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  • Lioness

    give thanks.....
  • peterfong2004

    He is probably white because there is no picture
  • Dee Barry

    Blessings, Ronsay, seeker of wisdom. Just a reminder that nothing comes from nothing. Someone said that "nothing" is what rocks dream of.  All things that exist has to come from a mind, from intelligence.  If we do not start there, what we are saying amounts to nothing, for it doesn't make sense. Things make sense (or not) because we are given sense to make sense of things.  We don't want to turn feelings into truth. Feelings are real and necessary, but feelings must come as a result of and be based on truth. So our all-wise Creator has given us the capacity to seek wisdom, seek truth, seek God Himself. He can be known. We should ask Him if He is real before saying what we "think" about Him. One Love.