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Anybody hearing anything about the US dropping its requirement for air travellers to have a negative covid test 1 day before your travel date?
.....bit of a, labs here are charging $60 for the test.

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Yes, it's true, but in my opinion, the mandatory test for covid

It is very sad to see such requirements for entry to the United States, but unfortunately they are needed to prevent an increase in morbidity in the country. I always take travel items with me on a trip, and due to the fact that there are too many of them, I have to pay extra fee. If I fly to the states now, I will have to pay for the test and for the luggage, it sounds sad. Are there people here who have antibodies from covid? Please tell me, if I have antibodies from covid, do I still need to do a covid test? I will be very happy if I don't have to do this test, because it wasn't part of my expenses and I wasn't going to spend so much money just to get into the country.

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