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What is a scientific essay and why are there formal rules codified

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The essay as a textual genre is to some extent a burden, as almost any piece of writing that does not clearly represent another distinct textual genre can be considered an essay. Many people think of an essay as a school text, while others, when they hear the word essay, think of high literary essays written by great scholars. Essays are both.

Indeed, the essay as a text is not very precisely defined. Many people are annoyed by this vagueness and, especially those who consider themselves poor writers, find the task of writing an essay an overwhelming challenge. You can use an essay writing service. One way to overcome this fear is to learn how to write one type of essay, for example an argumentative essay, which will be introduced below.

An essay is thinking by writing
Writing an essay requires the writer to have something to say. The referee can hide behind the facts of the source text and is not actually allowed to come up with his or her own ideas in the paper. Instead, the essay must contain the author's own ideas. It is from these and their reflection that the essay is formed.

The word 'essay' comes from the Latin word exagium, which means to weigh. Writing an essay is therefore about weighing up perspectives. An essay must present a problem that is examined objectively, weighing up different perspectives. The essay must be objective. It is also said that an essay should be dialogical. This does not mean that the essay is written in the exact words of different people, but that the essay deals with the subject in a reflective way, as if the different points of view were the views of different people. Figuratively speaking, the essay writer must therefore change his or her position when writing: sometimes representing one point of view, sometimes another. If the essayist does not change position, the result is not an essay but an opinion piece; in an opinion piece, the issue is examined from only one point of view.

Structure of the essay
An essay must have a beginning, middle and end. It is important that the beginning and the end form a pair: the beginning presents a problem and the end presents an answer. The middle is the discussion of the issue.

Argumentative essay
An argumentative essay is a piece of writing that explicitly seeks to solve a problem, and therefore this must be stated at the beginning, along with the author's thesis, i.e. the hypothesis or belief that the author considers to be the likely solution to the problem. The middle section consists of a presentation of the opposing and defending points of view. It is important that these points of view are convincingly argued. The arguments can be based on research, common sense, examples and experience, for example.

Here is an example of an argumentative essay. Study it using the structure outlined above: find the topic, problem and thesis, identify the arguments against and in favour of the thesis, give the paragraphs titles, find the solution to the problem and the conclusion.

Differences between an physics homework help and an exam answer
You can choose the topic of your essay.
The scope of the essay is broader than the exam questions.
The topic of the essay must be comprehensive and the subject must be important, worthy of reflection.
The essay writer must be enthusiastic about the topic and have something to say and expertise.
The essay must be reflective, which is also a significant difference between an essay and a refereed paper.

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Comment by greg on May 29, 2022 at 12:21pm

if you want to learn how to write an essay, then explication essay will be useful for you. Explanatory essays reflect the views of other people or report on a particular event or situation. This is common in majors such as history or journalism, where students explore facts and real situations, giving objective explanations based on facts and evidence.

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