Would You Take Delta’s Offer of $10K to Re-book if Your Flight was Oversold? | VIDEO

Delta Airlines

Did ya hear? Delta Airlines recently offered $10,000 to passengers traveling on an oversold flight to give up their seats.⁠ Apparently, a Delta flight from Michigan to Minnesota earlier this week was oversold.

It’s typical for the airline to offer some type of incentive to passengers who rebook in these situations but the reported $10,000 is the highest we’ve ever heard.⁠ Delta is said to have offered the money to each passenger who volunteered to be rebooked from the Monday morning flight, according to various media outlets.⁠
Jason Aten, who is a tech columnist said he was sitting on the outbound plane and waiting for the aircraft to depart from the gate when he heard a flight attendant on the intercom say the crew was looking for volunteers to give up their seats on the “apparently oversold” flight, and then offered them $10,000 each. ⁠

“If you have Apple Pay, you’ll even have the money right now,” the flight attendant said, Aten, wrote.⁠

Delta Airlines
Delta Airlines / Getty

Aten was traveling with a group of eight to Alaska but they didn’t volunteer because at the time they didn’t know how many volunteers were needed.⁠

“Had we known it was eight, we would have gotten off,” he told the media outlet. “By the time that was clear, four or five people had already left.”⁠

“Spoiler alert: We did not take it for reasons I’m not going to get into because my wife is still not pleased about it,” he added.