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Register at runbritain to sign up for our newsletter, enter a race, organise a race, become a race adjudicator and much more! Sixteen week schedule to break 3 hours in the marathon. 30 mins T, 10 mins E. 3 hours E. Week 12. Mon. Tues. Weds. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun. 75 mins E + 12 X 20 secs F. Phase 3: Race specific work. Race specific work Tempo Runs. Phase 4: Taper. Target pace work Easy Running. As well as marathon pace specific workouts I implement 5 and 10km training sessions into your programme to ensure you are keeping in touch with the speed work. Thus allowing you to run marathon pace much easier during the race. How to Run a Faster Marathon. How to Run a Faster Marathon. we'll cover the Principle of Specificity and give you insider tips on how to lay the foundation for a faster future marathon. Someone looking to go from a 3:45 to a 3:30 marathon will do the math to figure that they need to run 3:30 Marathon (16 week plan) (Includes:Downloadable/Printable Training Plan, Detailed Explanation of Terms, and email tips! I did it in 4:15, next time I'll aim for 4! yes I am already thinking of how I could improve & will be back for more tips next time! -Fiona. The top 10% of women 30-34 run a marathon in 3.16.34 and top 10% of women 35-39 run in 3.13.59. The times are based on over 25,000 marathons. "A sub-3h marathon is a serious goal," Nummela continues. From, Running tips. Prerequisite of 3:30 marathon, 2 week taper Wolfgang'sSub-4 hour 50Km Plan 50K 26 miles 12 + 26 miles 77 miles 8 5 Yes Distance Complete book Prerequisite of 3:15 marathon, 2 week taper, some speedwork on long runs For example, if you're training to run the marathon in 3:30, your long runs should last 3 hours. Marathoners shooting for 3:15 would do long runs of 2:45. However, any run over 3 hours should be broken up into two runs that day. "More than 3 hours at a time, and you're looking at a possible injury," Durden says. 16 week training plan created on Sun Jun

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