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Outreach is the basis of white methods for external website promotion. Search engines have been fighting black promotion methods for many years. Yes, they still work, but show poor results. At the same time, the risk of getting sanctions is much greater. It turns out a double-edged sword: on the one hand, a client who wants to see the results of work in the form of real links, on the other hand, SEO specialists who see no other way out how to buy these links to show a report. White methods are used mainly only by large companies, global brands. They have an understanding that black methods have no future. And the present is in the fog. Those who are willing to wait, rather than demand reporting in the form of links, have a bright future.

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Some people still think of outreach as just spam. In reality, outreach is not spam at all. The purpose of these emails is to connect with a lead who will benefit from you. Their key message is “I assume / know that you have such a need / problem, and I can help satisfy / solve it. Let's talk? ”.

If the link from the page appeared later than the page itself was indexed, then this is not natural. Especially if the link is with a commercial anchor. If you want to get a link from an old page on some project, this is not a problem, but there should not be many such links and you need to approach their extraction carefully so as not to arouse suspicion from search engines.

In 2010, simple arithmetic worked for SEO: more inbound links are higher than the position. But as soon as the search engines launched algorithms to check the quality of the link mass, this approach stopped working. Buying links not only stopped working but could also bring on a filter. And yet, website promotion by links has not disappeared, just the rules have changed. In fact, search engines have not canceled the work of backlinks. Link exchanges are functioning and link promotion of the site continues to work   only now you need to play fair. It is no longer the number of backlinks that matters, but the authority and relevance of the resources on which they are located. If links do not provide an increase in traffic to the site, they can be safely considered useless.

Good outreach services can skyrocket one's business, thanks for the offer! Talking about SEO metrics and SEO services in general, I would highly recommend to test out free tools from Revalin . You won't come back to your usual SEO software after checking out Revalin, I promise. 

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