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mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Dog The Bounty Hunter Claims He Had A 'Pass' To Use The N-Word
"Allen E. I applaud, any one or any man who gets involve and shows concern to the black community, if your stamp goes to the black community much respect to you, I am not concern about other communities, so with that said. Do you read and understand…"
23 hours ago
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Dog The Bounty Hunter Claims He Had A 'Pass' To Use The N-Word
"And if you are so smart and have the best vocabulary why are you on here, you are such successful minister and you are on here, why are you not in discussion with Joel Osteen, I have never saw on him on here, but I have read his status on other…"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Dog The Bounty Hunter Claims He Had A 'Pass' To Use The N-Word
"Its because of fraud like you many dont go to church and will never believe in religions, and you can't even be a man behind your words, you bashed the Africans but you don't talk about color, who exactly are the Africans, you are one of…"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Dog The Bounty Hunter Claims He Had A 'Pass' To Use The N-Word
"Lol and I like it when negros like you are quick to,brag about the white mans education, okay you went to take, now tell us about your achievement in the black community, how do you contribute to the community, how do you help elevate the community,…"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Dog The Bounty Hunter Claims He Had A 'Pass' To Use The N-Word
"And I used the word niggers to call out the niggers like your masters do, if you know so much about the bible start learning about niggers and blacks, which is destroying and which is building, you are what you are and I am what I am. For once this…"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Dog The Bounty Hunter Claims He Had A 'Pass' To Use The N-Word
"Allen E. I am not trying to discuss Christianity with you or trying to win, but I sure will not be fool by the fake, if billgayes and alwarren buffet can misspell, make mistakes and people are ok with it what makes you think I care, I also will not…"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Lil Nas X shows off his 'BABY BUMP' as he throws lavish shower with cake and balloons - just before release of his debut studio album Montero
"Lol niggers love that kind of s***, they either applaud faggots like him or those destroying the community, noghers are not good to society, they either useless and committing crimes ot a white mans b**** in order to be successful, damn f***** will…"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post NYPD cop, 40, overdosed on fentanyl and died in precinct locker room after buying drug across the street from station house
"They either gay or drug addicts, what good are they? More of them should die in the locker room, a bunch of cops running around yet crime is on the rise more than ever in the community, damn disgrace"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Man on FIRST DATE is shot in leg at NYC hotspot Philippe Chow after wrestling gun from gang who robbed outdoor diners of jewelry - one week after identical strike on LA's Melrose Avenue
"Its easy to tell the niggers who take that vaccine, if you luve in NY and youre hanging out, you took the vaccine, I hear how niggers in NY arw lying about the vaccine but always bragging where they hang, famn slave niggers with no choice, stop…"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Woman Testifies That She Saw R. Kelly Performing Oral Sex on 13-Y-O Aaliyah
"Ziggy much respect Bro, it just vet frustrated for a group people keep hating on each other yet complaining about racism, what exactly are white people doing to black people that niggers are doing to black people? Hate is hate no matter how you do…"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Woman Testifies That She Saw R. Kelly Performing Oral Sex on 13-Y-O Aaliyah
"Ziggy if he was dating females younger than 17 we know that was wrong but cant wrire him off for certain reasons. Some of those females were giving away to R Kelly by their parents, now lets be honest he could of any older females but a weak man is…"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Dog The Bounty Hunter Claims He Had A 'Pass' To Use The N-Word
"Lol are you serious, we are not Africans? Ok can you break down the history of black people becoming Indians or being the native Indians, have you also discussed that with any indian persons, have you ever told an Indian person that you are not…"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Nicki Minaj, Rihanna & A$AP Rocky Double Date With Their Families For Labor Day Weekend
"stephen myers I thought your,  old ass n***** ass died from covid, all you can do is be old angry and hatw on young money makers, your time has expired you will never get on their level, they say don't ever say never, i say never because…"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post R. Kelly Sexually Assault 13yo Aaliyah Says Accuser
"Seriously, he sexual harassed her when her parents gave the blessing for them to be married, do you people ever stand for reasons and whats right, or do you enjoy digging a hole to destroy a black man? Its sad how niggers anger is so much deeper…"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Man, 40, hunted by NYPD 'for shooting dead heavily pregnant ex-girlfriend in front of her children after her baby shower'
"Oh no, goahead and keep making excuses, like I said the niggers are the poison that continues to destroy the black community, they make life extra hard for black people, you just can't explain these things, at baby shower they are shooting, at…"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Nearly naked stars Megan Fox, Ashanti, Ciara and Charli XCX all opt for VERY racy ensembles as they leave little to the imagination on the red carpet at the 2021 MTV VMAs
"Ooh lord, p**** every where, I'll get me some Viagra and f*** them all, wait where is the me too movement, where are the women groups, how come they are not protesting against those women dressing like hookers, than they will want to protest…"

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Mr1stroke's Blog

Merry Xmas, Happy Kwanzaa (why I Cry)


I cry for the kids In Somalia who dont have water and food to eat, the kids without medication and waiting to die, the mothers and fathers helplessly watching their dying kids and unable to do anything, I cry for the kids, men and women in Libya being sold into slavery in 2017 as the world…


Posted on December 25, 2017 at 7:30pm

A one time deal to invest, and be Part owner

Invest in punch Tv, a black media network just like BET, the share is only $1, but after the IPO open you will either have to spend more money for a share or won't be able to purchase, the target price for opening day is $50-$75 , the dead line to become a private owner Friday April 21, so this is your big chance, i dont normally share my investments sources with strangers, but since i see many of you runs your mouth on here and other people i have met on here deserve to be on the…


Posted on April 11, 2017 at 12:00pm — 70 Comments

Rest in Peace Rohan Levy

The community you love so much is the community that is destroying the promising future. On Feb. 20, 2017 Rohan Levy was shot in the head while standing in front of his home with his friends, he was pronounce dead at the hospital. An ambitious 15-year-old that was reliable, hardworking and humble, he dreamed of one day becoming an architect, he attended Williamsburg High… Continue

Posted on April 6, 2017 at 12:00pm — 5 Comments

Do Negros Know the Truth about Ice Agents, Do they know the danger? This is Urgent

I don't care what people call me, you can say what ever you want about me, but at least i take a stand every chance i get. I am a straight shooter, I talk to those who claim educated i challenge their intelligence every time i call them idiots, at the end they always prove me rights. I ask my self why do so many negros stay bragging about their…


Posted on March 2, 2017 at 10:50am — 33 Comments

Letter to my Black People in Honor of Black History Month

Back in the 60s we stood together, we marched and fight together, we made demands and got answers, today all we do is follow others, we have no concern about our situation. I am talking to the smart, the dumb and the retards you have to pick which one you are, we have are following those who are protesting but dont realize we are hurting the worst, when those celebrities are out there…


Posted on February 11, 2017 at 3:00pm — 47 Comments

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At 3:38pm on August 22, 2020, CobraFire said…


At 11:22pm on August 21, 2020, CobraFire said…


At 8:57am on March 12, 2020, Dorrise Reddick said…
I pray that you make it to my age you creep.
Ya mommy old b**** ass
At 6:00pm on March 6, 2020, Dorrise Reddick said…
You always got something to say about black people, with your non spelling ass, you are not black you are racist pig. You don't have nothing else to do so you put your racist comments on here you stupid.
At 1:06am on August 29, 2019, mr1stroke said…

Lori Graham What do you know about black power, as much as niggers like you talk about white people you are under their spell. In 2019 you have a horse tail, they tell you that you are nobody wothout that nonsense in your head and you pay for it, they used to make you pick cotton for free, now they make you pay them to smoke that tobacco, thats a niggee for you, dumb nigger 

At 6:47pm on August 1, 2019, Lori Graham said…
Your white portraying 2 post a Black Power emblem on your page your a cornball
At 12:51am on August 1, 2019, mr1stroke said…
Lol so you take the time to leave me 2 comments because you disagree with me so im suppose to like the same type of women you like, well let me guess Nicole murphy waz married to Eddy Murphy and had his kids, but she a tranny, i dont give a damn if alela Rochon was on Michelle Obama status if she is fat and sloppy i am not concern if you like fat looking women that is you but dont expect me to like what you like i dont have low self esteem i go for the best , now at 51 that nicole works put exercise stay healthy i have to applaud her so get your n***** ass out my page and get you a woman and if you have a fat wife at home go be happy with her fat women are useless to me i dont touch them and dont want to deal with them thats why i keep my self healthy so i can deal with the best
At 10:37pm on July 31, 2019, Ulysses Travis said…

mr1stroke you know I'm telling the truth Lela Rochon will blow Nicole Tranny looking ass out the water.  At least Lela loose like a Feminine woman not like a man Nicole ye one that you wanna f*** the shemale. Just shows black males want Trannies .Now what's the excuse about Beyonce ,Halle Berry Monica and La La being cheated on they're slim huh  Black black ashy notep?Yeah okay since you wanna slam Lela Rochon she was voted in People's Magazine one of the most beautiful people in the world what about your tranny Nicole nothing .Lela is too good and beautiful for Antoine Ugly ass she can get any man she wants . You ain't about black power you Misogynist Dusty b**** ass Nigglet you're about Stroking your Ego and Phallus .You niggas have no economic resources you Nigglets have  s***. Under the white man's patriarch and platform whom you talk s*** about and have a blog page on .Stfu you b**** beta male loser black male. That's all you black males are .beta b**** made weak  powerless bums.

At 10:14pm on July 31, 2019, Ulysses Travis said…

mr1stroke you say you see nothing wrong in Antoine messing with. Nicole the Tranny of course we all know you black males love Trannies especially if they close to white F*** you Antoine ugly ass and Nicole Tranny ass Lela deserve better once she loose Weight she will blow W out he water .You say he's rich but he can't even pay $10,000 child support if you take your ashy phony black power b**** ass in you better .So Lela have to stay in shape we'll explain Beyonce ,Halle Berry ,Monica and Lala huh Exactly Ashy Notep .Yeah We kn you want Nicole the Tranny because you N**** desire anything close to white even Shemales like Nicole .Lela deserve better and I hope she takes his ugly ass to the cleaners so stfu ashy conquered ass Notep that's why nobody takes you black males AKA Conquered Tramps serious .

At 11:22am on April 11, 2018, Paula Belle said…

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