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One of the fastest growing segments of the construction industry is decorative concrete. From exciting new concrete projects to stunning renovations, decorative concrete has become an attractive option. Stamped concrete, acid stains, dyes, exposed aggregate – the styles of decorative concrete are endless. To make sure your new decorative concrete project has a look that lasts, use the family of W. R. MEADOWS decorative concrete sealers.

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The OTC line of products have been formulated for the Northeast and Midwest to meet their demanding restrictions on VOC content. However, these products may also be used throughout the world wherever a low VOC content, solvent-based product is necessary.

The use of W. R. MEADOWS products in green building can help the project earn LEED credits to qualify for LEED certification. LEED certification in commercial projects is in demand. However, LEED certification is now becoming more popular in residential building, where most decorative concrete projects are appearing. The use of our sealers can help contribute to the following LEED credits:

Polished concrete floors are becoming a popular option for high sheen, low maintenance, sustainable flooring. The MEADOWS system, INDUROSHINE®, combines green grinding and polishing equipment with LIQUI-HARD® concrete densifier and hardener from MEADOWS. Once the polishing process is complete, an application of BELLATRIX premium concrete enhancer from W. R. MEADOWS will provide enhanced shine and increased protection. For more information, request our INDUROSHINE brochure.

Our line features sealers, evaporation retardants, curing and sealing compounds, additives and surface retarders – for every aspect of decorative concrete protection. Our products are supported by a large distribution network and the MEADOWS experience factor – over 90 years of quality, service and integrity.
We have found it to be an economical and efficient program that ensures a tight timeline, secured concrete supply, and reduced administration from a builder’s perspective. We have grown to be an industry leader in residential, stamped concrete edmonton industrial, and commercial projects. We have the expertise to ensure all projects are met with the highest quality standard.

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