Gov. Hochul personally orders ARREST of NYC 'gloved beast' sex offender freed after being charged with knocking out diner in shocking attack - leaving victim in coma with a brain bleed

DA DEFENDS misdemeanor assault charge for NYC sex offender who punched diner in shocking

  • Bui Van Phu, 55, from the Bronx, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after punching Jesus Cortes, leaving him in a coma, on Friday, August 12
  • But on Thursday, he was allowed to leave Bronx Criminal Court after the DA charged him with assault - a misdemanor which is not eligible for bail
  • Today, Gov. Kathy Hochul said she ordered his arrest after she 'took action in my own hands' once she'd discussed the charges filed by the DA's office 
  • The DA's office earlier defended the charges, saying it 'will continue to investigate the alleged attack ... and is obtaining additional evidence'
  • 'As the investigation continues, it will be determined if elevated charges will be brough against the defendant,' the statement said  
  • The registered sex offender was convicted in 1995 of sexual abuse and spent six years in prison with lifetime parole
  • Cortes, had to have brain surgery after the attack and is in an induced coma

  • vaughn mitchell

    That DA, Alvin Bragg's, need to be fired. Citizens should file a recall, get rid of his sorry ass. He is helping yo destroy the city , with his nice guy attitude.
  • Tyrone

    You just can't make this shite up!!!!! NY is definitely all for the criminals.  He put a guy in a coma, and was let out the same day.  Like, no big deal, the victim is only in a coma. And now the Governor, wants to act like she's concerned.  The D.A doesn't care, nor does the governor.  This is sad to think you can commit all kinds of crimes in NYC and just get released the same day.  Unbelievable.