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  • jamella

    Incognioto - you strike me as a fascinating man. You are someone I think in the future is worthy of coming over to dinner , and just having great talk with my husband and I. At a French resturante?
  • vaughn mitchell

    I was reading your post, I have a question to ask, where did you get the notion that rappers told black people not to get an education? if you know anything about rap or hip hop, the music came about what kids were growing up and seeing, drugs, violence, murder,  teachers not caring about their students just looking to get a paycheck, you ever wonder why they had desegregation? when you have a lack of accountability where  black an hispanic kids are lumped in certain schools, and whites , jews and asians are in another and getting better education, thats injustice, it has nothing to do with rappers. or hip hop music.