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98 windows download movies
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Name: 98 windows download movies
Category: Soft
Published: hrigdenapar1976
Language: English

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The window of the message with possibility of a choice. It is not recommended to use on remote servers. API Windows. Outputs the window with header s2 and text S1.
%% - character %, %c - date and time, %x - date, %d - day of a month (01-31), %j - day of year (000-366), %w - day of week (0-6), 0 - Sunday, %U - number of week in one year (00-53), Sunday - the first day of week, %W - number of week in one year (00-53), Monday - the first day of week, %a - the short name of day of week, %A - the full name of day of week, %m - month (01-12), %b - the short name of day of month, %B - the full name of day of month, %y - year (00-99), %Y - four-digit year, %X - time, %H - hour (00-23), %I - hour (01-12), %M - minute (00-59), %p - AM or PM, %S - second (00-59). EncodeDate (i1, i2, i3) d 4-7 1.0 Date on format i1.i2.i3 = EncodeDateTime (i1, i2, i3, i4, i5, i6) d 4-7 1.5.2 Date and time on format i1.i2.i3 i4:i5:i6 = hh:nn:ss DoubleTo Date (f) d 4-7 2.1.2 Converts double to date. Double ToTime (f) d 4-7 2.1.2 Converts double to time. DateToDouble (d) f 4-7 2.1.1 Converts date to double. TimeToDouble (d) f 4-7 2.1.1 Converts time to double. FloatToStr (f, s)
s 4-7 2.1.1.
i 4-7 2.1.2 File beginning. Current file pointer position. End-of-file. Functions-constants for i3 parameter of FOpen and i2 of FCreate : FS_IREAD FS_IWRITE FS_IEXEC i 4-7 2.1.3 Owner can read Owner can write Owner can execute.
+ - * / Sin, Cos, tg, ctg, ArcCos, ArcSin, ArcTg, sh, ch, th, exp, lh, lg, sqrt, sqr, abs(x1) sgn(x1) - the sign of number x1 log(x1,x2) - log x1 on the basis x2 power(x1,x2) - exponentation x1 in a degree x2 if(expr, x1, x2) - if expr=0, then x2, else x1 Min(x1, . ) - minimum from numbers Max(x1, . ) - maximum from numbers Sum(x1, . ) - toting of arguments Avg(x1, . ) - average arithmetic Pi - number Pi.
Rfunc linux download.
flags: - left justify + begin with plus or minus sign blank blank instead of a plus # alternate conversion: 0x (0X) before for x,X type_char always a decimal point for e,E,f width: n at least n chars, padded by blanks 0 n at least n chars, padded by zeros prec: (none) 1 for d,i,o,u,x,X types 6 for e,E,f types all significant digits for g,G .0 for d,i,o,u,x types, precision set to default for e,E,f types, no decimal point . n for d,i,o,u,x types, at least n digits for e,E,f types, n digits after the decimal point for g,G, at most n significant digits type_char: d,i signed decimal integer o unsigned octal integer u unsigned decimal integer x,X unsigned hexadecimal int f signed value of the form [-]dddd.dddd e signed value of the form [-]d.dddd or e[+/-]ddd g signed value in either e or f form, based on given value and precision E,G same as e,g, but with E for exponent IntToStr (i, s) s 4-7 2.1.1 Conversion of integer i to string using a format s (See FloatToStr) NumInWords (i, с) s 4-7 2.1.3 Number in words (WIN1251 only). с is grammatical gender BLOB B_Line (B, i) s 4-7 2.0.0 i-th line of B B_LongLine(B, i) S B_Line_Count (

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