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I would like some advice.
I am married with 1 daughter and twins sons Alhamdullilah

I earn more money than my husband,
we have debt, he owes the IRS, we have no savings
I pay for the rent entirely and he takes cares of other expenses.
i have some money left after I pay the rent which I usually end up spending on our household. I buy my own clothes , our children’s clothes etc... And I love doing it
He hasn't paid our utility bills for because there is no shut off due to covid. But I ended up paying half.
My family has paid for our wedding, we moved to America because of my job and myself and my family paid for everything. While he was waiting for his work permit he took some of my money to send it to his sister and mother.
Now she constantly asks for money.
I had a pay increase because I had a promotion so he feels like I should take care of the household while he sends money to his family especially his mom.
I feel like he doesn't care about my financial well being because I make more than him and my family is doing ok also.
It is like he has no shame nor does his family.
i was never a financial burden to my in laws so are they trying to be a burden to me.
Sometimes we struggle and barely have enough for milk and diapers and I feel ashamed to ask family as they have been more than generous to me and my family.

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This family is creating you a lot of impediments

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