Bad and Getting Worse! – America is in an STD Epidemic Announces the CDC | WATCH

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Sex is destroying America, according to the details of data released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) earlier this week. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis all respectively rose in 2021 and have infected 2.5 million Americans

The same CDC reported 2.4 million cases of STDs in 2020, according to a “Politico” report that also detailed that “gonorrhea increased 2.8 percent — reaching almost 700,000 infections in 2021.The situation is bad and getting worse.

[Meanwhile], chlamydia, which had declined in 2020, increased 3 percent last year.”

In its new report, the CDC has lamented that sexually transmitted diseases continue “to increase during the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, with no signs of slowing.”

Public officials are already urging citizens to protect themselves against the diseases, even as the nation awaits the final 2021 data that “will be provided in the forthcoming 2021 STD Surveillance Report.”

“It is imperative that we … work to rebuild, innovate, and expand (STD) prevention in the U.S,” said Dr. Leandro Mena, the CDC’s director of the Division of STD Prevention.

Mena also explained that several factors caused the spread of the pandemic. For instance, the increased use of opioids and methamphetamine during the pandemic has led to more HIV and hepatitis infections amongst those sharing needles, trading sex for drugs, and sleeping together unprotected

Mena also said that a decrease in condom usage is another contributing factor, especially among young people.

Moreover, people feel uncomfortable when openly discussing ways to prevent and treat STDs and STIs with their doctors.

Then there is the insufficient funding for public health, which has left many facilities lacking the required sexual health resources and services.

“Over two decades of level funding, when you account for inflation and population changes, have effectively decreased the buying power of public health dollars and resulted in the reduction of STI services at the local level,” Mena added. “That reduction in screening, treatment and partner services likely contributed to these STI increases.”

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