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Kamal Imani
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    No More Innocent People Dying - 2020 Remix
  • 2.
    Wi Fi West Indian Female Inergy
  • 3.
    Girl You Lit - Reggae Remix
  • 4.
    1Knee - Reggae
  • 5.
    I Met this Lady From Soho House remix
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    Low KeyTherapy
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    i'm Going All Out !
  • 8.
    No More Innocent People Dying
  • 9.
    Child of the Most High DancehallHipHop Version
  • 10.
    EasternPhilosophy - Safari Eastern Philosophy
  • 11.
    I'll Go to War For You!
  • 12.
    I Wanna Take You Higher
  • 13.
    Fufill The Prophecies?
  • 14.
    We Gonna Party Like It's 2012!
  • 15.
    Carnival Whine
  • 16.
    What We Gonna Do
  • 17.
    I love your BlackSkin Kamal Imani
  • 18.
    Colorheritage Promo
  • 19.
    Almighty Isis
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    Oldskool Reminisce
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    I Dreadicated to You

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Kamal Imani

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Relationships 101 What Did You Expect? Kamal Imani

"I try not to follow the advice of those who do not know me closely. Family life is always individual. I had problems.. But I solved it with married hookup sites as Nastyhookups. I began dating married women and realized that there was no point in…"
Feb 6
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Feb 27, 2022
Millie Lewis commented on Kamal Imani's video
Feb 21, 2022
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Rayvon - An Interview With the Ambassador of Hip Hop Reggae

"It would be better if I have more information, really good ideas for my work. bubble shooter"
Feb 14, 2022
lillieadela commented on Kamal Imani's video

Rayvon - An Interview With the Ambassador of Hip Hop Reggae

"It would be better if I have more information, really good ideas for my work. bubble shooter"
Feb 14, 2022
lillieadela commented on Kamal Imani's video

Rayvon - An Interview With the Ambassador of Hip Hop Reggae

"It would be better if I have more information, really good ideas for my work. bubble shooter"
Feb 14, 2022
Millie Lewis commented on Kamal Imani's video
Feb 13, 2022
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Dec 16, 2021
Kamal Imani commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Moment Haitian rapper Wyclef Jean dropped the CEO of Land Rover on his head {VIDEO}
"Sa passe' Homey don't play that lol"
Nov 23, 2021
Kamal Imani commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Buju Bashes “Clown” Artistes that Support the Vaccine… Says he is not Coke-Head – Video
"Rastafari! I give thanks Idren!"
Oct 3, 2021
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Sep 2, 2021
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New Wedding Reception Dance Song

"It looks good)) How long did it take to announce your wedding? I know couples who have been dating for several years and still refuse to have a formal relationship. Free marriage or guest marriage has become the norm these days. I realized this when…"
May 13, 2021
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Rayvon - An Interview With the Ambassador of Hip Hop Reggae

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Mar 6, 2021
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I Love Your Black Skin!

"What does a lonely pensioner need now? If you think that this will be a vegetable garden, then you are absolutely wrong, if the grandchildren are half wrong. Any person, even if he and a pensioner, needs a couple, and only review sites with the best…"
Feb 13, 2021
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Nov 24, 2020
Kamal Imani shared their video on Facebook
Nov 18, 2020

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In what Country were you born
Harlem USA

Girl You Lit! New Reggae Rap

Who is Princess Haile? #whoisprincesshaile? When you first met your partner you had those butterflies. You were lit, infatuated and in love!Well, the only constant is change and when the twist, turns and unexpected life experiences come into play, things change. Many of us didn't get the memo on how to ride out the storms of relationships.In this small, but very significant book, you and your partner will find a conversation piece. You will uncover realistic topics of discussion that is of supreme value to people who are committed to the commitment!The major theme is about the 3 big items in relationships and that is communication, money and sex.However; It's the little things that also must be addressed that is presented here for your conversations that will help you to keep the home fires burning and bring the butterflies back.Author and Life Coach Kamal Imani has been happily married for over 22 years and they've been together in total for over 25 years. They've had some unexpected storms and surprises, but were fortunate to apply some of the things that they learned from spiritual elders and professional mentors.Relationships are not always easy, but Kamal advises you to devote some extra time to self examination and extra communication with your loved one. If you're not going to be honest and clear with each other than what's the point?Interpersonal communication in word and deed is emphasized in this safe keeping forget me not that encourages your honest dialogue and aims to inspire the success and happiness of your relationship!About the AuthorKamal Imani is a loving husband and father of a teenage son. He is an uncle and godfather to many young people as well as a Juvenile mentor, teacher and counselor. He consults with and advises people who are single and married and is sought after for counsel from clergy of various denominations for his spiritual insights.He has an associates degree in education, a bachelor's degree in psychology/sociology, a NJ real estate license and computer certification.He resides in northern NJ.Purchase "Let's Bring Back The Butterflies"l The Bless the Mic Network was designed for independent and unsigned artists to link together with each other as well as managers, marketing reps, studios, producers, promoters and more so that they can form a progressive movement where everyone benefits. Bless the Mic currently promotes events in the NJ and NY areas with plans to take their platform regional and national in the near future. At our events, we video tape for airplay on Time Warner Fios and Cablevision television as well as many internet sites including, but not limited to Youtube, Beat 100 FM, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Bless the Mic and more! At times we also have cash and other prizes. Many times our events are attended by music industry executives. As an artist in his own right, Co-Founder Kamal Imani understands the ups and downs, twists and turns of the music business and has learned how to capitalize off of the digital era. Kamal has an extensive background in event promotion and marketing that he brings to the movement. In today's market you must definitely think outside of the box and be innovative in your approach to attracting an audience and growing an organic and vintage brand. Bless the Mic is here to help artist with that. Artist can participate by uploading music and video files, creating blogs and groups, adding and sharing events and much more. Ultimately this site and movement will be what you, the artist and entertainment business person will make it. Enjoy and participate! We hope to see you here and at our offline events. Much success to you! Kamal Imani and Kevin B Bless the Mic LLC!

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The Perfect ScriptOne of the most profound things that my wife and I were blessed to learn was by author Ra Un Nefer Amen. He indicated that we all have been conditioned to have a script of the ideal person and the ideal relationship. This script can include anything from physical characteristics to financial status and personality type. When we first fall in love and have those butterflies in our stomach and fire in our hearts, it’s probably due to us feeling like we found the man or woman of our dreams or the perfect soul mate. This is a manifestation of the script! It is a blueprint or preconceived image and even motion picture of the person that you think can make you happy or happier.First of all, you and your partner need to be independently happy and joyous. When you come together you both have something to add on to the cipher. If one partner doesn’t have self love, there will be an emotional deficit, an imbalance and problems will fester. These problems will be due to self-conflict, projection, denial, cognitive dissonance and overall low self esteem. Now back to the perfect script. When any part of your script breaks down and you find out that this person is only human, you will probably react in a unsatisfied manner and your partner will react in a similar manner. Now you have a break down in the relationship. Why? Because you have found out that your soul mate isn’t perfect.I believe in the saying “You don’t know someone until you live with them”. And another “I could do bad all by myself”. It’s good to know your mate for real and not for whom you have dreamed up. You should know that this person has real issues and concerns like everyone else and that she/he has a heart. Once you know the real deal, you can work together to bring the peace, but don’t fall into the script. Beware of friends, co-workers, relatives and the Hollywood media which will suggest that your perfect fantasy man or woman is out there and you’re doing the wrong thing by struggling and dealing with your imperfect partner in your committed relationship. Yes, I actually heard a relative who had initiated a divorce say “I want it like I see it in Hollywood”. Any relationship will face its challenges just like any single person will face life’s ups and downs. The difference is that you make a vow or commitment to face these challenges together. Hollywood couples are not immune to the cycles of joy and pain that inevitably come as a part of our experience of life on earth. In my experience, it’s usually the single friends or the unhappily married friends that will suggest places, people and things that, in the end, are not good for your relationship. These suggestions will tend to pull you away from the number one thing that you and your love have agreed on and that is plans. There is also a natural rhythm; vibe or feeling that an evolving couple shares that will feel like is interrupted when you start reverting back to your bachelor and bachelorette days. I’m not saying that you can’t have fun with friends and associates, just make sure that they’re in your best interest. The best script or perfect picture that you’re going to get is the one that you build together.*The above is an excerpt from the relationship book "Let's Bring Back the Butterflies" by Kamal ImaniIt is available @ Lulu.com for Valentines Day, Weddings, Anniversaries and Special Occassions!

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The Anti Cancer Fighting Properties of Hemohim


Please research "Hemohim" which was created by the Korean Atomic

Energy agency in conjunction with Kolmar to assist scientist in

fighting cancer while working on projects. There is also a…


Posted on June 6, 2016 at 7:29am

See The New Webisodes "Those Who Walk Among Us"

See the New Webisode “Those Who Walk Among Us”.

Directed by Carla Kennedy and Rick Williams

Cast: Kamal Imani, Carla…


Posted on March 16, 2016 at 4:20pm

Matt U Johnson and Kadeve are at it again with a new single #Reflect

Recording artist and entertainers Matt U Johnson and Kadeve are at it again with a new single #Reflect ft Kosovo Singer songwriter Shkelqim Mavraj. The two met back in Los Angeles in 2013 and were first introduced by pop star Colby O'donis's father Freddy Colon online. The two recently got back together and started working again in late 2015 and decided also to kick off a…


Posted on March 6, 2016 at 10:47pm

The Ankh on Mars! Spoken Word Poetry by Kamal Imani

The Ankh on Mars is a blend of Spoken Word Poetry and Hip Hop. Kamal Imani is shining light on the link between Mars, Egypt and African people in a fun and creative way. Kamal loves Ancient history and loves to utilize it as a tool to inspire and awaken people.…


Posted on February 6, 2015 at 8:30pm

Fly With Australian Diva Regin Le Faye with this hot dance tune!

src=""><a href="">Fly With Me Remix by Regin Lefaye</a>

DJ Kamal Supreme…


Posted on October 22, 2014 at 6:30pm

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