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What games and how much do you allow your children to play?

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Oh, there are so many of them now, and they are all so different. You have to be guided by age and preferably choose some developmental. And wherever you look everywhere kids are playing some horror, murder. Myself terrified, but as a child playing in such a game - is not clear. I always try the game myself before giving it to a child.

Oh, there are so many of them now. To be honest, I, too, can hang out with my son and play some shooter online. We usually choose something on . So far we try not to allow more than an hour, but there are cases when we can increase the time a little. Here it is necessary to watch how the child behaves after such a pastime.

I have found that, apart from noisy shooters and primitive bouncing games on the internet, there are games that teach a child something new - often even something the parents don't know. I have found free online jigsaw puzzles and the child is interested. There are also educational games, speed games and level games. Of course, there are also cartoon games, like Ice Age, but that's a bit of an acquired taste. Our task is simply to find a task that interests the child. All the exercises are divided by age and by topic: logic and thinking, mathematics, reading and literacy, the surrounding world, attention and memory, and more.

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