Twin Sisters Go Viral After Getting Pregnant By The Same MAN

Twin Sisters Go Viral After Getting Pregnant By The Same MAN!!

Keonyae Banks is going viral this morning, after announcing that he impregnated twin sisters Nia and Nydia. 

According to reports, Keonyae met the twin sisters while working out at a gym -  he was their personal trainer. At first Kenya started dating sister Nia and over time, he started talking to her sister Nydia. 

Before they knew it, twin sister Nia was pregnant, followed by her sister Nydia who became pregnant just one month later.

Bia and Nydia both say they are happily in a “throuple” relationship. Nia is expecting her baby girl on May 6th, while her twin sister Nydia is expecting a boy on June 6th.

Just so you're clear, the twin's children will be siblings...and also, cousins. What a time!

He tells his followers:

I bet ima the only n**** y’all know wit twin baby mommas and both kool wit it #goat I need a show blood 

Here are pics of the twins:


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  • Coozie Mellers

    I agree that it’s their business how they want to live their lives. Different Bibles say different things. Because people are the same as sheep. We follow in line with what society dictates to be right or wrong. It’s perfectly acceptable in certain societies. I personally would worry about my children being the subject of ridicule so I’m not sure I could be happy in his situation.
  • mr1stroke

    I dont think there is a true Bible that condone that lifetyle, but in this society today unless you have your own belief you will have to surrender and do what every one says. Lets face it now the law says you cannot pick a gender for you kids they have to make the choice what gender they eant to be, and guess what majority of the public agrees, so how stupid is that, if the kid is born with a penis isnt he a boy? They say a transgender should identify as a woman, and they should be issues new birth certificate and driver license as female gender while they have a dick and should legally use the females bathroom, guess what the general public agrees but also worrying about brong rape, now how retarded is that? Lets face it these days we cannot judge but we should be able to speak against whats right or wrong, but when people wants to choose which is wrong or right when they are all wrong that is beong a hypocrite, its okay for 2 men to f*** each other and raise kids but its not okay for 2 women and a man, i rather the kids raise like that when you have to explain how they have 2 daddies
  • caribmama