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  • Timothy Soloman

    Greetings my Brother I am inviting you to read my blog unnatural behavior, maybe I will be able to shed some light out of this darkness we are living in.

    Timothy (Spirit of Truth)
  • mara

    Carl you were offended by my comment on the gay church issue. obviously I had hit a sore spot. I am not apologising for wat I believe in or wat I have said. you did not read my comment through thoroughly, u were quick to judge. You can NOT use the fact that most Jamaicans are against same sex relationships, to judge all Jamaicans, Everyone has freedom of choice and opinion. hence, if majority of the Jamaican people are against same sex relationships, or Gay church worshipping thats thier choice. Just as it is a persons choice of whom or wat they want to have a relationship with. If you aren't Jamaican come to our country and see wat a lovely island and wat lovely people we have. Then you can judge. I have had the opportunity to work in the hotel industry and have met many gay couples and individuals , who have been coming to this island for years, and none of them has ever experinced degradation or violence . My Brother, despite our imperfections and recent upheaval in a very small section of our beautiful country; Jamaica still remains as one of the most ideal tourism destination.
  • mary

    are you sexy ? lol