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The phenomenon of leisure has spread since ancient times, when tribes organized a holiday in honor of hunters returning home with prey. All this time, it has been transformed and turned into a demanded field of activity. Salons and agencies have appeared that provide relaxing massage services, entertainment, escorts, available only to wealthy men. For vacancies, beautiful-looking girls who want to work and earn money are selected.

Escort model

Working in an elite escort: good or bad?
Opinions differ, prejudices still prevail over common sense, especially among those who have not at all faced this type of earnings. There are many who consider work accompanied by immoral, where you can make money from the attractiveness of your body. We will not argue with this, the upbringing and level of development are different, so focus on the foundations of your attitude. However, the Dream Job website is ready to dispel all doubts and provide answers to your questions. In addition, through it, you can contact the employer, respond to the vacancy you like. It will not be difficult for a pretty girl to get a job in this area, it is necessary to get acquainted with the requirements for applicants:

What is attractive about work:

Stable income with regular payments. Does not depend on the economic, political and other crises that often occur in the country.
The duration of the work will be equal to the free time. For example, you can arrange with the client to go out on weekends or at night, as convenient.

The salary is paid immediately after the completed order, and always corresponds to the amount of the preliminary contract.
There is a bonus system, bonuses are accrued, incentives for those who showed their best side.
Security and confidentiality is guaranteed to every employee.
Almost all organizations provide free accommodation. Girls regularly undergo medical examinations and only healthy ones are allowed. A woman should know how to behave in the company of rich people, apply the rules of etiquette. All tips from customers are the personal property of the employees.
Trips to famous world resorts.
Employee of an elite escort agency

In fact, it can take a long time to list all the possible benefits of a wonderful woman's work. Once having tried to work as an escort, then they categorically refuse to work in any other industry. The reason is that they begin to realize the full value of their nature, to feel and feel their beauty in monetary terms. This is an easy income that will solve all material problems and open the doors to a brighter future. Escort in Bangladesh

Profitable cooperation
An interesting resource for finding a high-paying job "Dream Job" will help to find a job for everyone who wants to improve their financial situation and achieve independence. Many young ladies have already taken vacancies, have been interviewed and are working. Today we watch the lives of some of them on TV. They are successful, happy wives of the capital's oligarchs. Think, are you really worse than them? Leave your fears behind, move to Moscow to open up new horizons.

Agency conditions:

Only those who have reached the age of majority. Be sure to bring your passport to prove your identity.
Pleasant facial features and a toned figure. There is no need to bring yourself to exhaustion, men love girls with forms.
Tidy clothes, neatly styled hair, well-groomed nails are important components of an ideal look.
Higher education and knowledge of several languages ​​are encouraged, as foreigners turn to elite agencies.

Competent, well-mannered speech, without words - parasites. The timbre of the voice is confident, the laugh is restrained.
Respectful, calm, non-aggression attitude towards customers.
Punctuality, being late is a sign of bad taste.
Lack of complexes. The girl must be able to support any topic of conversation.
Escort girl

Perhaps all these nuances will seem difficult for someone. I would like to

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