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You can now get straight to the bookmaker event on most arbs. Just click on the bookmaker name or logo in the detailed arb display and you will be transferred to the event in a new tab/window. For bookmakers where we cannot transfer you to the event you will be taken to the sport or league. You can also navigate to odds from the lower 'other bookies odds' section by clicking onn the green thumbs-up icon.

This feature is not offered by most of our competitors and can save valuable time in navigating to the event on the bookmaker's web site. For this to work you have to already have logged into your bookmaker's account, saved your login details and allowed your browser to save these credientials. ArbExpert - doesn't log you in to your account. We feel that private account details should be known only to the user and the bookmaker who the account is with and anything other than this represents a serious securty threat to our users.

Some of our competitors require you to register your private bookmakers' account details with them so they can auto log you automatically. This is something we are against and believe most of our users would also be against as it could lead to fraudulent use of these bookmaker accounts.
Our multi-currency service is for everyone regardless of whether you are new to sports arbitrage or have been arbing for years. We aim to deliver you the highest quantity and quality sports arbitrage opportunities at the fastest rate of any arbitrage supplier at a really competitive price.

Our web site is designed and developed by professional arbers who work within the IT Industry who feel they can offer a far superior service to any of those on the market. This has resulted in providing the slickest and most functional arbitrage platform from which to run your arbitrage activities. The system has been designed such that it is a simple process to add new bookmakers and sports.

Read what the bookmaker Pinnacle Sports says about Arbitrage here then click on "Sports Betting Tips/Betting Strategy/Essential Betting Tips"

Read a recent independent review of our service here

A review in Japanese written by one of our clients can be found here

We provide you with sports arbitrage opportunities as they occur ? set to your specific preferences. Arbs will appear real-time covering the major US sports, tennis, soccer plus many other key sports - see

Filters can be set on bookies, sports, leagues and types of events to name but a few. In addition, all the information you need for placing an arb is displayed on one page and the complete arb details are never more than one click away. Our advanced calculator will notify you of the odds in any (or all) formats and work out the best amounts for you to place dependent upon certain criteria that you have chosen e.g. bias to the favourite. This is changeable at an instant when you are reviewing the arb.
We will be continually upgrading our service to offer new bookmakers, sports and service improvements to ensure our service continues to provide you with the latest and best arbitrage events in the market. Please contact us with any suggestions you have.

Free Trials
The number of people requesting free trials has grown significantly this year and, as I am sure you appreciate, this must not have a detrimental effect on our paying subscribers. To help ease the situation we have temporarily withdrawn the free trial but added a new 'one week' subscription. This represents good value for money in that it enables you to try the service for seven days at minimal cost to you.

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