R. Kelly Sentenced To 30 Yrs In Prison {VIDEO}

Disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly has been sentenced to 30 years in prison following his conviction last year on federal racketeering and sex trafficking charges.

“He lured young girls and boys into his orbit, often through empty or conditioned promises of assistance in developing a career in the entertainment industry or simply by playing into the minors’ understandable desire to meet and spend time with a popular celebrity,” federal prosecutors wrote in their sentencing letter.



  • Anjali Pandey

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  • mr1stroke

    When the finger is point at the niggers the first thing they tell you is that who are we to judge we are not God, but those same niggers can jump and cheer up when a white man who is playing judge to destroy a black man.

    So let see, that judge gave R Kelly 30 years, that means he had all the evidence and the truth, if so let me question that judge and all those who continue to call R Kelly a monster?

    About 90% of those black celebrities who died their works are own by white corporations, and those who refused to hand over their works are murdered, how about Michael Jackson and Prince. R Kelly refused to hand over the masters and publishing, he was warned for years, not to include all those other Artists royalties that he owns, Bill Cosby refused to hand over his publishing, and the rights for his work he was warned they killed his son as a last warning, so they committed to torture him until he gives it up.

    The young lady said she met R Kelly at a mall when she was 14 years old, he promised her music mentorship a year later it turned to a sex slave relationship. So let's see a year later she was 15 years old, where was she live, where were her parents, was she reported missing, how come they did not report R Kelly to the police since she was a minor, when she turned 16 and 17 did she knows she was a sex slave, how come she did not go to the police, how come they don't charge her parents with no crimes?

    The money was flowing every one had fame, the powerful was setting up R Kelly to get his back against the wall, when the cops raided his property how come they did not find anything wrong, how come the girls did not report him instead they were on social media bragging about the good life?

  • mr1stroke

    And it's not about defending R Kelly and Cosby, it's questioning the system many of you believing in, there are those of us who knows the truth of how that system was put in place to destroy successful black men. As a black man I can be next and put through hell just like them, no black man is safe.

  • Tyrone

    This all comes down to cheating R. Kelly of his rights to his own royalties......simple.  There's nothing else but greed to take what he worked.  Allegedly, when R. Kelly started going after the rights to his own music, this whole ordeal started.  And what's sad, if he dies he will leave nothing to his children.  These monsters will have stolen his whole legacy.  That whole trial was nothing but a farce, and sadly we had black women like Oprah (the mammy) and Gayle King (the witch) that stoked the fire to sway public opinion against him.  He was no child trafficker or anything like that.  But, it only goes to show, if they want you, they will get you.  Every living black man that has wealth, the goal is to try to break them financially, spiritually, psychologically and emotionally.  The same Jewish power that promotes them, breaks them.  Sad, but that's the way it is.

  • mr1stroke

    Tyrone you said it in your comment " if they want you, they will get you" its a whole system set up to continue slavery, no matter what a black person to the white system will inherit the wealth. There are those who will come on here and say what does politics have to do with it, that is when you recognize the fools and the blind they don't know a system is form of a group to continue to keep others down where they want them, they can brag about being democrats and how they hate republicans whether you vote republicans or democrats they are both part of the system that is set up for them and against white people, other wise why is there 2 types of different democrats, the whites who are flourishing and the blacks hurrying into poverty.

    They did the same thing to James Brown when they locked him up, Black Artists sampling his work by white labels and never paid for the rights, they used his songs in movies, songs like " Try me, the pay back, I feel good,  and also papa's got a brand new bag" they never paid him for any of them, until he walked away, but he was still on top even though they do continue to rip him off.

    You have to understand black women in this country is a black mans worse enemy, they trust and love their master because they want to live like white women, that is why to submit to white people and always after to destroy a black man, even in the work place do the survey and you will see they always use a black woman to bring a successful black man down, I call it reverse racism, so b****** like Gayle and Oprah only serving their masters, but you also see how the black community is still under the masters spell, they are quick to deliver a black man to white people without questioning, ask your self how come the Jewish don't do the same? I truly believe negros were meant to serve white people, they will always remain slaves one way or another, its easy to tell a free black man by his mentality, any black person who is willing to make excuses for white people or hos condition is some what a slave, and will not like you if you tell him any different, that type of negro will submit and protects his master no matter what. The sad part if R Kelly and Cosby give up the rights to their work today, they will get out of prison and get a brand new start to make more work for those dame people who will own their rights, the sad part if they die today those companies will package their work and sale it to the public so the White companies can carry their agenda those same negros will buy it. That is so sad, the mind of a negro, for ever slaves.