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vaughn mitchell
  • Male
  • White Plains, NY
  • United States
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vaughn mitchell commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post 3 Against 1: Watch Sunny Hostin Defend The Term ‘Defund the Police’ Against All 3 of her ‘View’ Co-Hosts
"So if you defund the police who are people going to call during an emergency. Ghost busters?"
11 hours ago
vaughn mitchell commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Massachusetts May Become 1st State to Ban Police Use of Facial Recognition Software (Watch Its Racist Algorithm in Action)
11 hours ago
vaughn mitchell commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Dave Chappelle Gets Into Heated Confrontation with Fans in Texas [VIDEO]
11 hours ago
vaughn mitchell commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Can you believe this: NBA Youngboy: 'Fighting Doesn’t Make You A Real Man, Killing DOES'
"Wow, his parents must be proud. I bet he has never been to church."
11 hours ago
vaughn mitchell commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Casanova's Wife Shares Video of Him Surrendering to Authorities in Fed Case
"Innocent, she better get ready to visit him in jail, cause he will be gone for a long time. Very long time."
14 hours ago
vaughn mitchell commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Department of Justice reveals secret probe into plot to bribe White House 'in exchange for a presidential pardon' for mystery prisoner - which it kept secret for months before election
"He think he is untouchable. Lol"
vaughn mitchell commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Casanova On The Run From FBI After Being Indicted In Racketeering & Murder Case
"These lowlifes have to go. No, good to the black community. He can't run forever, he will do alot of time."
vaughn mitchell commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Female Teacher w/ No ARMS OR LEGS Arrested For Molesting Boys In School
"Oh damn, I hope she get a light sentence."
vaughn mitchell commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Leslie Jones: ‘He Don’t Know What the F**k That Chart Say’ (Watch)
"Lmao, Leslie , ain't playing. Other countries are lol, at us. Putin, is lol, at this damn clown"
vaughn mitchell commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Woman Claims Nicki Minaj's Husband Raped Her: 'Nicki Offered Me 20K {GRAPHIC}
"Ok, so this so call victim, U calling her a ratchet, wait 26, years to cry rape. She did not go to cops, but waited until the man is married to Nikki Minaj, to claim she got rape, to get money. Guess, what she is not getting nothing. She give women…"
vaughn mitchell commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Black Couple BEATEN BADLY For Trying To Stop Teen Girls From Twerking {VIDEO}
"@AA, go join the white race. Every race has problems. Black race has ratchets.. these teenagers , face all over internet will be arrested, they will have felony records, will not get a decent job, they basically messed up their lives. Stop being…"
vaughn mitchell commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Life with the world's most isolated tribe
"No, let them be. Some Rich, white man would try and buy the island so he can build hotel, and golf course. Beautiful looking people. Look at the color of their skin. The outside world would poison them."
vaughn mitchell commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Barack Obama Says Rapper Drake Has ‘Stamp of Approval’ to Play Him in Biopic
"Lmao, Mitchell need to pimp slap her husband. Drake does not look anything like him. Barack need to start taking his meds."
vaughn mitchell commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Bill Cosby Makes Fellow Prisoners Laugh Behind Bars {VIDEO} Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Hear Sex Crimes Appeal on Tuesday
"Bill Cosby, is damn innocent. The hate they have for this black man, the lies told about him. White people hated this man when he was known as america's dad. He is guilty of being black and messing with white women."
vaughn mitchell commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Mike Tyson (54) / Roy Jones Jr (51) Fight to A Draw – Jake Paul Knocks Out Nate Robinson! / WATCH
"Roy hugged tyson all night. Nate , made a fool of himself."
vaughn mitchell commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post LisaRaye and Mother Go OFF on Each Other! WATCH Explosive Trailer for ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’
"People just love airing out their dirty laundry. Nothing is private. But when your desperate for money this will do. This is the new version of cheap tv shows."

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At 8:14pm on April 8, 2020, red bone said…
If? He’s a dead man He chat too much
At 12:32pm on June 21, 2018, lydia fletcher said…
There are some that remain loyal to the person they married but cheating and lusting another woman is the reason Divorce was created. I get your point she’s had enough
At 7:58am on December 20, 2016, Laila Rose said…
Exactly!!! Whatever Silk was about to say!!
At 12:19pm on March 31, 2015, Silk said…
WoW! As a black man... You... Never mind. It's not worth my time!
At 2:40am on November 28, 2013, Marcia Brown said…
Wow beautiful!!!
At 10:17am on October 14, 2013, dee said…
its real simple. Women especially black women r so insecure they'll do anything for attention. How the hell u go outside with a damn pillow stuffed n yr pants??? ridiculous
At 10:13am on October 14, 2013, dee said…
looking good dude!
At 5:53pm on August 22, 2013, Incognito said…


have a choice, we can stop blaming the man or society for our failures, or we should just kill each other and let society move on without us.

I think i've said more than enough, especially since there is little multiplicative benefit to speaking 1 on 1.  My goal is to educate and elucidate those who are receptive to hearing a different perspective than the "whoa is me" disposition that we love to take.  I am saying this, because seeking to persuade you or anyone else is not my agenda - so let me make that clear.  I am very confident i am 100% accurate in my assessment, and have been around positive blacks all my life to know what righteous thinking is about.  Lots of folks talk nonsense about the black experience, but has NEVER lived in a black country, a black neighborhood, attended black schools, universities, worked in the black ghettos and met with black scholars.  What I can tell you is that I've experienced ALL of the above and then some...

 ~ InCogNito

At 5:47pm on August 22, 2013, Incognito said…

Hey Vaughn,

Been sort of busy to get back to you, but i'll say this.  I have neither the time nor inclination to debate folks (black or white) who deny the undeniable, believe in being a victim or has an apologetic stance for the filth that is now permeating the minds of many black kids today.

You see, I don't need to read what some one else has to say about Hip Hop and the degradation of black society. I grew up in the hood, and in the streets of a predominantly black neighborhood.  From what I saw as a teen in the mid-80's, I new I had a choice.  Either I rolled with the fellas who wanted it all NOW, or I rolled with a lifestyle that was void of trappings of a pseudo-rich lifestyle, but also void of the violence.  I chose the latter, and here I am today.  However, I can't say the same for 90% of my homeboys in 8th & 9th grade - most of them are dead or in prison (if they're lucky).

Fast forward to today, and I've seen the glorification of violence and ignorance by Hip Hop industry has brought nothing but carnage and complete ignorance to the kids who believed in the mythology.  An entire generation, twenty-five years of growth of thought and intelligence has been all but eradicated from a civilization, because of a mis-guided belief in a lifestyle that chides the fundamental principals of intelligence, respect, and social advancement. 

Personally, I'm sick and tired of the excuses from black apologist, who insist on placing the blame for our social pathologies on everyone else but ourselves.  Until we realize that we are our own worst enemies, there is no escaping the real and mental slavery that shackles us to this purgatory. There is no question that irresponsible and disgusting parents are the No. 1 reasons why kids are completely lost and misguided.  

From my years building a high school in NYC (yep, i created a NYC school with my own funds in the poorest part of the city), to working with community centers in East NY, and Brownsville, I know that kids want to learn and want to do better, but it's the parents who indoctrinate them with poisonous beliefs and vapid thoughts. Beliefs grounded in the fantasies of gangsta living, Hip Hop theology, and victimization curricula.  Eventually these venomous teachings, latch on to the clueless who's minds become irreversibly diseased.  If that weren't bad enough, these diseased minds, procreate, spreading a more super ignorant class of teachings and beliefs.  A class with virtues of repute that even ancient civilization would find impossible to comprehend - i mean, what culture of men thinks it's cool to show the "crack of their asz"!!  You could be from in the middle of Congo, and would feel some sense of morality that this is disgusting.  If you don't then your parents would, but knocking your the phuck out till you got your mind right...

I'I'll be the first to say, I ain't here (Caribbean Fever) to make friends, and i am equally critical to everyone.  I don't dislike race, i dislike ignorance.  Our history is our history, and we (Blacks), just due to the pigmentation in our skin, are across the board the most dislike and disrespected race on the planet.  Unfortunately we are equally as disliked by others, as we are by our own kind (Blacks). We have to like ourselves first, before we can expect others to like us (case in point: we kill each other much more than anyone else, yet still we want respect from non-blacks for the killing of Trayvon - We may get a favorable verdict, but we will never get respect, until we respect ourselves).  The importance of ignorance is vital to our survival, because what will be most universally disliked in this "New World Order" that is quickly unfolding will be ignorance. I can all but assure you in the next 15years, there will be zero-tolerance for people who choose not to learn, and not WANT to contribute to society.  The time for change is now, and every day we are running out.  We

At 5:42pm on August 3, 2013, Rosita Greaves said…
Damn ur fine. Just saying.

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