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98 windows download mac
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Name: 98 windows download mac
Category: Soft
Published: hrigdenapar1976
Language: English

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For example: DateToStr('10.02.99','%d.%m. %y') = '10.02.99' DateToStr('10.02.04 08:23','%d %B %Y, %X') = '10 February 2004, 08:23:00' s 4-7 1.0.

Rfunc linux download.
+ - * / Sin, Cos, tg, ctg, ArcCos, ArcSin, ArcTg, sh, ch, th, exp, lh, lg, sqrt, sqr, abs(x1) sgn(x1) - the sign of number x1 log(x1,x2) - log x1 on the basis x2 power(x1,x2) - exponentation x1 in a degree x2 if(expr, x1, x2) - if expr=0, then x2, else x1 Min(x1, . ) - minimum from numbers Max(x1, . ) - maximum from numbers Sum(x1, . ) - toting of arguments Avg(x1, . ) - average arithmetic Pi - number Pi.
The window of the message with possibility of a choice. It is not recommended to use on remote servers. API Windows. Outputs the window with header s2 and text S1.
* - Firebird 1.x and Yaffil 1.x are equals Interbase 6 ** - First appearance of a function.
Special LibVersion s 4-7 2.1.1 The rFunc library version LibName s 4-7 2.1.1 The library name (always "rfunc") EAN13cs (s) si 4-7 2.1.1 Calculation of EAN13's thirteenth digit. MD5Sum (S) c" 4-7 2.1.3 Сhecksum by MD5 algorithm MD5Init c* 4-7 2.1.3 Block-to-block calculation of checksum by MD5 algorithm. Usage: - declare a variable context CHAR(176) for temporary result; - declare a variable md5 CHAR(32) for final result; - execute context = md5Init(); - in loop (or as needed) execute context = md5Update(context, S, SLen) , where are context - understandably, S - regular input string, SLen - processing length; - execute md5 = md5Final(context); MD5Update (c*, S, i) c* MD5Final (c*) c" CreateGUID s"' 4-7 2.1.3 GUID as string File This functions is optional . They are not compiled without setting special option (see readmeeng.txt). Use this functions set very carefully . Applying of this functions may damage or delete files on your server disk. FCreate (s, i) i 4-7 2.1.2 Create file with name s. Create mode is i (combination of FS_xxx). Returns file handle or a negative number if error occured. FOpen (s, i1, i2) i Open file with name s. Access flags are specified by i1. i2 is mode for create file (i1=FO_CREAT). Returns file handle or a negative number if error occured. FRead (i1, i2) s Reads i2 bytes from file with handle i1. LongFRead(i1, i2) FWrite (i, S) i Writes bytes from string S into file with handle i. Returns number of written bytes. FSeek (i1, i2, i3) i Sets the file pointer associated with i1 to a new position that is i2 bytes from the file location given by i3. FClose (i) i Close file with handle i. Returns 0. FRemove (s) i 2.1.3 Deletes file with name s. FSize (s) i 2.1.3 Size of file Functions-constants for i1 parameter of FOpen : FO_RDONLY FO_WRONLY FO_RDWR FO_CREAT FO_TRUNC FO_EXCL 2.1.2 Open for reading only. Open for writing only. Open for reading and writing. If the file does not exist, the file is created. If the file exists, its length is truncated to 0. Exclusive open. Used only with FO_CREAT. FO_APPEND 2.1.3 File pointer will be set to the end of the file prior to each write.
Functions-constants for i3 parameter of FSeek :

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