push-ups and serious lifts weren't permitting to relish my sex life as my gumming hours were exhausting out of the energy. I’m terribly appreciative of my pedagogue UN agency gave ME Nitro Shred androgenic hormone Booster that is an incredible formula to spice up…


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Outrage in Ohio: As Video Is Released Showing Police Killing John Crawford, Grand Jury Decides Not to Indict Officers

Ritchie, left, and Crawford

Ritchie, left, and Crawford

On the same day that an Ohio grand jury decided not to indict police officers for killing 22-year-old John Crawford III at a Wal-Mart near Dayton, authorities released surveillance footage from the Wal-Mart that seems to directly contradict the contention that Crawford posed a threat to anyone.

Though it doesn’t have sound, the video presents a shocking…


Added by rashid rourk on September 25, 2014 at 8:30pm — 5 Comments

St Kitts hospital tightens security following fatal shooting of teenager


The St. Kitts-Nevis government Tuesday night announced an “immediate” increase in security arrangements at the main JFN Hospital following the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old youth there on Monday night.

“With immediate effect, we have increased the presence of the security forces at the hospital on a 24-hour basis, security cameras will be installed, and the visiting policy would…


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Floods, landslides damage Grenada’s historic tunnel


Grenada says it will spend an estimated two million EC dollars (One EC dollar =US$0.37 cents) on upgrading structures, including the century old tunnel in the city, damaged by floods and landslides over the last weekend.

The authorities said that the tunnel, which serves as the main route into the city from the south of the island, had been blocked by huge boulders brought down by the…


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Shortage of boob implants leaves Venezuelans deflated


From a lack of toilet paper that caused a stink, to a dearth of staple food items that left shoppers sucking salt, the Venezuelan people have been reeling under the blows of almost constant shortages for well over a year.

A recent addition to the chronic shortage list, and one thought worthy of the booby prize, is a scarcity of quality breast implants that has left beauty-bsessed Venezuelan women sorely…


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Denver father releases heartbreaking picture of his daughter on life support after taking club drug molly at a music festival


  • Father Keith Roehm says his daughter Bianca suffered renal failure after taking a 'bad batch' of molly at a local rave
  • Described 17-year-old high school student as a responsible girl who had a job and did well in school
  • A Go Fund Me page set up…

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Terrifying photo reveals the moment actress climbed onto her roof to hide from home intruder - only for him to appear BEHIND HER

  • The photo snapped by a passerby as police surrounded the Los Angeles home is the stuff of nightmares
  • Venice resident Melora Rivera managed to flee onto her roof when area transient Christian Hicks, 29, allegedly broke in before 9am on…

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Dashcam Captures South Carolina Trooper Shooting Unarmed Man in Traffic Stop

Dashcam video captured the moment a South Carolina state trooper shot an unarmed man during a traffic stop earlier this month.

The trooper, Sean Groubert, was arrested Wednesday and charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.

The video shows Groubert stopping Levar Jones for a seat belt violation at a convenience store in Richland County, South Carolina, on Sept. 4,…


Added by mr1stroke on September 25, 2014 at 11:16am — 1 Comment

Former Attorney General Eric Holder Talks Getting Into Law & Politics, Trump Possibly Getting Impeached, The Importance Of Voting, Possible Political Run, Jeff Sessions (Video)

'They can kiss my ass': Attorney General Eric Holder's surprising response to critics of his handling of Fast & Furious gun running scandal

Former US Attorney General Eric Holder makes his debut on The Breakfast Club to talk about the following topics:

·        What got you in law and politics

·        Why criminal…


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Promotes liver’s detoxification


Telovite  the vitamin pill was introduced in 1934. Through the decades newer ingredients ar introduced, delivery systems improved, and there ar a unit formulas targeting the assorted process desires of girls, men, seniors and children, but the elemental vitamin pill thought has never changed – so far.If you’re fascinated by growing younger as you age, and United Nations agency isn’t, even perhaps adding healthy…


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Get eliminate all fatal diseases from my body

Still,simply just in case of any moderately recent aversion Telovite to any of the used ingredient of this there square measure a unit legion supplements accessible to spice up your body’s natural strength to fight against harmful microorganisms. With their facilitate, we'll save our health throughout these contaminated surroundings. one in every of them is freshly launched marvelous dietary…


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Makes you stronger than before.

I couldn't found any bad have an effect on in taking SkulpTek pro and these days I’m absolutely pleased with its performance and that i believe it makes American state healthy through natural means and that i am living blithely currently. For sure, a person will impress the lady of his dreams along with his charm; however if you'll be able to lift her in your arms similar to the ‘superhero’ vogue then you've got positively created a stronger impact. And to…


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Police chief's daughter, 24, and 2 men charged 'for brutally beating gay couple {VIDEO}


  • Katherine Knott, the daughter of a Philadelphia-area police chief, Philip Williams, 24, and Kevin Harrigan, 26, surrendered to cops on Wednesday
  • They 'were part of a larger group who approached a gay couple in Center City on September 11 and viciously beat them, leaving them…

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18 Black Child Prodigies Mainstream Media Doesn’t Talk About


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Canadians Warned About The Bahamas


A crime scene in The Bahamas.

The Government of Canada is warning its citizens to “exercise a high degree of caution” when travelling to Nassau in The Bahamas.

While the recent notice makes it clear that there is “no nationwide advisory in effect for the Bahamas,” the country is listed on the updated Travel Advice and Advisory list for September “due to high rates of crime” in…


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