Bob Marley was killed by Rita Marley and Chris Blackwell, according to Bunny Wailer.

The following is written by the original Wailer, BUNNY WAILER.

Who the hell is Rita? Anderson or Jarret, for Rita could never be Marley because Robert Marley’s mother Mrs. (Malcolm) Booker had already filed for Robert to be a citizen of the U.S.A prior Robert marrying Rita in 1964 respectively. Rita knowing this tricked Robert into marrying her 2 days before he left. His mother, Mrs. Malcolm Booker, was highly upset for her son Robert. 

Rita and her brother Wesley Anderson were both born in Cuba to mother, Miss Cynthia Beda Jarret.
Rita’s Father Mr. Leroy Anderson was a tenor sax player of Jamaica, then also living in Cuba, finally died in Jamaica on January 18th 1997 under the cruel administration of Rita his own daughter. Rita’s mother Cynthia Beda Jarrett passed away in Canada June 17th 2013, abandoned and not acknowledged by Rita as how she chose to abandon her own children, creating that dark abusive Jezebelic character the world has come to know!

On May 11th 1981, Bob Marley died from Radio Active Ash given to him by Rita. This drug was given to Rita by Lloyd Christopher Blackwell to commit murder. This in the facilitating environment of 1976-1980 when the CIA placed an unusually large station in Jamaica, destabilizing the Government of Michael Manley and his supporters through the music that would have had ‘The Wailers’/Bob Marley as a target. 

It was again Rita on September 11th 1987 who again joined with Dennis “Leppo” Loban to kill Peter Tosh, Free I and Peter’s doctor along with injuring Carlton “Santa” Davis, Peter’s drummer, Marlene Brown and Free I’s wife respectively. This occurred as the pressure grew on her around the New York case, where she took from Don Taylor $30,000,000 U.S dollars of Robert Marley’s money and was tried and found guilty of fraud along with David Steinberg, Marvin Zolt and deceased Louis Byles respectively. 

What would the motivation be? Contemporaneous Court documents and Companies Office Of Jamaica correspondences will show that this was the time 1986/87 when she was looking to cover up her fraud charges in the New York courts by assuming ownership of Tuff Gong Records Ltd., owned by Robert Marley, Peter Tosh and I, Hon. Bunny Wailer. Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailers, stood in the way of this as she was looking to be charged for fraudulent conversion in signing away Wailers rights and Tuff Gong Trademarks and accepting funds in millions of dollars from Lord Christopher Blackwell.

Was it again Rita who killed her own aunt Ms. Viola Anderson; stopping her aunt from giving her house to her nephew “Vision” respectively. Who the Hell is Rita? Could Rita be “Jezebel” reincarnated? Continually charged and protected by Don Taylor on tour with Robert Marley as the I-Threes, she was acknowledged as a known Kleptomaniac.

Was it Rita who again along with Blackwell, smuggled a precious stone from South Africa for the thrill seeking high of a Kleptomaniac? Was it Rita again who robbed the African brother from Ghana of his families’ Legacy causing him to commit suicide? Not content on Robbing The Wailers she and Blackwell built a $20,000,000 studio in Ghana, stealing the name ‘Studio One’ to pass off selling that classic catalog of The Wailers. This would have to have burned down to the ground as it had! 

Was it Rita again who killed the Japanese warrior at the Nyabhingi center Scotts Pass, Clarendon because she was condemned by the Rastafari Community for putting the Red, Gold and Green Rug on the floor for her special guests to walk on? She would later bring bulldozers to intimidate the Rastafari Elders there.

Who the Hell is Rita? 

I, Bunny Wailer, am going to make quite sure that Rita and her accomplice Lord Christopher Blackwell pay for their vicious crimes in the court of law. Sela!


  1. I am yours respectfully, Hon. Neville O. Livingston OJ, CD pka Bunny Wailer, JAH B.  I am addressing your office regarding ‘The Wailers’ also consisting of the Late Hon. Robert Nesta Marley O.M., Hall Of Fame pka Bob and the Late Winston Hubert McIntosh O.M. pka Peter Tosh respectfully.  
    Three years prior 'The Wailers' career, Robert, Peter and I, Bunny didn't know Rita, as we were already a family of Father, Mother, Sons, Brothers, Sisters, Nieces, Nephews, Uncles; as we presently still are with the exception of Robert, Peter and Mother (Malcolm) Booker, killed by Rita and her accomplices, Lord Christopher Blackwell, Leppo and Dianne Jobson! 
    I am the survivor of ‘The Trinity’ ‘The Wailers’ from ‘Simmer Down’ on the Coxsone Studio One label up until ‘Catch A Fire’ and ‘Burnin’ albums on the Island Records Label respectively.  The ending of ‘The Wailers’ catalog revealed Bunny Wailer to the international market place with the ‘Blackheart Man’ , ‘Protest’ and ‘Bunny Wailers Sings The Wailers’ albums in and around 1975-77 also on the Island Record label.
    As Bunny Wailer, my involvement with Island Records officially governed and administrated by Lord Christopher Blackwell was only based on advances being paid by Island Records or Chris Blackwell regarding those three Bunny Wailer albums, and no royalties, up until presently herein 2013 respectively.  
    Since and around 1989 U.M.G. bought Island Records, and from then up until presently I, Bunny Wailer, have still not received any form of royalty payments or statements for all such albums from 1973 up until presently in 2013.  I have also not received any payments regarding the sale and distribution of all the related albums from the manufacturing and distribution thereof.  
    Robert Nesta Marley in 1981 was pronounced dead by Radio Active Ash donated by the CIA to Lord Christopher Blackwell who passed the drug on to Rita who organized to put it in Robert’s food that killed him.  In 1987 Rita again organized with parolee ‘Leppo’ along with Gangster ‘Yammie Yowie’ and his crew to go to Peter’s house where they killed Peter, Free I and Peter’s bush doctor injuring Peter’s drummer, Santa, Free I’s wife and Peter’s consort Marlene.
    It was then afterwards, Robert’s mother Mrs. Malcolm Booker, who was the third killing, organized by Lord Christopher Blackwell and executed by Dianne Jobson killing Robert’s mother in her sleep.  So between Rita, Blackwell and Dianne Jobson both Robert, Peter and Mrs (Malcolm) Booker were all killed by the organization and execution of all three accused murderers.  
    Now with these three killings, I, Bunny Wailer will be seeking Justice for and will never stop until all three killers are brought to Justice.  And as for Robert’s $30,000,000 USD (thirty million dollars) that he Robert had left with Don Taylor for his children, that Rita somehow retrieved from Don Taylor, for this she along with David Steinberg, Marvin Zolt ad Louis Byles, who died during the USA court proceedings, were all tried and Robert Marley’s funds were retrieved and depleted by the USA Courts. 
    Neither of these three offenders and killers, Rita, Blackwell and Jobson have yet been penalized for these vicious crimes of murders and robbery, but I, Bunny Wailer, brother and son of these victims will be seeking the kind of Justice that will punish both Rita, Blackwell and Jobson for these their vicious crimes, done to my brothers and mother respectively.  One member of these killings have already been imprisoned, ‘Leppo’, leaving three others to be charged and tried and convicted for their crimes by the Law and Justice.
    If after Rita being tried in the USA for receiving from Don Taylor and denying Robert’s children, yet spending, Robert Marley’s $30,000,000 USD amongst murderers and crooks like David Steinberg, Marvin Zolt, Louis Byles; that only wanted her dead, how could Rita be involved in any of Robert Marley’s business when she Rita wasn’t even a Marley, because Mrs. Booker, Robert’s mother had already filed for him to be with her in the USA, prior Robert’s marriage to Rita.
    Again in 1967-8 when Bunny was doing his false imprisonment of an 18 months sentence, his name was mentioned of being the father of Cedella, that could have caused the death of Rita and although Planno was suspected, it was a Rastafarian brethren named ‘Daggu’ who has been and still is Cedella’s father. Ask them both!
    With this being the facts, why then isn’t Ziggy or Steve involved in the business surrounding Tuff Gong Records Ltd. instead of Cedella?  Because Ziggy and Steve are sons of Robert Marley, while Cedella isn’t the daughter of Robert Marley, or Planno but of “Daggu”.  
    Therefore if Rita has anything to do with Robert Marley, other than Ziggy and Steve, let this be seen because Rita is not a member of Tuff Gong Records Ltd. that is completely owned from start, and up until presently by Robert Nesta Marley O.M. and Hall Of Fame, Winston Hubert McIntosh O.M.  and Neville ORiley Livingston OJ, CD and no one else.
    These are just some very serious matters, that has to be accounted for surrounding ‘The Wailers’ and Tuff Gong Records Ltd. respectively.
    It is quite obvious that Rita having killed two members of ‘The Wailers’ would be quite certain to try and do the same to the survivor ‘Bunny Wailer’.  But let it be known and acknowledged that Rastafari guides and protects those who put their trust in H.I.M. and in only H.I.M. do I serve.  I will not be afraid of the terror by night nor for the arrow that flieth by day nor the pestilence that trodeth in darkness nor for the destruction that wasteth at noon day, for a thousand shall fall at I side and tens of thousands at I right hand, for with I eyes shall I behold the reward of all evil doers! Sela! 
    Do you want to know what I, Bunny Wailer, think about Rita?  Rita represents Jezebel, a known and noted demon mentioned of in the Holy Scriptures.  What has become of Rita’s aunt, (Auntie) and father (Daddy) Roy Anderson, that Rita is supposed to be related to as Aunt and Father.  When the demons were claiming my brother Robert Marley in his final flight to Jamiaca  on the plane where he died and didn’t make it back to Jamaica alive, what was Rita doing, not to be by the side of ‘her man and King’ the great Robert Nesta Marley O.M. and Hall Of Fame, instead she Rita was killing her own aunt (Aunty) because Aunty wanted to give the house that she inherited and lived in to ‘Vision’ her nephew and Rita’s supposed cousin, that sung with The Soulettes and The Wailers in the 60’s respectively. 
    Why did Rita try to make the man that was supposed to be her father, Daddy Roy’ a talented tenor saxophonist of those era when Rita was yet a child to think before he died from frustrations and from Rita’s wicked and vicious neglect concerning the musical brother ‘Daddy Roy’ the father of Rita.  Who the F_ _ K is Rita?  Jezebel?  
    With Rita, Cedella and Blackwell celebrating Bob Marley documentary at the Emancipation Park on April 20th, 2012 and putting the colors of the Ethiopian Flag and colors of the rainbow on the ground, when all of the world’s tours that Rita has been apart of in Robert Marley’s name, hoisted the Red, Gold and Green, yet Rita and companions in celebrating Bob Marley placed the colors Red, Gold and Green on the ground!  If Bob is, or means that Robert isn’t, then who naturally is Marley?  A member of The Wailers?
    I, JAH Bunny Wailer is not here to fight against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers, rulers of the darkness, spiritual wickedness in high and low place!  If Rita is or isn’t Jezebel, it doesn’t really matter, because Rita shall be Judged by Rastafari according to her works.  Sela
    These very serious information from I JAH B, Bunny Wailer to your office is to enlighten your awareness surrounding the tests, trials, crosses and tribulations of ‘The Wailers’ from 1963-4 up until presently in 2013 respectively.  I do hope that you will not be misinformed to believe otherwise.
    One Love, blessings and compliments of all seasons to you and your associates.
    I Remain
    Yours Raspactfully

    Hon. Neville O. Livingston OJ, CD 

  2. Rastafari Greetings And Compliments Of All Seasons Globally,
    I am yours respectfully, Hon. Neville Oriley Livingston OJ, CD receiving keys to the cities of Miami, Dade County and Oakland California U.S.A., surviving member of The Wailers, ‘Bunny Wailer’ also consisting of Hon. Robert Nesta (Bob) Marley O.M. and Hall Of Fame and Hon. Winston Hubert McIntosh O.M. pka Peter Tosh respectively.   I do here-in express the works of The Wailers informationally and the way and manner of how the related companies exploiting The Wailers have expressed themselves illegally and why.  I have also declared the defense in prosecuting and incriminating the violators of the rights and justice of The Wailers, to be decided in the Courts of Justice in the legal aim and objective of recovering ‘hundreds of millions’ of Pound Sterling and US Dollars that is due to ‘The Wailers’.
    I will also be asking the Justice of how my mother Mrs. Malcom Booker and brothers Robert and Peter were killed by the accused Lord Christopher Blackwell, Rita and Dianne Jobson and Leppo respectively.  Let it be therefore be understood by all that are accused here-in that Justice shall prevail.
    One Love and Compliments Of All Seasons To All Rastafarians governed under the might and power of Reggae Music declaring the Justice of JAH Rastafari Sela!
    The name “Jezebel” recurs in the book of Revelation where Jesus says this to His church, “I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess.  By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality [whoring] and the eating of food sacrificed to idols. I have given her time to repent of her immorality, but she is unwilling. So I will cast her on a bed of suffering, and I will make those who commit adultery with her suffer intensely, unless they repent of her ways (Revelation 2:20-23).”
    Then again later:
    Revelation 17:1-2
    1 And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:
    With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.   
    In Revelation, John writes about his vision of the last days.  In his vision, he saw a great whore whose goal was to bring about the downfall of kings.


    The Wailers consisting of Robert Nesta Marley, Winston Hubert McIntosh and I Neville Oriley Livingston entered into an agreement with Island Records Ltd.  owned and administrated by Lord Christopher Blackwell.  The said agreement was signed by Bob Marley, Peter McIntosh and Neville Livingston.  It is therefore acknowledged that two of the three members of The Wailers did not sign their official signatures, yet the said agreement was administrated by Chris Blackwell after The Wailers had done the ‘Catch A Fire’ and ‘Burnin’ albums after receiving 4,000 Pounds Sterling from Chris Blackwell as an advance that was questionable, yet The Wailers delivered the first album ‘Catch A Fire’ and on touring and promoting the first album, The Wailers recorded the second album ‘Burnin’ respectively.
    It was approximately two years later that I Bunny Wailer received only 6,000 Pounds Sterling from Chris Blackwell which related to royalties from both albums and there has never been any other royalties from both albums relating to those two  Wailers albums up until presently.
    In 1975  Solomonic Productions entered into other agreements with Island Records Ltd. relating to the Blackheart Man, Protest and Bunny Wailer Sings The Wailers and receiving from Island advances of 45,000 Pounds Sterling for the first two albums and $100,000 USD dollars for the third album mentioned.

    From that time in 1975-6 Bunny Wailer has not received any forms of royalty from Island Records then owned and administrated by Lord Christopher Blackwell prior him selling said company to UMG in 1999, that have done the same up until presently in 2013, approximately 38 years later.
    From that time all three albums has sold millions of copies that have not been accounted for to Solomonic Productions by either Island Records, Lord Christopher Blackwell along with UMG respectively.  It is therefore understood by Solomonic Productions Ltd since then that the only thing to do was to sue both owners and authorities of Island Records Ltd. so as to get the justice for royalties earned from all there albums up until presently.
    Solomonic Production Ltd. along with Bunny Wailer who is presently Hon. Neville Oriley Liivingston OJ CD along with receiving three keys to the cities of the US, will therefore be suing Island Records, Ltd., Lord Christopher Blackwell and UMG for hundreds of millions of dollars for the period of time they have both been distributing the related products.  Let this therefore be acknowledged and understood by Blackwell, Island and UMG that seeking the Justice thereof will be the focus of Solomonic Productions Ltd. presently and futuristically.

    It is absolutely impossible to get anything positively done surrounding The Wailers having to do with the likes of Rita who after receiving thirty million USD ($30,000,000) from Don Taylor and after being directed by Bunny Wailer on behalf and in the best interest of Robert Nesta Marley’s children, refused to do as she was told by Bunny Wailer in that meeting, which further led to the court proceedings surrounding Robert Marley O.M. and the sums which her Rita had received from Don Taylor, leading up to her very serious court proceedings that almost sent her and her associates Zolt and Steinberg to prison.

    Though Rita and her associates were not imprisoned the sums that she had received from Don Taylor along with properties and other assets bought by Rita afterwards were judicially confiscated and up until presently, approximately thirty million USD ($30,000,000) and values have been confiscated by the USA respectively, with no clear understanding of the loss other than Robert Nesta Marley’s Estate had to be sold to Chris Blackwell for less than 1/3rd  of this sum.    

     It was after all those happenings surrounding Rita, that she again became the evidential witness for Chris Blackwell in the case against Island Records Ltd., Polygram and himself Chris Blackwell brought in Britain by Neville ORiley Livingston C.D. pka Bunny Wailer respectively seeking to defend Tuff Gong Records Ltd. and The Wailers recorded assets from being caught up in this highway robbery and collusion.  This judicial encounter by one member of The Wailers on behalf of all three members of The Wailers against Blackwell and Island Records Ltd. did not in any way whatsoever involve Rita, therefore after escaping her first crime, relating to Robert Nesta Marley O.M.’s wealth, that actually belonged to Robert’s children and not Rita in any way or form, because Rita was long ago divorced by Robert Marley O.M. in 1968, she allowed herself to be used by Blackwell as a diversion in the case.  

    Instead of judicializing and convicting Rita, Bunny Wailer chose to cease from prolonging with the related judicial matters surrounding Chris Blackwell’s and Island Records Ltd. wrongs, that they still are therefore guilty of, based on Rita and Cedella’s disrespectful administration toward The Wailers in a Settlement Agreement which also includes Robert Nesta Marley O.M. pka Bob Marley, Winston Hubert McIntosh pka Peter Tosh respectively.  
    Chris & Cedella Planno'ing To Rob The Wailers

    If having had a Settlement Agreement established in 1999 and signed by the affiliated parties, then why hasn’t this agreement been performed for the period of approximately thirteen (13) years after being signed by the respective parties?  If that amount of time have been wasted and have passed without any performance surrounding The Wailers recordings and Intellectual Property that are affiliated in and under the settlement agreement signed by Bunny Wailer and Cedella, surrounding all related Wailers recordings mentioned and agreed to under said agreement, then what must there be done to protect The Wailers rights and interest in said agreement? 
     It must therefore be understood by Chris Blackwell, Rita Marley and Cedella that all business transactions surrounding Tuff Gong Records Ltd. administrated by them will therefore be taken over and administrated by the surviving shareholder of the related company, Neville ORiley Livingston C.D. pka Bunny Wailer on behalf of and in the best interest of Robert Nesta 'Bob' Marley O.M. and Winston Hubert McIntosh O.M. pka Peter Tosh respectively. 

    Based on these non performances, all-previous administrations done by Bunny Wailer, on behalf of The Wailers respectively, will be in no other form of Settlement other than Tuff Gong Records Ltd. becoming the sole and exclusively owned company of The Wailers respectively.   

    This must therefore be acknowledged and understood by Island Records Ltd. and U.M.G. respectively, that both The Wailers and their company Tuff Gong Records Ltd. will be the defensive method and measure for restoring all related rights to whom and where they belong respectively.   It must also therefore be acknowledged and understood that all Wailers recordings and related compositions and rights will all be restored and returned to the musical legacy of The Wailers respectively and there will and must be no other situations surrounding the legal and legitimate rights to all related Wailers recordings respectively.
    Bunny Wailer is the only survivor of The Wailers along with Beverly Kelso and will therefore, on behalf of Robert Nesta Marley O.M., Winston Hubert McIntosh, Junior Braithwaite and adopted members Cherry Smith and Constantine Dream Walker, respectively be defending the rights and privileges of The Wailers in every way that is necessary to accomplish the benefit thereof.  Bunny Wailer will therefore make quite sure and certain that every and all violators, which includes, Chris Blackwell, Rita, Cedella and Dianne Jobson, be quite aware that Bunny Wailer is quite sure that The Wailers rights and justice will and shall be realized now and futuristically.

    In The Wailers first encounter with Rita in and around 1965 after The Wailers had been established with hits like Simmer Down & Hurts To Be Alone, she was a woman that just had a girl child still on her breast, yet on the first time of her knowing The Wailers by them going to Coxone’s Studio where they had to pass her home, where she seemingly prostituted herself already with her having a baby, Sharon on her breast, which is later learned was one of Bunny Wailer’s childhood friend’s Brucie’s child instead of a member of twins whom she claimed she was pregnant for.   She indulged Peter of The Wailers into her unholiness of actually having a sexual affair with him while she had Sharon as a suckling on her breast. 

     Peter at that time had just come to the city from where he was born in SavanaLaMar, a parish in Jamaica, where he was trained to be an electrical welder, the same as Robert was doing at South Camp Road along with Desmond Dekker respectively, prior along with Bunny Wailer, becoming members of The Wailers.  

    After Peter’s mistake of starting and ending a relationship with Rita, being a youth born in the country as also was Robert, who was then a ‘Nine Miles, St. Ann born youth as well, Rita after already having an unholy encounter with one member of The Wailers went ahead in having another relationship with Robert, still giving a mother’s treatment to Sharon her baby as well.  
    Sharon Daughter of Brucie And Rita
    Robert on the other hand had during this time a relationship with Winnie who he knew before Rita, and continued that relationship.  During a period with Rita trying to win Robert’s favor, she rode to Trench Town on two brand new bicycles with her cousin Vision, saying to Robert that the bicycles were sent by her dad along with new brand electric guitar which Aunty had put away, that had him going to her home to see it while claiming that it was hidden in her Aunt’s closet.   After a period of time of Robert going to Rita to see the guitar, he was told by Rita’s cousin ‘Vision’ that no such guitar was there and that the bicycles weren’t theirs , Robert retreated from Rita. 
    ShotGun Wedding

     With Coxone robbing The Wailers and Rita playing her filthy sexual game on both Peter and Robert, the members of The Wailers were surprised to learn from Robert that he had gotten married to Rita and without any other member of The Wailers present at the wedding, it was an unknown measure for The Wailers, as youths to have been experiencing.   

    They somehow had lived along with Rita’s delusions that she was creating, using Robert as a means of practice by marrying him while he was then filed for by his mother Mrs. Booker for him to go to the USA, wherein Mrs. Malcom Booker didn’t know of the wickedness that her son Robert was experiencing from Clement Coxone Dodd nor the sudden marriage to Rita.  
    After going to the USA in February 1966, Robert later returned to Jamaica in and around November 1966, where he continued his career as a member of The Wailers, who were then Bunny, Peter and Vision/Dream from the Soulettes, an unsuccessful singing group along with Rita and Precious. 

     With Robert returning to Jamaica from the USA, The Wailers prolonged their already established singing career with ‘Bend Down Low’ and ‘Freedom Time’, beginning their own label Wail N Soul M that in later years became Tuff Gong Records Ltd. respectively. 

      On returning from the Richmond Farm Prison where Bunny Wailer did time for possession of Ganja starting in July 1967, after recording other hits such as ‘Nice Time’ ‘Hypocrites’, ‘Thank You Lord’ etc., he came back to civilization to see not only Sharon but also a very young baby, Cedella, born two months after Bunny Wailer was imprisoned in August 1967, bearing the name of Robert’s mother, which was being spoken of as being Bunny Wailer’s child, but wouldn’t the baby Cedella also have been Mortimo Planno’s child if she was neither Bunny’s nor Robert’s respectively?  Or it could even be Daggu?  The point is that Cedella was not accepted as Robert's child, but was imposed under Jezebelic emotional confusion, which can be seen in Cedella's non-Marley behavior.   At the same time Bunny Wailer came home to see the Wail N Soul M label in disrepair and its recorded assets holed up in Rita's Aunty's outside toilet.   He restored the business, while babysitting Cedella with, Robert, Peter and Rita caught up in the cobweb of Mortimo Planno's introducing and incorporating them individually to the deadly scorpion pirate Danny Simms.

    Robert was very upset about Rita having this pregnancy that he rejected the birth of that child Cedella but somehow lived with Cedella becoming named Marley respectively.   Therefore Rita now had two outside girl children, Sharon for Brucie and Cedella for Mortimo, Daggu etc., while she was then married to Robert, prior Ziggy and Steve Marley.  Rita prolonged her evil and wickedness upon Robert by again becoming pregnant for another man named Ital Stewart within the marriage, with her Rita having a twelve fingers child for Ital Stewart,  like Cedella Robert continued to live with Rita having this twelve fingers baby. 
    Ital Stewart Twelve Finger Mark

     When Bunny Wailer learnt of Rita’s intention while living in Bull Bay, St. Thomas, of having an affair with Ital Stewart, he tried to encourage in him the reason and will for him Ital not to get sexually involved with Rita, but Rita proclaimed her destined plan, to involve Ital, because of her filthy reasons of wanting Ital based -on somehow him resembling Robert.   Rita went further immediately after Robert’s passing to have another child, Syreeta, claiming it to be Ital Stewart’s child which is a lie, only Mackanuff (Bongo Mackie)  from Bull Bay and Rita is quite conscious and aware of who the father is. His picture is now illegally featured on a new edition of the 'Burnin Album'.   
    If Rita, after having a series of daughters that are not the children of Robert Nesta Marley O.M. namely, Sharon, Cedella and the two last girls which she claims that are belonging to Ital Stewart, then what must Ziggy and Steve do, so as to be quite certain and sure that they are sisters and brothers on the part of their mother, Rita, but not their father Robert respectively.  

    Domestic abuse—defined as chronic mistreatment in marriage, families, dating and other intimate relationships —- can include emotionally abusive behavior. Psychological abuse does not always lead to physical abuse, but physical abuse in domestic relationships is nearly always preceded and accompanied by psychological abuse.[2][8] report that psychological aggression by one partner is the most reliable predictor of the other partner's likelihood of first exhibiting physical aggression.

    With these kinds of unholy ‘Jezebelic’ performances by Rita in our The Wailers lives especially Robert’s, what could then be the outcome of these wicked performances and administrations of Rita, and also that of so called Planno’s daughter Cedella?  These are the things that Bunny Wailer of The Wailers is addressing in the judicial court proceedings that will be entered into and defended futuristically.  Therefore all administrations surrounding and relating to Robert Nesta Marley O.M. and Winston Hubert McIntosh’s O.M. rights under The Wailers will be defended by I, Bunny Wailer futuristically, so let it be therefore understood by all family members of The Wailers respectively, that this will, shall and must be accomplished accordingly. 
     Rita in later years killed Robert Nesta Marley O.M. pka Bob Marley with radioactive ash then organized and killed Winston Hubert McIntosh pka Peter Tosh using Leppo and making him also a victim of her, Rita’s circumstances. 
    Leroy Gaston ‘Papa Roy’ Anderson, Rita’s dad, a very talented and popular Jamaican tenor saxophone player, went to cuba to play music and met up with a Cynthia 'Beda' Jarrett who turned out to be Rita’s mother, and getting her pregnant he left to the United States from Cuba, to prolong his musical career.  After having the child Rita the mother brought her to Jamaica, to Aunty Viola Anderson Britton, Papa Roy’s sister’s house which is how Rita arrived in Jamaica.  Papa Roy who hasn’t been even mentioned of in her writings, was also killed by his own daughter, Rita, in her vicious attitude of total disrespect also proved her hatred that she exhibited on her own seeming to be father whom she had put to work at Rita Marley Music after robbing the Robert Marley Estate of 30 Million dollars, moving everything from Tuff Gong at 56 Hope Road to Bell Road and renaming it Rita Marley Music, gave him, who was a musician all his years, some old sewing machines and put him in a corner to wither and die from disappointment.
    Then afterwards it was Aunty Vie's turn to die, 

    when Aunty made an open statement to Rita of her giving her home to ‘Vision’, Rita’s male cousin, that also sang with ‘The Soulettes’ 

    and ‘The Wailers’ on ‘Let Him Go’ , ‘What Am I To Do’, ‘Dancing Shoes’ etc. as also the famous single “I’ve Got To Go Back Home’ led by Bob Andy respectively on the Studio One record label respectively. 

     Rita, in the very moment of Robert Marley dying, killed her own Aunt so as not to be present at her supposedly husband’s side, when he died from her Rita’s wickedness of using radioactive ash, given to her by Christopher Blackwell that killed my brother Robert Nesta Marley O.M. 


     This as Rita always carrying out dirty deeds for Chris Blackwell was recently caught smuggling a Blue Diamond in her vagina and picked up by Customs Xray camera and which he paid millions of dollars to buy out the charge and where they both cannot return to South Africa.
    Shouldn’t it be revealed that I Bunny Wailer after knowing so much would not make it known to the world, of these very important facts, surrounding the things and people mentioned herein.
    What then should be the righteous judgment surrounding the vicious and fatal performances on Robert and Peter respectively, two brothers with whom she Rita, had had sexual and other relationships and children along with?  And Robert's mother Mrs. Malcolm Booker who was also killed by Chris Blackwell and Dianne Jobson respectively!
    Based on these circumstances surrounding The Wailers respectively, including Robert and Peter, I Bunny Wailer will and shall be responsible for implementing the necessary corrections surrounding and putting the recorded works of The Wailers in the appropriate and righteous manner that should, will and must be beneficial to its official family members of Hon. Robert Nesta Marley O.M. pka Bob Marley, Hon. Winston Hubert McIntosh pka Peter Tosh and Hon. Neville ORiley Livingston O.J., C.D. pka Bunny Wailer respectively.

    Rita, Chris Blackwell and Dianne Jobson on the other hand will be justifiably paying for their evil and vicious crimes that they all have committed to and on The Wailers respectively.  

    I, Hon. Neville ORiley Livingston OJ, CD pka Bunny Wailer have now grown to understand the evil and wickedness that you Rita along with Chris Blackwell and Dianne Jobson have inflicted upon my brothers and mother, Mrs. Malcolm Booker and along with Robert’s mother, Mrs. Malcom Booker respectively, and I am very serious in defending and getting justice for them with every will, consciousness and legal measure that will be available and necessary to convict all three of you as guilty participants for these vicious murders, where you will be tried and convicted for these evil crimes, here, there and everywhere.  I Hon. Neville ORiley Livingston OJ, CD pka Bunny Wailer will choose to get the justice that we The Wailers all deserve. 

    You Rita and also your accomplices Chris Blackwell and Dianne Jobson respectively, have not yet been charged for these vicious and wicked crimes of murders in Babylon but you will.  


    Bunny Wailer, survivor of The Wailers must and shall avenge my brothers Robert Nesta Marley O.M. and Hall Of Fame, Winston Hubert McIntosh OM pka Peter Tosh and my mother Mrs. Malcolm Booker respectively, along with Free I and Peter’s medicine man for murder and also along with Santa, Free I’s wife and Marlene respectively, who are suffering from gunshot wounds to their heads and structure.  The judgment of Law, Order and Justice must prevail, and none of the mentioned offenders and killers shall escape the wrath, judgment and justice thereof.  Therefore Rita, Chris Blackwell, Dianne Jobson and convict Leppo must and shall be accountable for all of the above-mentioned crimes of murder and injury done to my family and friends respectively.  None of these killers shall escape the wrath and judgment of JAH Rastafari, Selah!
    Through the Might and Power of The Holy Trinity, Haile Selassie 1, Jah Rastafari (Sela) Rita, Lord Christopher Blackwell and Dianne Jobson have already been judged and tried and found guilty in the Righteous Court of Law (Sela)
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  • Ronsay


  • Keifus

    Let the truth be told, it always makes it to the light!!!

  • Joshua K.

    Let's think for a minute!!!. Don't you believe that if Mr. Bunny Wailer was not telling the truth Rita and Blackwell with all of his money and power would sue Bunny for libel?. Funny that neither one of them is challenging Bunny in court for his assertions..because they know it's true and  if he is brought to court the whole world would know the truth that Rita killed Bob... the Bob Marley legacy would immediately stop being a cash cow for Rita and Blackwell. People wake up..Rita is on her death bed now, hopefully God torment her and won't let her die until she confesses to the world of her wicked deeds outlined in Bunny's article and some.