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In this case, the mobile has an "active" role as a contactless chip reader. This mode allows you to read information or trigger actions by simply "tapping" or "bumping" your phone close to a NFC tag. On posters, billboards, monuments, bus stops or product packagings, NFC tags can be placed anywhere on all your communication channels, which widens the range of use and opportunities. The focus here is to provide a seamless user experience across channels with a specific digital content, from offline to mobile. In this aspect, NFC tags are very similar to QR code capabilities and can be used as the cornerstone of your Offline To Online marketing campaign.
This is the "passive" mode, by which a mobile terminal behaves like a smart contactless chip. The phone sends the information to the NFC (Near Field Communication) device, e.g. to a ticket validation kiosk or a payment terminal. It can serve various purposes: mobile payment, show or transportation tickets, coupons, access control, etc.
The host card emulation mode.
NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a short range wireless RFID communication technology. It means that two devices equipped with NFC technology are able to communicate with each other and share information as soon as they are close to one another. There is no need to launch an application, bringing the devices near each other automatically triggers the defined action - from a single easy "tap"!
Today, the design of your QR Codes can be customized with your brand's colors or integrate your logo. You have lots of advanced personalization options. Still, you have to follow some design rules so that your code remains scannable.
For both technologies, the main function is the same: to give instant access to digital content and automatically exchange data, remotely and wireless. However the main difference between NFC and iBeacon is the way it is used for marketing purposes : while NFC is a "pull" marketing technology, iBeacons is a "push" one. Thus, on the one hand the user will have to take the first step to access the information, whereas on the other hand it will be noticed via a notification without asking for it.
NFC technology.
Radio Identification, or RFID (stands for Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology allowing to identify and characterise an object thanks to a sticker broadcasting radio waves.
NFC VS QR Codes.
For NFC tags, there isn't any design restriction as the information is not encoded in the tag design itself. Thus, tag can be fully personnalized or they can even be completely hidden in your own support without affecting the capabilities.
NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR Codes are two wireless technologies that can be used the same way: transfer data and link content. There are some characteristics that differentiate one another though, in terms of marketing purpose.
To tap or to scan? To read a QR code, users first have to open the specific QR Code reader application downloaded from the app store, and point their smartphone onto the 2D code to decode it. NFC is more convenient and faster:

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