Fever Films

  • Dana Manno

    Great idea! Good for distribution and reviews. This will be one of the first places I come with content. There should also be a page to post new music. Perhaps you could have music video posts as well. I'm sure you're already planning on it.


  • Britt

    Never knew about this film until I saw it in the BLOG on Caribbean Fever

  • Kamal Imani

    This throwback hip hop movie keeps it real about teen life while keeping things funny and dramatic! It's funny, sexy, cool and has a whole lot of drama! It's called "Up in the Attic" because that's where these popular young players use to hang out at and all the fly girls wanted to be! Check it out. You can download it for only $3.99 on film baby!


    Directed by Kamal Imani and Christopher Brown! Edited by Newblackmusic.net
    soundtrack features Crash Crew, Chill Rob G, Lakem Shabazz, Paula Perry, Champagne, Kamal Supreme, DJ Kaos and more!

  • jimi d chambers

  • Mariette Monpierre

    Hello, I'm Mariette, director producer of ELZA, a multi-award winning film to open @ MIST Harlem Cinema Nov. 30th! Beautiful & inspiring. Based on a true story.  Check out the trailer on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGJl9djjAEA

    and come to the premiere on NOV. 29th  You'll love it and it will be a lot of fun.

  • Mariette Monpierre


    ELZA opens in New York, Friday, Nov 30

     @ MIST Harlem Cinema, 46 West 116th St (Lenox & 5th)


    In the lush Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, Elza desperately
    searches for a distant childhood memory of a father she
    barely remembers.  Elza embarks on a journey to find herself
    but uncovers some stark realities along the way that brings
    her to terms with her own identity. Based on the director's
    true story of searching for her biological father, the film
    captures the passion and contradictions of a family in

     80 min | directed by Mariette Monpierre. Starring Stana Roumillac, Vincent Byrd Le Sage, Sophie Berger, Christophe Cherki, Eva Constant.

    Sexy Hot music by famous caribbean artists: Victor O, Krys, Stevy Mahy, Soft, Malavoi, Dédé Saint Prix, K'Koustik,  Rony Théophile, Edith Lefel, Jenny Alfa, Rodrigue Marcel etc.  Buy it on iTune for $0.99. Type; ELZA original Soundtrack Mariette Monpierre


  • Mariette Monpierre