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98 windows download manager
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Name: 98 windows download manager
Category: Soft
Published: hrigdenapar1976
Language: English

Other files:

* - Firebird 1.x and Yaffil 1.x are equals Interbase 6 ** - First appearance of a function.
Add_User (i, s1, s"2, s'3, s"4, s"5, s"6, s"7, s"8, s'9)
For usage of variables in expression - before them the colon is put, and they are described in the second parameter (see example). ExprIsValid (S1, S2) i 4-7 1.3.0 Check on a correctness of the given expression. Returns 0, if all is right, differently - code of an error. Div (i1, i2) i 4-7 1.5.0 The whole quotient i1 and i2 Mod (i1, i2) i 4-7 1.5.0 Residual from division i1 on i2 InitRandom (i) i 4-7 2.0.0 Initialization of the generator of pseudorandom numbers. GetRandom (i) i 4-7 2.0.0 Pseudorandom numbers in a range 0..i. IEqual (i1, i2) i 4-7 2.1.1 Equality test (1 means equality) Sign (f) si 4-7 2.1.1 Sign of a number (-1 if f 0). Sqrt (f) f 4-7 2.1.3 The positive square root Exp (f) f 4-7 2.1.3 Constant e raised to the specified power Log (f1, f2) f 4-7 2.1.3 The logarithm of a number f1 to the base f2 Log10 (f) f 4-7 2.1.3 Base-10 logarithm of a number Ln (f) f 4-7 2.1.3 The natural logarithm E f 4-7 2.1.3 Constant E (2.7182818284590451) Trigonometric ACos (f) f 4-7 2.1.3 The arc cosine ASin (f) f The arc sine ATan (f) f The arc tangent ATan2 (f1, f2) f The arc tangent of f1/f2 Cos (f) f The cosine CosH (f) f The hyperbolic cosine Sin (f) f The sine SinH (f) f The hyperbolic sine Tan (f) f The tangent TanH (f) f The hyperbolic tangent Pi f Constant Pi (3.1415926535897931) String Chr (si) c 4-7 1.1 Character on the code Ord (c) si 4-7 1.1 The code of character StrReplace (s1, s2, s3) s 4-7 1.2.1 Substitutes in string s1 a substring s2 on s3 LongStrReplace(S1, S ** 2, S ** 3) S 1.2.0 StrStuff (s1, i1, i2, s2) s 4-7 1.0 In string s1 deletes i2 of characters, since i1, and inserts on this place s2 LongStrStuff(S1, i1, i2, S2) S 1.2.0 LTrim (s) s 4-7 1.0 Delete blanks at the left LongLTrim(S) S 1.2.1 RTrim (s) s 4-7 1.0 Delete blanks on the right LongRTrim(S) S 1.2.1 StrLen (S) i 4-7 1.0 Length of string StrPos (s1, S2) i 4-7 1.0 Position of string s1 in string S2. If not is found, 0. StrRepeat (s, i) s 4-7 1.0 Duplicates string s i times LongStrRepeat(S, i) S 1.2.1 SubStr (s, i1, i2) s 4-7 1.0 Substring of string s, since character i1 and length a maxima i2. I1 Trim (s) s 4-7 1.0 Delete all blanks on the right and at the left LongTrim(S) S 1.2.1 CIf (i, s1, s2) s 4-7 1.3.0 If i = 0, s2, in remaining cases - s1 LongCIf(i, S1, S2) S StrCount (s1, S2) i 4-7 1.3.0 Amount of entrances s1 in S2 WordCount (S, s", si) i 4-7 1.3.0 Amount of words in string S, divided in characters from string s". If si <> 0, some separators the contract are considered as a word. WordNum (S, i, s", si) s 4-7 1.3.0 i-th word in string S, divided in characters from string s". If si <> 0, some separators the contract are considered as a word. LongWordNum(S, i, s", si) S RLower (s) s 4-7 1.4.0 String in lowercase (WIN1251 only) LongRLower(S) S 1.5.0 RUpper (s) s 4-7 1.4.0 String in uppercase (WIN1251 only) LongRUpper(S) S 1.5.0 PadLeft (s, i

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