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Men like to be in the company of a charming girl. Therefore, the work of escorting to events is one of the most profitable areas of escort services.

Work accompanied by men

Good earnings in youth are easy and affordable for every young lady. Beautiful girls from 18 years old can easily provide for themselves, spending up to 3 hours a day at work. Jobs in the field of escort will help you earn from 350,000 rubles.

The essence of the work
Oligarchs often appear at events of various levels:

Make a deal;
Being around a lady can have a positive effect on the outcome of a business meeting.

To select girls, they contact an escort agency. Leisure activities are beneficial not only for customers, but also for girls who receive royalties for every moment of time spent. Accompaniment by a charming model helps to maintain the image and create a favorable atmosphere.

Escort girl

Initially, getting into the field of support is more often the beginning of a career path. Post-escort activities continue in music, show business, fashion, etc. All this is done thanks to the established connections.

Highly profitable job for female applicants is a great chance to make money. This is an interesting practice that, apart from money, will bring a huge amount of vivid emotions.

Benefits for an accompanying person
Working as an escort for sociable girls is the likelihood of becoming rich. Accompaniment has advantages that are difficult to find in other professions:

Education is not important;
Free schedule;
Finding connections with respectable men;
High level of payment for services;
Friendly team.
This is an incomplete list of advantages, but only a small part of it. And upon reaching the VIP level, earnings will improve 5-6 times, and real estate will appear. For a well-to-do life, it is enough to go to a person to meet, while away with him 2-4 hours, flirt, give moral support and earn from 65,000 rubles for it.

Escort agency employee

If you are a pretty coquette, you can use the invitation without any problems. With a task of 200,000 rubles per month, you need to sweat only 1-3 shifts.

The requirement for girls
An important rule when applying for a vacancy is the desire to earn money. External data and the age factor are significant. From this, earnings will also be conditioned. Also, the following requirements are imposed on candidates: Escort in Bangladesh

The girl accompanies the man to the event

Vacancy - escort to the event
It is believed that if a man appears at a social event with a long-legged brunette or blonde, then they begin to talk about mandatory sex. But if an escort service is provided, this does not mean that there will be sex. All this is negotiated separately between the girl and the client, and if intimacy happens, it is mandatory by mutual agreement.

Leisure work is the most paid today. A huge number of girls dream of being escort models and moving to Moscow. Leave a questionnaire on the site in one of the sections - change your life for the better!

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