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I also went through preparing costumes, joining cosplay competitions, traveling out of town for a cosplay event, judging minor cosplay competitions, and showing up on TV sometimes. Have I already convinced you enough that I'm not exactly ignorant? If yes, please enjoy reading until the end! Aside from my personal choices, I asked cosplay enthusiasts via Facebook for names that they want to suggest and out of 40+ amazing female cosplayers, I did my best to choose my Top 25. The ones who did not make it to the list could still be inspiring, but since this is my blog, everything has been under my own discretion. There were some that I just kinda felt short, and I did not include some of them because I know their true colors (and they probably know already that I won't include them because they were such pretentious b****** to me, even bitchier than I am) which make them unfit to be inspirational. I'm too honest. Haha!

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Props. While items like Jiraiya’s book may be optional, Miroku’s (Inuyasha) staff is not. If you can only think of three scenes or less where your character does not have a particular item with them, accept the fact that you need to get one. Sometimes, like costumes, you can find props online and simply buy it. If you have to make it yourself, pay attention to the details. Recreate the exact shape and any design on it. Try and make it durable too – there’s a chance that when you set it down at the con, someone’s foot will find it.
Skin tone. While this may seem obvious, it must be said. For the best cosplay, you have to choose someone with the same skin color as you. While it would be awesome if we were all Asian (you notice how most of the best cosplayers are?), you can’t change your ethnicity. Work with it. If you’re black, don’t expect for everyone to ogle if you cosplay Tamaki Suoh. Does that mean you can’t? Definitely not. But it does mean that you’re far more likely to turn heads if you choose Afro (Afro Samurai), who will compliment what you can’t change rather than draw attention to it.

The details are the only thing standing in your way of the most epic cosplay in the world. Think ahead when you start planning (a list would probably be a smart idea) and be attentive to your work as your proceed. Make sure you give yourself a couple of months to buy what you’ll need and make what you have to. The best way to make mistakes and overlook those vital details is to be racing the clock the week before the convention. Now that you know how to prepare, best of luck with your epic cosplay scheme!

The experience was tons of fun! It was my first time going to a cosplay meetup. I was really nervous at first and felt maybe I shouldn’t show up to the event but I’m really happy I did. Everyone, from the cosplayers to the She Ra staff, was so friendly. It was awesome taking group pictures and even getting a preview book of the She Ra graphic novel!

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