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  • Richard Douglin

    Doing my PhD. in Education at the University of Phoenix
  • Amuse Me

    cool, I have a BA in psych with a minor in Jewish studies and I'm currently back in school doing an RN program. I'll graduate in June 2011.
  • MisConSkeeted

    Hi all, I am a fairly recent college grad with several degrees and looking forward to partake in some great educational and life experiences discussions......
  • MisConSkeeted

    Wow...This is crazy....I am so glad, my parents were quite diligent on how they name my siblings and I..."no shaniquah, no Hakim, no Rahim", they never know if black until I sit in front of them for my interview...

    Black Job-Seekers Hide Race For Corporate America
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    Got my degree from eBay University
  • jimi d chambers

  • Jermain

    My graduation is on the 21st of July I cant wait.
  • SD James

    Any college students looking to volunteer with a non profit that helps kids in Jamaica?  Please visit  Please click on this link and help raise funds to provide education, health and economic assistance to kids in JA--in the future the Caribbean.  Like us on Facebook: CASACOFoundation.
  • Joann Spencer

    Comment by, JoAnn S. on 09/21/11 at 11:47Am

    I am a college students of New York City

    all so work in the state of New York in the business world looking

    for a better life hear will like to chat with you some time member

  • Joann Spencer

    I am a member of the book club commented on the group to meet are you a member I will like to Hello and Happy Holiday to Cece, Cathleen Williams ,P Walker, Eugenie Christine Ngo Gwodog Invited  you to the Beautiful Butterfly Show

  • Joann Spencer

    Hey do you Gadhafi son tried to go  secretly to mexico official says Saadi Gadhafi a son of the deposed libyan  

  • Joann Spencer

    Hey   the song hey bulldog on the beatles album yellow submarine was the last song John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote in full collabration oddly enough while the song was on the album it wasn't used in the film of the same title thank you

  • Joann Spencer

    something for you Useless knowledge

    In the roman republic of 500 B.C. the same could appoint a supreme national commander for a limited time during periods of emergency while in charge his word was law his title in latin meant I have spoken the title was dictator  still going                

  • Joann Spencer

    hello members are you still at it

    jet a little time to chat with you maybe to get to know

    a member it's me to out have